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Surfshark is the only VPN which allows unlimited devices for your whole family. Protects privacy, blocks malware, trackers and ads so you can access, stream or download the best internet has to offer.

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Surfshark - Secure VPN For The U.S.

Surfshark Logo

There are many reasons in which a VPN could be good for your personal life, business, or any other kind of internet usage. Some practical users wish to hide their exact location and IP address for cybersecurity reasons; other crafty folk may start streaming a Netflix series that is only available in another country. An excellent VPN is something we do not recommend skimping on and with Surfshark deals coupled with Surfshark cashback from TopCashback, you certainly will not have to.

With its headquarters stationed in the Netherlands, Surfshark allows you to use a VPN to feign an IP address in over 65 countries on more than 3,200 servers. VPN stands for a virtual private network. It works by creating an encrypted and independent tube for your data, ensuring your privacy. While there are quite a few players in the VPN game, when it comes to Surfshark vs other VPN companies, it manages to stay a cut above with its list of features that few other VPN providers can afford.

Surfshark is an award-winning VPN several times over, beating competitors from around the world. Even with all of these accolades, Surfshark makes it a priority to retain its availability with a modest price. Surfshark's best VPN deal is in the form of the 2year plan. At this rate you would only be paying $2.49 per month, which comes out to be an 81% discount on the subscription.

Surfshark discounts come in all sharks and sizes. The student discount can get you 83% off and 3 months free when you use the Surfshark coupon code "SharkStudent". While there are no military discounts, you can always try the 30-day free trial and if you decide to make the purchase, you can be sure you will receive cash back on your Surfshark subscription.

Surfshark coupons are listed on its website for your convenience. At the time of writing this, Surfshark customers were able to get a whopping 83% off when they used the code "sharkstart". Not only was this one of the most generous promo codes to give customers, but it also came with a 30-day money back guarantee to test Surfshark!

When it comes to Surfshark vs other VPN options, the Surfshark antivirus, VPN servers, price, and other benefits drown the opposition. The bounty of features for the Surfshark price is astounding and with the Surfshark savings intertwined with the 12 or 24 month subscription plan, it is hard to find this kind of value elsewhere.

Surfshark homepage

Surfshark homepage


The only promise VPN's need to deliver on is that they change your virtual location, apart from that, the service does not owe you much else. However, with a Surfshark VPN, you can enjoy the infinity of the internet without any of the detractors that are notorious for invading your privacy. The Surfshark VPN can block ads and malware before the suckers can even load, giving you enhanced security.

Another tactic evil internet goblins will use to extract information from you is called phishing. Unfortunately, this practice does not involve randomly dropping discount codes, just wrongfully accessing your personal information. You may recall a time where you received an email from a company you recognize, only to determine that something felt off. Information thieves will pose as these brands hoping that you click their links or input your personal data. The Surfshark VPN detects these attempts and avoids them.

CleanWeb will also boost the speed of your internet browsing, giving you internet speed as fast as a shark on a surfboard. Whether you use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, with the blocking of ads and popups, your speed and performance is sure to improve. Another function of this private internet access is that you will save money on mobile data. Ads and pop-ups cost data and every time you see one of these unwanted displays, it costs you extra data. Save money and your bandwidth for the things you want with Surfshark.


Sometimes you may not want to be incognito for certain websites. Maybe you know they are safe or you have certain cookies that makes your experience more personal and efficient. Surfshark's VPN gives you options, use the Bypasser to allow specific apps and websites to bypass your VPN.

The Bypasser tool is Surfshark's version of the tactic known as VPN split tunneling. You may view this as an anti-security feature, but it is at its core an ease-of-use feature and many people find it beneficial for password managers. It may also come in handy on your banking website, when you want to easily view all the money you have saved with your Surfshark coupon code.

Also, you may find that some sites are not performing at optimal speeds when attached to the VPN. You can disconnect from these particular sites for optimal upload speeds and always be on the fastest server. Another application for Bypassing is accessing your wireless home devices. If you are on a foreign IP address or you wanted to hide your IP, your printer for instance could have trouble recognizing you since it is looking for your home dedicated IP. And of course, you can unblock Netflix with split tunneling as well.

Private DNS & Leak Protection:

DNS is a domain name system, and it is responsible for matching website host names to corresponding IP addresses. With a private DNS, you are in your own private corner of the internet away from onlookers.

Leak Protection when using Surfshark's IPv4 stack has run leak test after test to ensure a more secure home for your data. A data breach or data leak has never been more difficult with this feature activated on each server. This is just another reason why Surfshark is a contender for best VPN. Stay protected from a DNS leak, credit card spills, and other scams the worldwide web could set you up for.

Other Notable Aspects:

VPN Kill Switch:Suppose you are safely browsing the web, using your new VPN when all of a sudden, your VPN connection has dropped. You don't want to be left unprotected do you? Surfshark has a solution for times like these and it is called Kill Switch. This feature automatically disconnects you from the internet to make sure you are never involuntarily left exposed.

Double VPN:Multihop like having multiple VPN connections simultaneously, so you really can be in two places at once. Set up a VPN in Canada and another in Germany for double the security and improved connection speed.

Unlimited Devices:Surfshark is available across almost all of your devices, whether you are a linux user, Windows, or Mac OS and download the browser extensions. If you want it for mobile use you can find the Surfshark app on the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store. You can even utilize this VPN on a smart TV. Many other VPN apps would have you pay additional fees for this kind of usage. Surfshark's VPN doesn't even ask you to enter any promo codes to receive this fabulous inclusion.

Surfshark Features


While most of the articles listed here pertain to Surfshark and its updates and features, there is plenty to learn about cybersecurity in general. People who are simply trying to figure out if having a VPN is right for them would be encouraged to read the article "15 Cool Things to do With a VPN". There are also more theoretical articles like "What if the Internet Shut Down Forever?" The blog section is frequently updated with multiple outputs per month.

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