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Happy Agoda customers are rewarding the company with four- and five-star ratings on Trustpilot. Many are calling the travel site “very easy” to navigate and a “convenient” way to book a hotel, flight, or resort. Meanwhile, others are touting Agoda’s great and competitive prices. Plus, it offers “pretty good cash back,” writes a user.

There are Agoda reviews applauding the customer service team for its quickness and ability to resolve issues. One traveler says he made a mistake with a hotel booking and reached out to an Agoda rep, who “was very kind to assist in facilitating a new booking and refund the mistaken one.”

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Absolutely slow.
  kazuwox | Jan 10, 2023 Report Abuse
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had to really fight to get it
  maximus7001 | Oct 16, 2022 Report Abuse
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I don't know why my cashback has been cancelled. tell me the reasons
  Choi Seok Hoon | Jul 20, 2019 Report Abuse
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Very Very Slow Cashbacks
  Frederick | Mar 04, 2019 Report Abuse
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problem always happen,cash back for some booking always missing
  kifaul | Jun 17, 2017 Report Abuse
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Cashback still pending after long while
Over 7 months cash back still in pending status.
  linwlr | Jun 10, 2024 Report Abuse
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Confirmed on 8th Nov, 21 and still no cashback (18th June, 22)
  jkhurmi | Jun 18, 2022 Report Abuse
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wait 8 months for a cashback, still nothing
  chernihiv | May 20, 2022 Report Abuse
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delayed cashbacj to crazy 37 weeks?! seriously?? when I spent money on it, it showed only 10-ish weeks, now 37 weeks?!
  dolarmomo | May 27, 2021 Report Abuse
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As of Jan. 2021, Agoda purchase from Jun. 2020 still not reached "payable."
  Ruanmac | Jan 15, 2021 Report Abuse
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Slow cashback. Reluctant to move forward unless you submit a claim.
  Morissett | Mar 09, 2020 Report Abuse
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Cashback does not log. And this merchants denies most cashback for no apparent reason.
  tangy1628 | Apr 11, 2019 Report Abuse
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Did not receive cashback from Agoda. Tried to chase it, but nothing yet. It's been almost two months now.
  incons | Dec 04, 2018 Report Abuse
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very slow response on claiming the transactions.
  domingoslao1988 | Aug 15, 2018 Report Abuse
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It doesn't track the amount correctly!. Avoid this merchant
  Louis | May 29, 2016 Report Abuse
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too bad!miss serveral booking which could not be traced.
  gzericlee | Jul 16, 2015 Report Abuse
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