Mom Series: DIY Halloween Crafts

Mom Series: DIY Halloween Crafts

Posted on Sep 28 2021 Posted in  Holidays & Seasons, Merchant Spotlight, Money-Saving Tips
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Mom Series: DIY Halloween Crafts

Forget football! In my household, we bring out the hot cocoa and scary movie marathons as soon as September 1st rolls around. Even my little ones love all things spooky (which makes me feel like I'm doing something right).

To keep up the fall spirit, I've been busy researching cute DIY Halloween crafts that we can all do at home and found the most cost-effective supplies online at the Dollar Tree. You can buy them in bulk, too. That way, you'll have enough materials to last you the whole season.

Take a glimpse at some of the projects that scored a mighty thumbs up from my six year old—who enjoys nothing more than creating things from scratch. They're fun, frightful and eligible for 2.02% cash back!

Toilet Paper Pumpkins

Charmin Essentials Strong Mega Roll, $36 per case

Real pumpkins get old—but never these. First, you'll need:

1 - large roll of toilet paper (preferably Charmin Essentials Strong Mega Roll)

1 - 18-20 inch square piece of fabric

1 - green ribbon or leaves for the stem

1 - 4-inch piece of chenille stem

Then, unroll the toilet paper a few sheets. You should roll it loosely back up until you have a fluffy, round pumpkin shape. Once you're done, put the toilet paper in the center of your square fabric. Grab one corner of the fabric and stick it inside the toilet paper roll. You'll repeat this step with the other corners. Lastly, tie the ribbon around your branch piece and stick it in the center.

Halloween Candy Wreath

10" Green Foam Floral Ring, $10 per case

A wreath made out of candy? Say no more. Your mini-me will need:

1 - foam ring

1 - white ribbon

3 - bags of assorted Halloween candies (black, orange, green, white and purple-colored candies are best)

1 - festive fall burlap bow

You'll want to wrap white ribbon around your foam ring until every inch is covered. Then, take a hot glue gun and attach various candies to the ring. (The key is to layer or overlap them.) Top it off with a matching burlap bow, and you have a sugar-filled wreath that can be hung anywhere in your home.

Leaf Ghosts

Crayola Washable Kids' White Paint, $12 per case

This craft requires the least amount of supplies—and a lovely trip outdoors. You'll need:

1 - bag of leaves gathered from outdoors

1 - white paint

1 - black permanent marker

To start, hunt for fallen leaves in your backyard or at a local park with the kids. They'll have a blast picking out their favorite shapes and colors. Once you're back inside, paint the leaves with your bottle of white paint from Dollar Tree. Let them dry before drawing on black ghostly eyes with the permanent marker.

Now what do you do with them? Anything. String each leaf together to form a festive garland or banner. Or spread them out on a table as a decorative runner. Or use them as place cards for a haunted Halloween party. The options are endless.

5-Minute Paper Plate Pumpkins

7" White Paper Party Plates, 24-count, $24 per case

Crafty pumpkins for your little pumpkin! Make sure you have:

1 - pack of paper plates

1 - orange paint

1 - glue bottle

1 - pack of paint brushes

1 - scissors

3 (or more) - sheets of black and green construction paper

First, set your paper plates on top of a cloth you're okay with getting stained. Your children are now ready to paint their plates pumpkin orange. Next, take the black construction paper and have them draw creative faces they want glued onto their plates. Stand by to assist them with any cutting. Finally, use the green construction paper to cut out stems and attach one to each plate. It really does just take five minutes to complete.

Cotton Candy Monsters

Halloween Cotton Candy Tubs, $12 per case

A creepy craft you can eat right after? Yes please. You'll need:

1 - tub of cotton candy 

1 - bag of Skittles

1 - bag of licorice

Rip off a large wad of cotton candy and twist the horns and nose to resemble a monster. (Don't let the kids eat it yet!) Then, grab a couple purple skittles and place them on your monster as eyes. Lastly, take a piece of the licorice and shape it into a mouth. Snap a few pics before your kids devour their craft!


So, it’s definitely time to kick Daddy off the couch. With a little apple cider and a good Monster Mash playlist, these are sure to set the tone for Halloween. Let us know which craft you like best in the comments below.


Editor's Note: Promos were correct at time of publication.


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Photograph of the blog author, Dominique Vinas.

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whiteOctober 5 2021, 05:40 Great thank you
Hi There,

No problem at all- enjoy!!

Best Wishes,
Tjones6978September 30 2021, 15:32 I love all of these crafts & I’Ll probably do each of them with my son! However, my favorite has to be the Halloween Cotton Candy Tubs! My son & I both love cotton candy & Any craft involving it & Skittles, is a winner! 💜💙💜
Hi There,

So exciting to hear that you'll do these with your son, they're so fun and i'm sure you both will enjoy them! Post some pictures when you're done, we would love to see it! :)

Best Wishes,
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