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Buy men's and women's swimwear from the world's top-selling brand, Speedo, and dive into greater savings with our Stila promo codes and coupons. Browse performance, elite, fitness and recreation collections, and purchase one-piece, two-piece, cover ups, tops and bottoms for women, as well as plus size swimwear. Their men's range, meanwhile, offers trunks, briefs and jammers, as well as drag suits, square legs and rash guards. Search for accessories like goggles, swim caps and training gear, while Speedo also sells footwear and apparel such as tees, shorts, hoodies, pants and caps.

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Speedo - Making the Waves of Tomorrow Today

Speedo Logo

Speedo is one of the best known and top brands in American swimwear. This company knows how to produce quality, championship-winning swimming apparel and accessories made easily accessible to the public through great sales and Speedo coupon codes found at TopCashback. Feel unencumbered by hefty prices when slicing through the pool after receiving cash back on your next Speedo purchase through TopCashback.

Aquatic athletes trust Speedo as their go-to brand. The prestige is further propelled by the fact that it has been donning athletes of the Olympic games since the 1930s all through 2021. One of the most famous Olympians, swimmer or not, is Michael Phelps. This marvel of an athlete is responsible for strengthening the name Speedo and making swimming one of the more popular summer sports among quadrennial viewers.

Speedo Homepage

Speedo Homepage

Swimsuits & Apparel

Speedo has a wide range of products in women's and men's swimwear whether it be for water polo players, divers, people that just like to splash around, or competitive swimmers. A Speedo coupon would be nice to find to help pay for these amazing products.

Speedo sails past its competition with waves of quality products and money-saving deals throughout the year. The celebrated fabrics Speedo continues to perfect date back to early in the 20th century. Speedo was the first swimsuit company to innovate away from wool swimsuits and made the Racerback model using silk and cotton. Looking back, anything would have been better than wool, but it was thanks to Speedo that we can all swim comfortably now. To this day, Speedo still believes in innovation at its core and the Fastskin LZR racer in Pure Valor, which released in 2008, is “the fastest most advanced swimsuit ever made” essential for competitive swimming.

The technology used to engineer the Endurance+ fabric is one of the innovations of material the brand is most proud of. It is quick drying, with a four-way stretch perfect for shape retention. And with its chlorine resistance, it is sure to not fall apart on you from harsh pool chemicals. For such a quality suit, the price is not even as deep as the pools you will be swimming in. The Speedo Launch Splice is one of the popular patterns that utilized the Speedo Endurance fabric for the women's and men's swimsuit.

Men's Speedo and women's Speedo swimwear offer some similar and some different collections that swimmers can choose from to (swim)suit their own personal swimming needs. The Fastskin collection is for serious racers who want to be as slick as possible in the water and require the highest degree of performance from their suits. The Vibe collection is for competing swimmers who like a little pizazz, some panache in their dressings. The Vanquisher suit is meant to vanquish records and is one of the most popular suits, designed to support male and female swimmers who leave it all in the pool when racing.

In addition to bathing suits, Speedo also makes a shirt dedicated to UV protection that blocks 98% of the sun's harmful rays for skin coverage and sun protection. The swim shirt and rash guard is lightweight, pill resistant, and fast drying. You could even use it to go running.

Speedo also has a collection of wear for the paramedics of the sea, lifeguards. A wide assortment that makes you easily visible and visibly cool while you prowl the beaches and pools for lives to guard and save. For fans of classic Speedo there is also the vintage collection of products with the dated logo that some find irresistible.

While these collections have suits and apparel for both women's and men's swim, there are more gender specific styles within these groupings that swimmers can choose from to match their comfort and/or style tendencies. Everything from technical suits to practice suits and plus size suits, all the Speedo swimsuits are elite suits.

Women can make their selection from the classic swimmer's one piece swimsuits, styles that cover through the thigh, halter tops, racerbacks, crossbacks, open backs, strappy v-neck one pieces, bikini swimwear, high-waist bikini bottoms, bikini tops and just about any other type of water-wear design you can think of. Plus, all these women's swimwear options come in plenty of patterns and colors to put you in sync with your team color or make you that much more visible to a lifeguard. Although, if you are shopping with Speedo you can most likely handle yourself in a body of water.

Men also have a nice array of Speedo bathing suit options for their bodies in the water. The classic Speedos that everyone knows, loves, and loves to giggle at is here. The One Brief is the farthest thing from a loose fit and comes in so many patterns and colors, proving Speedo’s priority may be performance, but the designers can also party. The offerings include solid colors, neons, a 1" seam option, pride prints, banana prints and so much more. If these swim birthday suits are screaming your name, you can have a ball choosing one of these. And with TopCashback you can double the fun by earning money with your purchase!

The Square Leg, a great piece of athletic swimwear that also fits like a pair of underwear, but this time a pair of boxer swim briefs, as they descend to the mid length. If you don't find comfort in showing quite as much thigh as the men's briefs in the previous selection, perhaps one of the swim Jammers (a pair of tight fit swimming shorts) is more your speed(o).

Now, for the folks out there who don't want any fabric desperately clinging to them, Speedo still has the conservative swim trunks and board shorts that reach about knee length and so many men find to be perfectly comfortable and exactly what they want to be wearing to the beach. These shorts are so versatile they can even be used as a hybrid short. Use TopCashback and have some of your money returned to you when you pick up one of these Speedo men's swimsuits.

Many high-performance brands tend to neglect the youth that are the future of the sport. Speedo wishes to encourage swimmers of all ages starting with kids only beginning to swim. Find your kid some age-appropriate swimwear for any level in congruence with their competitive talents. Even some of the speedo Vanquishers come in children's sizes for "your future champion".

Speedo Features


Speaking of the Vanquisher, the Vanquisher goggles are just the spectacles every swimmer needs to vanquish their enemies. Spy through the water to find the most direct path to victory. The Vanquisher also comes in kid's goggles. If the Vanquisher isn't for you, Speed Socket, Elite, Hydro, and SunnyG's are all other options for your underwater viewing pleasure. At reasonable prices these goggles don’t even require a Speedo discount code.


Any swimmer knows, the suit isn't absolutely everything, and while for the most part it is just you and your body in the water, the right amount of gear/brand of gear can mean the difference between silver and a room full of gold medals. Luckily swimmers don’t require as much gear as say a hockey player, but it wouldn’t hurt to try and find a discount code or two.

Speedo has the training gear to take your strokes to the next level, keep you fit and improve your health for years to come. Some of the best sellers from this tab are the Power Paddles Plus, training aids intended to increase stroke technique by helping you push more water which allows for smoother pulling. Swim fins are great for kicking technique and improving speed.

The Bullet Head Snorkel is engineered to be as hydrodynamic and stable as a snorkel can be. The classic Speedo silicon swim cap is another best seller, perfect for people who want to slice through the water but don't wish to part from their luscious locks to avoid the drag.

Water shoes are another piece of water wear Speedo produces that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their swimming skillset


In the Teams section at the website header, you can view all products, clothes, gear, and apparel worn by swimmers sponsored by the Speedo Team, many of whom have been in the Olympics for team USA. The products here are scattered throughout the website, but here your swimming idol's accouterment is condensed to one convenient location like the Speedo USA designed swimsuits.


#TeamSpeedo is where you can go to learn more about the swimmers Speedo has hand-picked to represent them. Biographies on Caeleb Dressel, Abby Weitzel, Nathan Adrian, and Ryan Murphy, along with their preferred swimming gear brought to us by Speedo.

Speedo Sale

The Speedo Sale section asks you to shop, stock up, and save. It has tiered sales, coupon codes, and solitary discounts. Some last chance, final sale options can be sold for as low as 80% off. Paddle Shirts, One Briefs, and color block bikini tops were all in this collection of markdowns. Men, women, kids, and speedo swimsuits and gear are all included in this sale.

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