15 Affordable Backyard & Patio Ideas for the Summer

15 Affordable Backyard & Patio Ideas for the Summer

Posted on Jun 20 2022 Posted in  Money-Saving Tips, Deals & Flash Sales
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15 Affordable Backyard & Patio Ideas for the Summer

Optimizing your outdoor space, no matter how large or small, may seem like a costly undertaking. But it doesn’t have to be.

Easy for us to say, right? We’re just a cash back site that helps you save money on everything you need. (Wait…)

Here are 15 affordable ideas you can explore to give your backyard or patio that extra “oomph” for the summertime:


1. Create a vegetable garden.

Even if you think you aren’t gifted with a green thumb, you’ll be surprised by how proud you’ll feel when your veggies start to bud. Because, in effect, you are growing life. And that’s pretty amazing.

Claim a small plot in the yard or gather some pots and planters to house your produce. Then choose up to five types of vegetables. You can order seeds for less than $5 a packet at Burpee.com—and get 5.05% cash back on top.

Not only does a vegetable garden “liven” up your space, but it saves you money at the grocery store in the long run.

2. Add string lights or paper lanterns.

Decorating your fence, deck or balcony with inexpensive party lights is a must for you night owls. However, you may want to consider paper lanterns as they provide tons of color during the day and evening. Snag 3.03% cash back on your selections from the Paper Lantern Store.

3. Set up a backyard bar.

Keep the libations flowing with this sweet Palm Harbor wicker bar set from Overstock.com, now on sale for $453.14. You can also net up to 10% cash back on your purchase, so stack those savings!

Three-piece wicker bar set

4. Invest in a wood-burning fire pit.

It’s like having an outdoor fireplace that everyone can sit around, trade scary tales and roast marshmallows. Believe it or not, some fire pits are super cheap. Tractor Supply Company has one in steel for just $50, and it comes with 3% cash back.

5. Buy a grill (if you haven’t already).

After you’re done choosing a side in the charcoal vs. gas debate, head on over to Lowes.com (up to 15% cash back) to pick out a grill that’s in your price range. Several styles under $200 are trending right now, so we recommend reading what all the hubbub is about before purchasing.

6. Hang up a birdfeeder.

A small but welcome addition, this colorful butterfly bird feeder from Chewy.com (4% cash back) will make birdwatching a much easier activity.

Colorful butterfly-shaped bird feeder

7. Get an outdoor movie projector.

Watching TV doesn’t have to be an indoor activity only. The goal here is to have you spend as much time outside as possible! Scoop up a wireless projector at Best Buy (up to 4% cash back) for less than $120 and host movie nights under the stars. Any white screen or backdrop will do.

8. Put out some lawn games.

Whether you set up a net for badminton or nail a dartboard to your tree, you and your guests will be entertained for hours with lawn games. Macy’s is offering a limited-time special on Studio Mercantile’s bean bag cornhole game set, which is just $55.99 (reg. $139.99). Order yours today before it goes out of stock and enjoy up to 10% cash back.

9. Incorporate a water fountain.

Think about it. The sound of streaming water is peaceful and provides a spa-like ambience. The fountain itself can bring a touch of character, such as this 3-bowl style with two warm LED lights. It’s on sale for $117.99 at Walmart and includes 2% cash back.

3-bowl water fountain

10. Relax on a hammock.

If you’re going for a tranquil vibe, then a hammock will fit that bill. Score a discount on one at Bed Bath & Beyond and pocket cash back.

11. Use an outdoor storage bench.

Beautiful and practical, the Solana 2-person outdoor resin storage bench from Home Depot (up to 10.1% cash back) can unclutter your backyard and guests will be none the wiser—especially if you deck it out with summery pillows and cushions.

12. Display wall art.

Plow & Hearth (5.05% cash back) carries over 100 outdoor options, including clocks, wreaths, shelves and this sunflower garden metal trellis, which would look right at home in your new vegetable garden.

Sunflower garden metal trellis

13. Try an outdoor area rug.

You’ve seen how an area rug can tie a whole room together. Well, it can do the same for your patio set. Ruggable (4.04% cash back) has tons of designs to shop from, plus they’re mold- and mildew-resistant. But if they need a good cleaning, they’re machine washable, too.

14. Experiment with curtains for more privacy and shade.

Your porch, pergola or cabana would absolutely benefit from waterproof curtains that protect you from the elements, as well as any wandering eyes from nosy neighbors. Visit Kirkland’s today for up to 70% off dozens of sets and cash back.

15. DIY anything.

To save even more money, why not make your own wall art? Or curtains? Or fountain? Or hammock? With patience and dedication, you can DIY the entire backyard. We partnered with Michaels to offer you 5% cash back on your supplies.



Tell us, what are you going to do to improve your outdoor space? Sound off in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.


Editor's Note: Promos were correct at time of publication.

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