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Groove Bags

Groove Bags started as a family project, operating out of Vancouver, Washington, just 15 minutes from Portland Oregon. The Groove Bags brand has been on a journey for the past 4+ years to redefine personal expression. The founders found that apparel never truly defined them. Everything seemed like it looked the same, but they wanted to stand out with something unique and true to them. They wanted custom shoes and handbags that really allowed them to express themselves and the things they loved.The founders decided to create designs that stood for their beliefs, passions, and interests. And thus, Groove Bags was born, determined to bring the most colorful, unique, and one of a kind products and designs to our customers.The founders put a lot of effort into partnering with facilities that use high-quality materials and treat their employees with respect. What's different about Groove Bags is that we print our design on demand. We don't have piles of inventory sitting around, we sell unique designs and make them after you order. This ensures that the customers get a unique and custom experience every time they shop.

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