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Mountain Hardwear

Our quest for the ultimate in performance means we take no short cuts. Anywhere. The highest quality materials, the most thorough of tests, it's what makes Mountain Hardwear the stuff you want to have with you when things get ugly It's this relentless drive to create the absolute best that makes us who we are. Mountain Hardwear.

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Mountain Hardwear - Gear for you to take the lead

Mountain Hardwear Logo

Mountain Hardwear is the kind of company you wish was with you when going hiking, out into the wilderness, or when you have suddenly crash landed on a mysterious island. Mountain Hardwear is a proud proprietor of just about everything necessary to have a successful trip to the great outdoors, planned or not. Get started planning your next excursion by shopping mountains of deals through TopCashback and Mountain Hardwear.

Starting with apparel and equipment, to tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks, not only does this company carry most of the necessary accoutrements for surviving and enjoying the big rocks and trees our planet has to offer, but the products are carefully and responsibly made, without any compromises.

The types of activities Mountain Hardwear shoppers tend to get into are the kind that can be death defying, becasue of this the products cannot be cheap. While there are affordable options in most of the categories, with the assistance of a Mountain Hardwear coupon and money back from TopCashback you will be out there thrill seeking instead of account balance seeking.

Incidentally, if you yourself are not the most outdoorsy person in the woods, Mountain Hardwear gift cards also make a great gift for the outdoor athlete in your life.

Mountain Hardwear Homepage

Mountain Hardwear Homepage


When it comes to great outdoors brands, people tend to rush right to the coats when visiting the website. While the coats found at Mountain Hardwear are fantastic and we will get to them, there are so many other select styles of performance apparel to behold, from lightweight jackets to down-insulated pants.

Another cool fact about Mountain Hardwear is that most of the products available for one gender are also available in another. So, if you find the perfect waterproof jacket in men's clothing, odds are an identical one is available as well in women's clothing. While you are looking around, you may even find some promo codes, who knows.

If we were to take a standard outdoors outing ensemble layer by layer, here are the essentials made available by Mountain Hardwear. As a baselayer, one of the long sleeve Mountain Stretch crewneck shirts would be great for a cold weather activity while having the freedom to be versatile afterwards.

The next layer would be a fleece or tech style pullover (fleece jackets will do the same) for added warmth and protection. Then the shell layer, and depending on the type of excursion you would probably go with a rain shell, snow shell, or just a simple light jacket.

On to the coats. Mountain Hardwear is proud to promote the down that it sources for its outdoor apparel is responsibly gained and that it is certified against animal welfare requirements. Mountain Hardwear has elevated company standards and proves that you can make quality, heat producing and retaining outerwear, while still being conscious of the sourcing process and refusing to cause harm. Skeptics and curious cats alike are even able to track down their down via a QR code and find out exactly where their down insulation came from.

Some of Mountain Hardwear's best coats include the Ghost Whisperer and the Ghost Whisperer2, an ultralight down hoody jacket. This coat is made from recycled materials, uses superlight technology, and is great for a variety of activities. For winter sporting fanatics, Mountain Hardwear understands how important waterproof ski jackets and coats can be and this company's clothing is able to repel water like nobody's business.

The men's and women's Cloud Bank Gore-Tex Insulated Jacket are some of the best selling options especially among those who like to get wild and reckless in the snow, on their skis, boards, or what have you. A dry torso is well and good, but if you have soggy legs it will all be for naught. Get yourself a pair of waterproof Cloud Bank Gore Tex pants for full body protection.

Accessories & Equipment


Maybe you don't think about gloves that much, maybe you do, but the selection Mountain Hardwear has assembled is nothing short of astounding. Gloves in every color, thickness, and degree of mittenry, suited for all activities. The gloves also come in waterproof, wind resistant, stretch, mittens, sherpa, fingerless options. You will have so many gloves you will no longer know anything like the back of your hand.


Backpacks can be so much more than stuff sacks, the newest backpack from Mountain Hardwear is the Powabunga. Coming in at the median backpack price point of $210, this backpack is already a 2022 Outside Magazine Gear of the Year Award Winner. This pack is a great overall container to suit a variety of needs.

Although it was created with skiing at the forefront of its function, this pack subverts the expectation and goes beyond. It is hydration reservoir compatible, it has a unique padded hipbelt system with side-to-side and up-down pivoting mobility,and a foam reinforced front panel. This pack is spacious, secure, and guaranteed to become essential. It even comes with a pocket to carry Mountain Hardwear coupon code.

Regardless of your activity, Mountain Hardwear has the appropriate backpack for you to store your backpacking gear. For alpine climbers aiming to travel to the summit, the Expedition Duffel is a wearable pack that makes compartmentalizing easy so you can easily retrieve climbing ropes without getting tangled in your climbing harnesses. The Scrambler is for hikers who need a resistant all around compacting place for their gear.

While maybe not as technical as the rest of the apparel, Mountain Hardwear's sweatshirts and hoodies have their wits about them fashionably. Some are donned with the distinguished Mountain Hardwear logo and others with interesting graphics, they can serve as a great under layer or a casual piece.


Tents for camping include the Mineral King, another award winner for Mountain Hardwear, this time for its spaciousness and view. For backpacking, outdoorspeople will want to check out the Nimbus series for ultralight protection. When it comes to mountaineering there is a slightly wider selection of tents, but none compare to the Space Station Dome Tent. At $6,000 you may need to wait for a Mountain Hardwear sale. This tent is more like a mobile home and it may not be for everyone, but everyone is for it (it is also found in the basecamp section). A more reasonable offering are the AC tents that give climbers an ultralight shelter with a custom stabilization design for precarious placements.

Sleeping Bags

Once inside of your tent you are going to want somewhere to cozy up with sleeping pads that at least somewhat resembles a bed. Mountain Hardwear has divided the bags up into temperature protection levels. In the 20-40 degree Fahrenheit range is the Bishop Pass with down-insulated warmth and a durable shell meant for summer camping.

In the 0-15 degree range the most popular sleeping bag is the Phantom. This sleeping bag is more expensive than some of the tents, but it is built for frigid mountain conditions. The Bozeman is a more affordable option for a fraction of the price. The Phantom is also available in an option suitable for the final category of below 0 and this Phantom in particular was engineered for temperatures as low as -40F.

While Mountain Hardwear carries more than the small sampling we have shared, it would be impossible to carry absolutely all of the outdoor gear needed for a hike, a mountain climb, an arctic quest, and a sky dive, all in one store. Mountain Hardwear comes closer than most retailers, but some of the things it does not carry are boots, biking shoes, or footwear of any kind (so you will have to go elsewhere for your five finger shoes). The company also does not carry a climbing helmet option or biking helmets.

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