Black-Owned Food and Drink Businesses You Should Know About Black-Owned Food and Drink Businesses You Should Know About

Black-Owned Food and Drink Businesses You Should Know About

Posted on Jan 17 2024 Posted in  Merchant Spotlight, Food & Drink
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Black-owned food and drink brands

For the first installment of our Black-Owned Business series, we’re highlighting food and beverage labels founded and/or co-owned by Black entrepreneurs. From sweet treats to small batch honey to sustainable wine, read on to learn more about where you can shop Black-owned brands and also get cash back.


Partake Cookies

Partake Cookies are the snack to grab when you’ve got the munchies. Founder Denise Woodard has made them allergy-friendly and delicious, so the whole family can be happy. Free of nuts, eggs, dairy, soy and more, you can order a box of your own (or several) at CVS and get up to 10.1% cash back.


Another snack-a-licious treat, Pipcorn’s secret ingredient is heirloom seeds – which deliver nutrition and taste straight to your mouth. Pipcorn products include cheese balls, corn dippers, crackers and, no surprise, popcorn. Snag them at Thrive Market and score up to   cash back when you sign up for a store membership plan.

Glory Foods

Seasoned, southern-style vegetables in a can. That’s what co-founder Bill Williams created with Glory Foods. Once you sink your teeth into its assortment of tasty greens, there’s no going back. ACME Markets carries the Glory Foods line and offers  up to $11.11 cash back.

Capital City Mambo Sauce

Tired of the same old sauce? This sweet and sticky condiment from family-owned company Capital City, LLC will add some pep to your chicken wings. Mambo Sauce also makes a great alternative to ketchup just in case you want to spice up your fries. You can find it at QVC and earn  up to 4% cash back.

Michele’s Syrup

A secret family recipe that was created by company owner Michele Hoskins’ great-great-great grandmother in the 1800s, Michele’s Syrup is more a legacy than a gourmet breakfast condiment. Michele’s Maple Cream Syrup is beloved for its creamy consistency and honey notes—and it may just become your new morning staple. Find it at Jewel Osco and get up to $11.11 cash back.


Founder and owner Essie Bartel’s line of sauces feature spice blends inspired by her international travels and home country of Ghana. With flavor combos like sweet and tangy tamarind, mango chili, and coconut garlic you can use EssieSpice to marinate meat or tofu, add some heat to stews, as a cooking sauce and more. 

Luckily, you can find EssieSpice at Target! Though we don’t offer cash back for groceries at Target, you can simply purchase a Target gift card through us and get 2% cash back.


Founded by chef and restaurateur Pierre Thiam, Yolélé helps support smallholder farming communities in West Africa by distributing food products grown there, such as fonio. For instance, the climate-friendly ancient grain can now be enjoyed as a savory snack. Order Yolélé Fonio Chips from Fresh Direct and get 5.05% cash back.

A Dozen Cousins

Enjoy authentic Creole, Caribbean and Latin American recipes infused with wholesome ingredients from A Dozen Cousins. Named after founder Ibraheem Basir’s daughter and her eleven cousins, you’ll find flavorful rice and bean dishes as well as seasoning sauces like the Peruvian Pollo ala Brasa Seasoning Sauce. Get it at Hive Brands and nab 4.04% cash back on your order.

Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm Honey

You’ll never want to go back to the generic supermarket honey once you’ve tried raw, unfiltered wildflower honey from Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm. The small, Black-owned business began producing its namesake honey at its family farm with all natural ingredients from wildflowers picked throughout the year. Order some for yourself at Fresh Direct and get 5.05% cash back!


Me & the Bees Lemonade

When teenage entrepreneur Mikaila Ulmer founded Me & the Bees Lemonade, the mission was clear—make a product that helps to save the bees by donating a percentage of profits to organizations that work to keep the pollinators thriving. Using her great-grandmother’s lemonade recipe, Ulmer swapped sugar for honey, ultimately putting her own twist on the beverage. Find it at Shipt and get 4.04% cash back.


This Black-owned brand is on a mission to make you look and feel good. Its superfood latte blends all contain turmeric, which naturally boosts the immune system. Buy it on Heyday Skincare for $29 and make 8.08% cash back on your purchase.

Uncle Nearest Whiskey

Crowned the ‘World’s Best’ whiskey by Whisky Magazine, Uncle Nearest 1856 should be a fixture in your liquor cabinet. Add it to your cart on and score   cash back! Drink responsibly, of course.

Maison Noir Wine

Sommelier André Hueston Mack has taken the wine scene by storm with his unique and impressive line of garage wines. Enjoy his Other People’s Pinot Noir (O.P.P.) safely and earn 5.05% cash back at Total Wine.


Stay lean and fit with VeganSmart’s all-in-one nutritional shakes. They offer a complete balance to your diet, thanks to its 22 vitamins and minerals and fiber and omega blend. They even feature five non-GMO plant-based proteins and nine healthy fruits and vegetables to support overall wellness. Need we say more? Order yours today at iHerb and get up to 10% cash back.

AVEC Drinks

Feel less guilty when you imbibe these low sugar non-alcoholic mixers that can be paired with your favorite alcohol for a healthier cocktail. Made with all natural ingredients and real juice, AVEC Drinks can also be enjoyed on their own, with flavors that include Jalapeño & Blood Orange, Ginger, Hibiscus & Pomegranate, and more. Better yet, you can order from AVEC and score 5.05% cash back on your purchase.

Chicago French Press

Get your coffee fix without the need to add tons of sweeteners with yummy blends from Chicago French Press. Founded by Kris Christian, the Black-owned and women-owned coffee roastery uses ethically sourced coffee beans from female farmers all over the world with flavors that include Maple Pecan, Chocolate Blueberry, Peach Nectar and more. 

You can order Chicago French Press at Target. While we don’t offer cash back for groceries at Target, you can simply purchase a Target gift card through us and get 2% cash back.

Red Bay Coffee

Founded in 2014 by entrepreneur and seasoned artist Keba Konte, Red Bay Coffee has brought more inclusion to the coffee industry by making it a priority to hire employees from diverse backgrounds. With velvety blends infused with everything from chocolate, peanut butter and fruit, Red Bay Coffee may just become your new go-to morning brew. Find it at Trade and get  6.06% cash back on your order.

Berry Bissap

This Black-founded brand takes inspiration from bissap, a refreshing West African hibiscus tea that originated in Senegal. Berry Bissap adds its own twist of course, with all natural ingredients like organic fruit and hibiscus flowers, and is available in flavors like Mixed Berry, Pineapple and Cinnamon Citrus. You can try it for yourself by ordering from Gopuff, which means you’ll also snag up to 20% cash back.

Sorel Liqueur

Jackie Summers looked to his family who had emigrated from Barbados in the 1920s for inspiration when creating the first shelf-stable Sorel, a hibiscus-flavored Caribbean beverage. Not to mention that when Summers founded Sorel in 2012, he was the first documented Black person in the US to have a license to make liquor since after the Prohibition.

The bright red liqueur, made with Moroccan hibiscus, Nigerian ginger, Indonesian Cassia, Brazilian cloves and Indonesian nutmeg, dates back over 500 years. Get your hands on a bottle by ordering from ReserveBar and enjoy 4.04% cash back.

McBride Sisters Wine

Founded by Robin and Andréa McBride—two half-sisters who discovered each other years after they were born—McBride Sisters Collection has grown into one of the largest Black-owned wine companies in the country. The duo’s sustainable wine brand includes a variety of wines, like the Black Girl Magic Collection, sparkling wines, the SHE CAN canned wines and spritzers, and more. Order some for yourself from and get up to 4.04% cash back from your purchase.

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