Holiday Bucket List: Deck the Table

Holiday Bucket List: Deck the Table

Posted on Nov 18 2021 Posted in  Food & Drink, Holidays & Seasons
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Holiday Bucket List: Deck the Table

In the pie chart of the holidays, food takes up a big chunk -- namely dinner and dessert.

Since people put so much emphasis on what they are eating and letting loose for during the holidays, there is a large degree of importance put on what you serve or bring to a Christmas party.

At TopCashback, we are here to help and offer suggestions as to what’s out there, what’s delicious, and what’s right for you. Stuff your bellies and wallets with help from these retailers:


Savory Spice Shop

Savory Spice Shop makes cooking easier and meals more delicious than they would be if most beginners were left to their own devices. For instance, its turkey brining kit comes with everything you need to marinate a turkey while allowing it to retain its juices. When done correctly, this process makes it impossible to have a bland or dry holiday bird.

Savory Spice Shop also has you covered when it comes time for dessert. The cooking company makes its own limited-time peppermint sugars that are perfect for that one-of-a-kind holiday flavor kick. When preparing your meals with Savory Spice Shop, remember to shop using TopCashback to earn 20.2% cash back.


Kirsh Baking Company

Let’s say you can’t mix, measure, sift, fold, or stir. Better yet, let’s say you can’t bake. Does that mean you don’t deserve to treat yourself to scrumptious sweets? Of course not. The Kirsh Baking Company makes delectably designed desserts that are created for shipment. Feel comfortable ordering desserts for a holiday party with two-day express shipping available Monday through Thursday. And that’s not even the best part; with TopCashback you can get 5.05% cash back.



Since we are all about online shopping here at TopCashback, we of course recommend getting your groceries and ingredients through Instacart. Search for one of your local markets, cart anything you need to make your holiday feast and Instacart will bring it directly to your door. In a world where time is money, using Instacart with TopCashback can save you time and earn you money, so in essence that’s like making double money.


Sur La Table

Now that we have made you good and hungry and awoken your inner chef Gusteau, how will you be able to cook all these incredible edibles? Sur La Table is the place for bakeware, cookware, kitchenware, dinnerware, anywhere, everywhere. In all seriousness, it truly has it all--from spatulas and spoonulas to pots, pans, sheets and dishes. Recipes can get pretty specific. If you attempt to be daring this holiday and need something called a sous vide or a smoking gun and cloche, let Sur La Table be your supplier.


Pier 1

As if it wasn’t enough to cook an outstanding meal and enviable, dreamy desserts, you are also expected to have the appropriate dinnerware and table dressing to sell the aura of a fine dining establishment. While this is a task, especially if you like to have new decor annually, Pier 1 has beautiful options at affordable rates. Shop plates, platters, placemats, and anything else you need to have a table that reflects all of your hard work and love of the season.



Scent has been proven to evoke memories more so than any of the other senses. Make memories last with unforgettable smells wafting from the kitchen into the memory banks of your loved ones forever. Make your money last forever as well when you gather your goods through TopCashback this season. Happy Holidays!


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