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Worst company ever! Dishonest practices and incompetent shipping department. I was guaranteed delivery of a custom designed banner for a clients wedding day on the 20th and didn't receive my order till the next day. They stated several times I was guaranteed delivery by the 20th. Then the night of the 20th I called freaking out and they guaranteed me delivery by 9am the following day. Then they changed it to 10am by the time we got off the phone. Imagine how stressful it was when at 10am it still didn't arrive I looked up tracking again and it stated not till 12pm!! I called UPS right away and they informed me that they didn't even generate the billing information for shipping to take place until the night of the 20th! I didn't get it until AFTER i already had to leave for the wedding this backdrop was for! I had to refund the client several hundreds of dollars because of them and they can bet that I am super super angry. They completely dropped the ball here and cost me hundreds! I am furious and will be contacting my attorney to recover my losses and leaving their company a VERY detailed reviews everywhere I can. Their staff was dishonest with me and cannot believe this actually happened. Their company ruined the live photo booth event for my clients wedding day. When I contacted them again to let them know how furious I was they tried to blame me and lie and say i never uploaded the files. BS!!!! I uploaded so many freaking times. They even verified on the phone when i called on the 18th that they did have the files but that they weren't sure they were mine because I didn't put my middle name in the upload area. Just my first name, last name, and email. Apparently that wasn't enough information to know that those files I uploaded over a dozen times were for my order. Even though my name and email address are in my file. Incompetent company who has caused me to now have a bad review coming my way for my wedding services.
  | Oct 23, 2017 Report Abuse