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HTC Vive

Room-scale VR! Putting on the VIVE headset washes away the real world with fantastical experiences. From rec room-type games like ping-pong or pool to experiences spanning categories. SteamVR™ Tracking, stunning graphics, a 110˚ field of view, intuitive controls and HD haptic feedback provide an unparalleled sense of immersion. Walk around freely and explore everything–the Chaperone guidance system keeps you within the bounds of your play area. Stunning graphics make it feel so real and surreal simultaneously.

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HTC VIVE - Go Beyond

Shop online for the best in virtual reality systems. Allow yourself to get lost in beautiful, immersive worlds and new experiences with sleek headsets, controllers, tracking devices and other innovative gear.

If an HTC VIVE price is too steep, you can use helpful payment plans. And if you'd like to search for new VR content, you can browse the VIVEPORT app store.

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Whether you're looking for a wireless gaming experience with awesome graphics, educational content or more, HTC VIVE has the tech for you. You'll love their high-quality selection of games, accessories and other cyber hardware. And the HTC VIVE PRO system is up there with the best.

You can set up a play area to fit your room space (so you won't knock into walls lol) with SteamVR Tracking. And you can drown in the sweet sounds of 3D spatial audio with powerful headphones. Enjoy the view with a comfy VR headset. Just secure the support strap over your head, and you're ready to go!

The display resolution is better than ever. And the 360-degree controller tracking gives you realistic movement. No wonder the HTC VIVE PRO has such great reviews!

Just test your PC to make sure you're compatible. Be sure to upgrade to Windows 10 for maximum performance with the dual front facing camera. Please keep in mind: The VIVE PRO HMD does not include base stations, a VIVE wireless adapter or controllers. But it does have a link box and headset.

HTC VIVE Features

Payment Plans

If an HTC VIVE price is a little too high, be sure to use a handy payment plan option. You can use PayPal credit, and payments are broken up per month. You'll see this option next to the product prices on the HTC VIVE website.


HTC VIVE has all kinds of fun games for a diverse audience. Some popular options include InMind 2, a scientific journey through complex human emotions. Chinese Cook VR is another hot commodity. Players learn about traditional Chinese cuisine in this dynamic experience.


Way more than just a controller, HTC VIVE's tracking devices allow you to become one with your virtual reality experience. Some best-selling accessories include blasters, rackets, full-body trackers and more.


Shop through the VIVEPORT app store to get top-of-the-line virtual reality content. Just download the VIVE software onto your desktop to browse the latest games, educational experience and more.

VIVE Video

Check out VIVE Video for engaging 3D, 180°and 360° videos in VR. Constructed by HTC VIVEPORT, this dynamic program provides high-quality streaming experiences. You'll find support for video search and languages, subtitle and audio track for local content and more.

But the fun doesn't stop there! You can change the viewing space, and sift through the catalog without exiting your current video. The menu display is large. So it's easy to read. And the files are effortlessly accessible.

You'd don't have to worry about hiccups with high-quality videos, and the visuals are superb. You'll feel like you're at an IMAX 3D theater without having to leave your couch.

We think this video player is awesome. But don't take our word for it. You can browse the extensive reviews in the VIVEPORT page. If you'd like a quick overview, just look for the star ratings.

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  • For Vive: We are only paying cash back on the HTC Vive Headset at this time - all digital content and accessories are currently not eligible for cash back. The HTC Vive Business Edition is not eligible for cash back. For HTC Mobile: Only select products are commissionable.
  • Returning, exchanging or cancelling part of your order may result in the Cash Back being declined.
  • Combining promotions from another site and/or using a coupon code not posted and approved by TopCashback
  • Purchases made on other sites than HTC Vive's US site
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  • Please note that some merchants may not be forthcoming with untracked Cash Back. We endeavor to chase untracked Cash Back but reserve the right to halt inquiries at any time. Please do not make purchase decisions based on expected Cash Back as it is not guaranteed. See our Terms and Conditions for more information.
  • Cash Back rates are subject to change, both up and down.
  • Cash Back amounts are generally based on your final purchase amount and does not include taxes, shipping and the actual discount amount saved through coupons.
  • You must start with an empty basket before clicking through to the retailer.
  • Purchases must be completed immediately and fully online.
What to do when
  • Cash Back can be earned simply by clicking 'Get Cash Back & visit retailer' button through to the merchant and shopping online as normal.
  • A "Missing Cash Back" query must be submitted within 100 days of the transaction.

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