12 Days of Gift Guides: For the Secret Santa

12 Days of Gift Guides: For the Secret Santa

Posted on Nov 27 2022 Posted in  Holidays & Seasons, Money-Saving Tips
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12 Days of Gift Guides: For the Secret Santa

Secret Santa season is upon us once again. Exchanging gifts anonymously is a nice concept, sure, but it's challenging with people you may not know so well.

TopCashback isn’t just a trusted source to use when preparing to make a purchase. We also like to help in the research stage. In that spirit, we have compiled a list of Secret Santa gifts in different price categories. We hope you find something to your and your giftee’s liking.

$10 Price Range:

This price point may actually be the most difficult to find gifts from. Ironically, it’s usually used to put the buyers’ minds at ease, but in actuality it is pretty darn difficult to find a decent present for such low funds. However, I think the choices compiled could be applied to whomever you picked from the Santa hat.


TopCashback Gift Card (up to 19.5% cash back)

Let’s start out simple. A $10 gift card can be multiple coffees, lunch, a trinket. There are so many ways for your selection to spend $10 of your money and when they finally get around to using it, they will think of you fondly.

Journal - Michaels (5% cash back)

There have been countless articles written and studies done about the benefits of journaling. A lot of people like the idea of recounting their daily thoughts and feelings, but can’t seem to get the process started. Help nudge their reluctant pen by getting your recipient their own journal from Michaels.

Mug – Shutterfly (7.07% cash back)

Most kitchen cabinets are stocked to the ceiling with mugs accumulated from years of souvenirs, sets, and Secret Santa presents. Add another to the bunch, but make this one more personal. Shutterfly allows patrons to customize their mugs in a plethora of ways. You could even put your face on it, so they are reminded of you with every sip.

Socks - HOTSOX (10.1% cash back)

Fun socks can never really go out of style. Sure, they were having more of a moment a few years back as opposed to now, but if the wearer can look down at their calves every once and a while for a chuckle, style is irrelevant. Shop silly socks at HOTSOX this Christmas.

Small Jar Candle - Yankee Candle (4.04% cash back)

You truly cannot go wrong with a candle--that is, unless you pick the worst-smelling candle there ever was. But at Yankee Candle you would never find such a thing. Get your hushed-holiday homie a candle that they can ignite and have the room swell with memories of Christmas and work colleagues.

Ozark Trail Can Koozie - Walmart (up to 3% cash back)

Most canned drinks are meant to be consumed in a chilled fashion. Ice does plenty to continue the coolness, but if you are a slow drinker, it may melt and dilute your drink before you’re even halfway through. A stainless steel koozie from Walmart is like a refrigerator in the hand of the lucky person who gets this gift from you.


$30 Price Range:

This span of fare is where options begin to get a bit more interesting. You certainly have more room to play with, however the options become broader. But don’t worry, as the experts we have cooked up some samples that are sure to please a variety of personality types.

Popcorn Movie Night Set - Sur La Table (4.04% cash back)

It should be easy to identify the movie buff in your office. They are most likely spouting their opinions about the latest releases as well as recommending movies nobody has ever heard of before. Curb their enthusiasm by filling their mouths with a movie night popcorn set from Sur La Table. This is a lovely gift that should last a long while, depending on how many movies they actually watch.

Burnt Orange Mate + Premium - Tile (4.04% cash back)

Another individual who should be easily located is the frequent misplacer. They are probably always knocking on the office door because they lost their pass. Or they are running in late with a story about how they couldn’t find their keys. Save them from themselves with a Tile.

Phone Camera Lens Kit - Newegg.com (1% cash back)

Is there someone in the pool of Secret Santa players that is always going around showing photographs? Help them improve their photography with an affordable lens kit perfect for mobile phones. These kits offer new focal lengths for the operator to experiment with and add new depths to their portfolio.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker - Kohl's (2% cash back)

Some people like to wait until the very last minute to start their morning commute. They have a precise system that allows for this and it is not to be disturbed. Help them gain even more seconds of sleep with this almost-automatic breakfast machine.

Hook and Ring Battle - Target (2% cash back)

If you just so happened to pick the name of someone who is known for being a bit competitive (assuming they didn’t rig the drawing), we may have a product for them. A tabletop ring toss game! This is great for blowing off some steam at work and distracting passersby. This is also great fun at home and can easily be turned into a game for those 21 years of age and older.

Get yourself a Target gift card to purchase this game through our gift card shop here.

$50 Price Range:

As a budget-conscious company, we don’t think you should be getting involved in too many obligatory Secret Santas with this big of a budget. However, if you find yourself entangled in one of these gift-giving games with people you don’t know too well, these presents should fit the bill.

Sand-Free Beach Towel - Sand Cloud (2.02% cash back)

There are plenty of problems with the beach, whether or not they are worth it to you is subjective. However, one thing nobody likes is a sandy towel. Prepare your beneficiary for the beach with a high-tech towel that repels sand instead of absorbing it.

Escape Room the Game - Tractor Supply Company (3% cash back)

Get your giftee something they can enjoy with others. This Escape Room board game comes with four thrilling escape rooms and is great for ages 16 and up. Gift them the puzzle-solving and decoding enjoyment an external escape room offers, but in the comfort of their own home.

Soap - Aesop (4.04% cash back)

Soap may sound like a lame gift to you, but Aesop soaps are anything but. This handwash is vegan and cruelty-free which already gives it a huge leg up on its competition. Aesop only uses organic ingredients free of silicones, parabens, colorants, animal derivatives, and synthetic fragrances. Give this ethical and nourishing soap for the holidays and look forward to the first handshake you share after the break.

4K Roku Streaming Stick - Staples (4% cash back)

It’s likely the individual you are buying for already has a streaming service to watch their shows and films. However, they may not have the Roku Stick with 4k capabilities. Upgrade their smart TV’s lackluster operating system with Roku’s renowned interface that makes watching TV even more enjoyable than it already is.          

Overstock.com - Silk Pillowcase (up to 10% cash back)

Change the way your Secret Santa pick sleeps with a silk pillowcase. The benefits of these casings include wrinkle prevention, skin hydration, and, plainly, comfort. Find one in this price range at Overstock.


Speaker JBL GO 3 - JBL By HARMAN (6% cash back)

Music is the best. Some people like to keep a soundtrack to their lives with the play button indefinitely pressed. If they are an audiophile, they most likely already have a quality speaker, but these types of people can never have too many and will find a use for this portable speaker.


Best of luck with all of your shopping this season and keep coming back to TopCashback for more gift guides like this

Photograph of the blog author, Louis Pino.

by Louis Pino

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