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As a leader in specialty coffee, coffee makers, teas, and other beverages, Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. is recognized for its award-winning beverages, innovative Keurig® brewing technology, and socially responsible business practices. Our company has inspired consumer passion for its products by revolutionizing beverage preparation at home and in the workplace. We support local and global communities by investing in sustainably-grown coffee, and by its active involvement in a variety of social and environmental projects.

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Although it seems like the Keurig, K-Cups, and single-serve brewers have not been with us for a remarkably long time, the company has been manufacturing and innovating since 1993. It very quickly caught the eye of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters who began investing in the startup until it was a majority shareholder. Now offering coffee makers plus coffee and accessories, the company has come a long way. Single-serving coffee is a great way to save time and money, making Keurig and TopCashback a perfect match.

For anyone that doesn't know, Keurig's claim to fame is its coffee machine that makes a single coffee cup. People insert the Keurig pods (or what's known as K-cups) into the coffee maker, add some water, and without filters, they have a cup of coffee. This no mess, no excess type of coffee making took the world by storm thanks to quickness, efficiency, and of course great coffee.

Keurig Homepage

Keurig Homepage


The most important part of the Keurig coffee process is the coffee itself. Whether you are a coffee drinker or in the mood to sip on tea, cocoa, or other more complex cafe beverages. Keurig also has exclusive partnerships with some of your favorite coffee companies like Green Mountain, Dunkin, Starbucks, and the McCafe pods for the McDonald’s lovers out there.

The price of these packs of K-Cups can vary depending on brand, flavor, and number of cups. There are pages upon pages of coffee options for you to select from. Even if you have a very specific way you enjoy your coffee, there is a good sporting chance that a K-Cup exists for it.

Coffee Makers

Some people are so dependent on their caffeine that even the time between waking up, scooping, pouring, and brewing is too much to bear. If only there was a faster way to brew coffee. Oh yes, the Keurig we have been talking about for the past few minutes.

To use the Keurig order you placed online and earned cash back on using TopCashback, you will require one of its fashionable and functional coffee makers. There are so many it may be hard to know where to start (see below for information about the Keurig Starter Kit).

If you are here for the single servings, we suggest filtering for only the "Single Serve" category. Of these, the most popular model is the K-Supreme SMART Single Serve Coffee Maker. This maker allows you to pop in a coffee pod, customize the strength and heat of your cup, the size of the brew, from 6 - 12 ounces, and the 66-ounce water tank allows you to fill up to 9 cups before having to refill. This is one of the most efficient ways to complete your brewing process.

Another category of coffee brewer machines that could interest you, especially if you are someone who likes to entertain, are the Single Serve and Carafe. The most popular of this bunch is the Keurig KDuo Special Edition Single Serve & Carafe Coffee Maker. While you can serve K-Cups individually, having a carafe as part of your Keurig machine keeps options open. The perks of this machine, apart from unparalleled taste, are that it can work with ground coffee and pods. It also makes a strong brew for a bolder drink using only a single cup, the glass carafe sits on a heating plate, there is a pause and pour option, and it is programmable for timing your morning cup. Enjoy as many pots of coffee or single cups of coffee as you want. When you purchase Keurig coffee makers you are making mornings easier and tastier. Enjoy one of these smart coffee makers and earn cash back when you purchase through TopCashback.

Keurig Starter Kit

An existing customer might not be interested in these starter kits, but the value should not be ignored. Whether this is your first foray into the world of coffee, or you are just looking to stir things up, there are plenty of reasons to purchase one of these brewer starter kits. For starters, these kits offer the lowest prices on select items, including 50% off coffee makers. There are also Keurig discounts of 25% on the hundreds of varieties of beverages from your favorite brands including deals on Tim Hortons K-Cup pods.

The process to build one of the brewer starter kits begins with selecting a brewer. The selection is thoughtful and is sure to suit your needs. Next, you pick the coffees you’d like your brewer to prepare for you. These kit orders at Keurig can also be customized for Auto-Delivery, the coffee subscription that makes sure you never need to wonder where your next cup of coffee will come from. Here it's easy to pick a bag of grounds, pod coffees, hot chocolates, and more. The final set up step of the brewer bundles is scheduling your deliveries. Indulging in one of these kit orders at Keurig is one of the best customer discounts available on site.


There is so much else to add to your coffee experience than a box of pods and the maker. With more than 60 available accessories from the Keurig website, enhancements to your morning brew are but a click away.

If you are someone who keeps a calculated calendar ensuring an efficient day, you would likely be interested in the travel mug. This insulated mug can hold brew sizes of up to 12 ounces. Some people are even on the go around their own home. If you like the beverage in your mug to remain at a specified temperature, Keurig sells the Ember smart mug. This personal, heated container temperature controls its contents to your specifications, giving you control beyond brewing temperature.

There are maintenance accessories like care kits and descalers for cleaning. Milk frothers are another nifty accessory to add to your coffee brewing process. Chill or heat up your milk to your desired level of frothiness and taste the creamier and sweeter final product.

Keep your K-Cup pods organized with pod storage containers. There are baskets, drawers, and carousels to choose from. A deal at Keurig for these necessities and any other accessories that tickle your fancy should not be tough to find.


Keurig is quite courteous to shoppers looking for a discount. Keurig deals are never far when shopping through the deals tab on the header. This section of the site is filled with Keurig coupon codes, Keurig discounts as well as other promo codes and deals.

While you never know just how long these deals will last, it is good to know that Keurig hosts deals so regularly. Customer discounts included price reductions on brewers and pod orders. You will also find special deals on supplying brands that license their coffee to Keurig, like three cappuccinos for the price of one from The Original Donut Shop.

Some of the deals require you to input Keurig promo codes, but if you shop through this section the codes available are in plain sight. There are also annual sales to be vigilant for. The best places to save money when shopping for coffee is browsing Keurig online. Although there are no student discounts or military discounts, promo codes and deals are not difficult to find at this one-of-a-kind coffee company.

Keurig Features

Club Keurig Rewards

If you are looking for even more ways to save beyond using TopCashback and applying Keurig discount codes, you must delve into Club Keurig. This program is akin to many other rewards programs seeing as how members can redeem available points to receive discounts. These Keurig discounts can range from 10%-50% off retail prices and you can select what you want to buy from the Keurig rewards catalog.

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  • Existing or reactivated customer Auto-Delivery subscriptions will not earn Cash Back.
  • Returning, exchanging or cancelling part of your order may result in the Cash Back being declined.
  • Combining promotions from another site and/or using a coupon code not posted and approved by TopCashback
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