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Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings provides guests a unique and immersive experience to hang out, watch sports and create memories with friends. In 2020, the brand’s best-in-class food and drink earned Nation’s Restaurant News’ MenuMasters Award for Best Menu Revamp.

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Buffalo Wild Wings - Wings. Beer. Sports.

Buffalo Wild Wings Logo

The game is starting in five minutes, you have no gas in your car and even if you did, you'd never make it by kickoff, tipoff, or first pitch. You're hungry and we all know how difficult it is to make big decisions when malnourished. Of course you would love to be at your favorite sports bar, Buffalo Wild Wings, but the timing simply isn't working out. Let's make a Buffalo Wild Wings deal. You stay home and a nice delivery person brings Buffalo Wild Wings to you?

Merely a few years ago this would be a ridiculous notion. Nowadays, in the age of convenience, it would be a penalty if this option wasn't available to you. You being able to enjoy chicken, beer, and football all from the comfort of your own home is the best Buffalo Wild Wings deal you could ask for and it is here to provide you with all of this with the same BWW service it is known for inside of the restaurant. If you are as in love with the wings and meals as we are, use TopCashback to score a Buffalo Wild Wings discount on your next online order.

Buffalo Wild Wings homepage

Find A Restaurant:

As much as it may like to deliver to you from anywhere in the world, Buffalo Wild Wings can't construct its menu from out of thin air. Once you log on to the "B Dubs" website, you can click on locations and input your zip code and address in the Locations tab. From here, Buffalo Wild Wings will show you some of its locations nearest to you and which of them would be willing and able to send a delivery person bearing delicious chicken wings soaked in honey bbq flavor. Plus, the delivery can come with or without contact.

If you aren't in a rush like our friend from the opening scenario, you also have the option of pickup. It is after all the third decade of the 21st century, you can pause the game and shut off your notifications on your way to pick up your food. Not only will you save on delivery, but you can also see what's going on in the world of amateur figure skating on one of the dozens of televisions. In this case it is less important for you to Google "Buffalo Wild Wings near me" The Buffalo Wild Wings location radius is more lenient if you are going to pick up yourself.


Once you have settled your location for delivery or pick up with the good people at Buffalo Wild Wings, you can peruse the menu of the largest sports bars in the nation. The menu may seem familiar as far as American casual dining goes, but as its name suggests, the treat here is the wings. Coming in all sorts of flavors and with Buffalo Wild Wings offers during the week, like scintillating wings Tuesdays and the Buffalo Wild Wings bogo you can eat until you are so full, all the wings in your stomach morph into a buffalo.

Buffalo Wild Wings happy hour runs from 4PM to 7PM and then again from 9PM to close on weekdays. On the weekends it runs from 9PM to close. The Buffalo Wild Wings deals found on the happy hour menu are incredible. The sports bar serves up $3 mozzarella sticks, $5 pulled pork sandwiches, and $2 Coors Light drafts. Not all BWW's will deliver on happy hour specials however, so be sure to contact your local Buffalo Wild Wings franchise to double check that it is one of the participating locations.

For a deal or two that is certain to work with delivery, be sure to order some Buffalo Wild Wings' wings on a day of the week that starts with a "T". When you place an order for wings on a Tuesday you can purchase one full-price order of traditional wings for delivery and get one of equal value free. The Thursday restaurant deal is practically identical, but in celebration of it nearly being Friday, BWW also offers a free full-size order of boneless wings on Thursdays with any full-price order placed.


The Buffalo Wild Wings Sports Bar does everything it can to be more than just any old sports bar. Also available to order online is enough food to host a party as big as the Super Bowl. Buffalo wings, boneless wings, tenders, wraps, salads, onion rings, chips, and cake are all on the table and soon to be on your plate at your next party. Coming in massive portions at reasonable prices, BW3's party and catering menu items are for anyone who is overwhelmed at the idea of cooking for a large group of people or is just a fan of the delicious treats the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants deliver on.

Buffalo Wild Wings Features


With the Blazin Rewards, customers of Buffalo Wild Wings can earn rewards on all orders. The rewards can then be redeemed for free food and more. Joining is completely free and you can start earning points immediately. Customers earn 100 points for every $10 that they spend, and with menu items ranging in cost from 350 points (for ice cream) to 2,600 points (a large order of traditional wings) you can spend as you please.


When you download the Buffalo Wild Wings app, you can play daily free games to win real prizes. Through Picks & Props and Trivia, you have a chance to win a free trip to Las Vegas, Blazin Rewards points, free food, and more! All you need to be is 21 years or older, download the Buffalo Wild Wings app, log in with your BWW account and start playing. Check back every day for a chance to win new prizes.

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