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Which parts of my receipt need to be included in the image?

When you come to take a picture of your receipt, its best to include the whole receipt from top to bottom.

There are certain parts that we need to be able to see to process it. So, when you are taking the photo, or scanning in the receipt, please make sure that the following information is clearly visible.

- The name of the store you have purchased your item from
- The date on the receipt
- The receipt number (This changes from store to store, but it is usually 5-30 digits long.)
- The name of the item you have purchased.

Some offers may require additional specific info to be included, so please make sure you read the terms and conditions for the offer clearly before submitting a receipt.

It is important that you include each of these four things in your image, otherwise we won’t have all the information we need, and your submission may be declined. (Feel free to highlight the relevant parts of your receipt - this will make it even easier for us to process your submission!)

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