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Weee! - Largest Asian and Hispanic Grocery Store in North America

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Cooking around the world inside of your kitchen is the goal of many home cooks if not all of them. With the vastness of the internet and recipes galore, people are all but limited to old family recipes and weathered cookbooks. Cuisine is an ever-evolving art form and with professionals and hobbyists alike training and experimenting, cooking has never been in a better position for cultures to combine their knowledge and practices. The only thing that could get in the way of a home cook attempting to create out of their comfort zone would be the accessibility of ingredients. This is where Weee! comes in.

Weee! Sometimes referred to as Saywee or Weee Inc. is an online grocery delivery platform that sells Hispanic groceries and Asian foods. In addition to the food, the San Francisco Bay based ethnic egrocer carries specialty products and everyday household items. When creating the online marketplace, founder Larry Liu was dissatisfied with the selection at his local Asian grocery store and decided to make ethnic food more accessible. The customer base Weee Inc. is aiming for is anyone who is into delicious Asian and Hispanic food and grocery delivery. If you fit into this broad category for a food delivery company, sign up at Weee! and start shopping. Upon arrival to the website sayweee.com, newcomers will be immediately impacted by the colorful and comprehensive battery of choices to sort through (not to mention the new customer Weee! discount code, but more on that later). Weee! is available in select cities throughout the nation, meaning it would behoove users to plug in their zip codes to make sure they are in delivery distance for Weee! shopping. Based on your zip code you will be able to see which international food Weee! will be able to source for you. Some of the countries associated with the brand are Vietnam, China, Mexico, India, and Korea.

The Asian and Hispanic shopping list can be difficult to complete in traditional American supermarkets and stores. For those looking to broaden their at-home menu or newly arrived immigrants trying to taste a little bit of home in their new residence, Weee! is here to dutifully assist.

If you are an experienced cook on the hunt for a particular item, a search bar can lead you where you need to go. Otherwise, you may click on fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, dim sum, instant, bakery, snacks, beverages, dairy & soy, seasoning, canned, dry goods, or self-care to being the hunt. You may even surprise yourself with what you are able to find within these categories.

Beyond the ever-present options of authentic Asian and Hispanic foods, the highlights reel is sure to bring your fancy to a boil. Offering user recommendations, Weee! community suggestions, as well as highlighted deals and specials, this carousel will make you forget that you had dinner to make. The recipe of the week is a fantastic way for daring chefs to put this new source of those that continue to scroll will find Weee's! new arrivals, best-sellers, and discounted products. If you are looking to try something else new how about using TopCashback to get Weee! cash back when you sign up to be a member for free.

Online grocery shopping is essentially the same as grocery shopping in person, the only difference here with Weee! is the grocery items. Shoppers dart through digital aisles, add products to their carts, bring their Weee! coupon, and pay. Weee! considers this to be the modern way to shop for traditional favorites. The company is committed to bringing local, and peak-season ingredients to your door with a freshness guarantee. The groceries delivered are fresh are as fresh as they are unique and will have you hungry to order more.

Sure, pre-prepared Asian food delivery is always a great option for nights at home, but with Weee! you can improve your culinary craftsmanship and know exactly what you are putting on your plate. Using your active Weee! account and a Weee! Code, if you have one, you can take advantage of the selected products and take your cooking to the next level.

As if this wasn't a great enough service, unlike so many other business models today, Weee! operates without subscription fees. Customers never need to pay to be an active Weee! member, just pay for food and delivery. To add another Asian or Hispanic cherry on top, Weee! offers free delivery on orders over $35, no promo codes necessary. I believe we have just discovered why the name of this brand is what it is.

There are so many ways to save when shopping at Weee!. not only can you find a coupon code, a discount code, and promo codes, but with TopCashback you can receive dollars back on every purchase, negating the need for a Weee! coupon. All newcomers who sign up get $10 off their purchase and free delivery. Another way to save is to refer a friend in which case you'll get $20 off. That's as good as getting a Weee! gift card.

There is nothing small about the egrocer Weee! and Sayweee customers are never spoiled. With so many groceries to sift through you will be able to download as many foreign and complicated recipes as your heart desires because the Weee market will include whatever obscure ingredient you need as long as the country of origin is in Asia or has Hispanic roots.

Weee! Homepage

Weee! Homepage

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About Weee

SayWeee.com believe quality, freshness, and accessibility shouldn’t ever be compromised when it comes to food. SayWee.com make Asian & Hispanic groceries exciting and affordable! Celebrate food. Celebrate life.


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