Hot Products for the Summer of 2022

Hot Products for the Summer of 2022

Posted on Jul 22 2022 Posted in  Money-Saving Tips
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Hot Summer Products

Be a glass half-full person when it comes to summer. Not just because of the sweltering heat and the fact that you need to hydrate, but because there is still a whole second half to enjoy. We have done our due diligence through the power of Google Analytics and found the top trending products that people are searching for. We have compiled them into a list of our favorites so that you are not missing out on any cool stuff in the heat of summer.

Air Purifier:

Sure, cold air is great, especially in times like these when we are fighting off the heat harder than we are fighting pandemics. But with viruses in mind and floating in the air, why do we settle for just cold air? Our homes are meant to be where we feel the most safe and secure. You have a security system, don’t you? You wash your fruits and vegetables before you eat them, so why not clean your air?

Air purifiers come in all shapes and sizes, but for the most part they are able to remove gasses and odors through a carbon filter. With a HEPA filter, they can also capture almost 100% of miniscule particles. Check out Dyson for some of the best purifiers around and earn 2% cash back on your purchase.


Yoga Mat:

Hot yoga is all the rage and it’s not hard to book a session in a heatwave like this. Anywhere you do yoga, it will be hot. One thing that you will want for a session such as this is a mat that is slip resistant. You will be sweating more than you would assume yoga would allow and will want to stay safe from your fluids.

In the past few years Alo Yoga has become one of the premier brands in the space and it happens to make a fantastic dry-wicking mat. You can get the Warrior Mat and 6% cash back from Alo Yoga after you buy through our site.



It’s summer. There is plenty of time for cute, summery outfits with breezy fabrics, but if you wear them during the day, you’ve sweat through them before you have the chance to show them off. Best keep these for the night and wear some functional and fashionable athleisure that’s meant to be sweat in. Gymshark makes sets such as these and after you find the fit you like you can easily earn up to 8.08% cash back through TopCashback.


Wide-Leg Pants:

Fashion trends do come and go, but we particularly like this one, especially for the summer. Shorts are not always appropriate; however a wide-leg pant is able to get you that flowy, aerated feeling that shorts inherently possess. Stay cool and stay hip in a pair of these from Banana Republic with 4% cash back.




No longer just a piece of boudoir apparel. These seductive duds have made their way to the streets and people are unabashedly sporting them. While they may not be the most comfortable thing to wear all day long, they definitely know how to beat the heat with a minimal amount of fabric. Find yourself a cute corset at Urban Outfitters and earn 2% cash back.


Portable Charger:


You’re moving, you're shaking, you’re hardly home. You haven’t had a minute to yourself this summer and maybe you like it that way, but your phone sure doesn’t. It hasn’t had a minute to charge and is frankly concerned for its health. Make things right with a portable charger that can keep you connected for longer. Check out the options at Adorama for 1.01% cash back.


Baby Carriers:

Parents have things to do. As they say, 30 is the new 15 (or something). So, while you may have kids of your own, you still might want to hit the playground yourself. If this is the case for you, a baby carrier could fit perfectly into your daily list of to-dos. Place your baby in a comfortable sack, in front of you at all times so you are never slowed down or have to have your offspring out of sight. See which baby carrier you and your baby deem the most comfortable and practical at the buybuyBaby website and receive cash back.


Sofa Bed:

We are not exactly sure how this item ended up on everyone’s search history. Perhaps it's because people are finally seeing friends again and having them stay over, or maybe there is a new generation of home owners that are discovering the practicality of this invention for the first time. Either way, we are happy to report that you can get a TopCashback gift card from Wayfair at a fantastic cash back rate.



This is an obvious one. To defeat the rays of the sun’s wrath there are few better ways than sipping an ice cold anything. Fill up your RTIC Outdoors cooler when visiting the race track, tailgating a game, or just sitting in your backyard. Sip on something nice and reminisce on the 4.04% cash back you got from your purchase.


Air Fryer:



Air fryers have been up and coming for so long that they are just here at this point, and it seems as though they are here to stay. Air fryers are countertop-convection ovens. They use hot air to cook food and are considered fryers because this hot air can achieve a crispiness most ovens cannot, at least not without oil. It is a healthier alternative to deep frying, pan frying, or even a greasy bake. Find yourself an air fryer that fits your needs and counter space at Bed Bath & Beyond for cash back.

Photograph of the blog author, Louis Pino.

by Louis Pino

Louis Pino is the junior copywriter at He defines frugality as not solely buying life's necessities, but being shrewd when it comes to purchasing your wants. This is why, since 2021, Louis has been spreading the good word of balancing money management and shopping through informative blog posts such as this.

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