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When Will My American Express Welcome Gift Become Payable?

Cashback transactions will usually move through three stages on your TopCashback account - Pending, Confirmed and Payable. It's not until your cashback is at Payable status that you can withdraw it from your account. Your Welcome Gift will also move through these 3 stages on your account, so once it’s at Payable status you will be able to withdraw it as an Gift Card. For a full explanation of the 3 stages your Welcome Gift will move through, please see below:

Pending – when your Welcome Gift is first added to your TopCashback account it will be added at Pending status. This signifies that we know you have joined TopCashback at the specific URL (, with a valid email address and have an American Express Card issued in one of the eligible Countries. So in other words, we’ve recognised that you’re eligible for the Welcome Gift.

Confirmed – when you make your first transaction with a retailer through TopCashback, your Welcome Gift will move to Confirmed status.

Payable – when your first transaction with a retailer listed on TopCashback has moved to Confirmed status, we will then move your Welcome Gift to Payable status. Once it’s at Payable status you’re free to withdraw the cashback as an Gift Card and then you’ll be able to apply this Gift Card to your account.

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