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good light is beauty beyond the binary. We are focused on moving culture forward by promoting a more inclusive definition of beauty through product and purpose. We strive to reflect the diversity and fluidity of the world we live in today, advocating for change. We believe all are deserving to step into their light and be celebrated for their authenticity. At good light we refer to ourselves as "gender-inclusive" rather than terms like "genderless" or "gender-neutral." They aren't wrong. But words matter and at good light, we believe that gender-inclusive is a more, well, inclusive definition. The Western world has been viewed through a traditional binary lens and our mission is to take back power, create more space for those who don't conform to societal gender roles or expressions. As such, we're taking back power and dismantling the binary through beauty. Words like "genderless" has traditionally only considered male and female, erasing folx from the non-binary communities. "Gender-neutral" becomes a blanketed statement to mitigate people and their proud and long fought for gender identities. While these are not offensive terms, we do think there should be a refresh. Therefore, at good light we like to use "gender-inclusive" as a positive term that includes all into the beauty and self-care space. We welcome you to use it as well.

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