$450 YOOX Giveaway

$450 YOOX Giveaway

Posted on Aug 11 2023 Posted in  Giveaways & Contests, Fashion, Member Rewards
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$450 YOOX Giveaway

Thank you all for participating! Our winners are Cristi R. from Maryland, Nadezhda C. from Illinois and Emma G. from Florida.

YOOX won’t believe this!

One of our favorite marketplaces for designer fashion is teaming up with TopCashback to give away three $150 gift cards. To try and bank one for yourself, just answer the following question in the comments section below.

How did you hear about YOOX?

Was it from an ad? A fashion-obsessed friend? Don’t be shy. You could be the chosen winner of a $150 YOOX gift card!

You have until Sunday, August 20, 2023, at 11:59 pm PST to enter the contest. The three victors will be randomly selected on Monday, August 21, 2023, so keep your eyes peeled for an email from winners@topcashback.com in case you’ve won.

TopCashback giveaways are open to members only. If you’re not already a member, take a moment to sign up. See the full giveaway terms and conditions for more information.

katakuSeptember 12 2023, 15:51 Yoox is a brand that I have heard about for some time on TikTok and instagram. Providing fashion items that makes it costumers have an experience and commitment to the sustainability in the fashion industry.
Crnbread76 September 7 2023, 06:43 Top cashback
JaimeAlex01 August 22 2023, 04:26 En el anuncio de la páGina de inicio de Top Cashback
sunskyseaAugust 20 2023, 22:12 Topcashback.
wilinvegasAugust 20 2023, 20:18 Initially through Google I think. I was searching for some designer clothing and Yoox had the best price. Never looked back since
financeAugust 20 2023, 18:44 From Topcashback
brittajewellAugust 20 2023, 17:46 Through Topcashback, of course!
thuhanh2111August 20 2023, 14:23 I heard about Yoox while scrolling through TopCashBack page. Thank you for this awesome opportunity! Hope I had the chance to try you out!
Member25983728041August 20 2023, 12:30 I heard about Yoox when I was trying to find a specific dress. I was googling it and yoox came up. I bought it from there like 60% Off and it was in perfect condition. Everywhere else it was about full price. I love the dress and the deals that yoox offers!
dreamtsoi24August 20 2023, 12:22 I heard about yoox while reading topCashbacks blog. Thank you for this awesome opportunity.
Rathster79 August 20 2023, 11:07 Wow! Thanks for the chance! Here at TopCashback is the first time I have ever heard of yoox. Looks trendy and gorgeous.
Sita JulesAugust 20 2023, 05:09 I heard about yoox while reading topCashbacks blog the first post advertising TopCashback teaming up with yoox to give away three $150 gift cards !
starbeam58August 20 2023, 05:07 I was looking for a specific pair of d&G shoes that were sold out elsewhere. I Googled the shoes, and the listing for the shoes on Yoox was one of the results. That led me to explore Yoox, which is now my go-to fashion retailer.
MariiaChabaniuk88August 19 2023, 23:50 Heard about yoox from a friend
illucasAugust 19 2023, 23:07 Heard about yoox from TopCashback ad!! Right here right now.
LHCAugust 19 2023, 18:28 On the advertisement from Top Cashback's homepage
mobileAugust 19 2023, 16:05 Saw it right here right now
ademirAugust 19 2023, 14:39 Heard about yoox from TopCashback ad on its website
Member135983016434August 19 2023, 14:32 Use TopCashback for all my purchases with retailers they work with. Always rewarding
shinyoungsookAugust 19 2023, 12:01 Fish
I often talk about Top Cashback with my friends and community.
LfoleyAugust 19 2023, 11:30 TopCashback Ad!
MrMoneyAugust 19 2023, 11:14 I barely heard of yoox right now on TopCashBack's homepage, which was advertising this contest.
HuongquynhAugust 19 2023, 10:11 I heard about Topcashback from my friends. And this is an amazing service, I have been with Topcashback for 5 years and will continue 🥰
Mjr255August 19 2023, 07:39 I heard about it talking to a friend!
Member537244882705August 19 2023, 04:56 I heard about Topcashback from my community.
chouchouliAugust 19 2023, 00:48 Recommended by friends!
weistedAugust 18 2023, 21:46 Just heard about it here from TopCashback
postpastAugust 18 2023, 20:38 Random Internet search
Member837906439448August 18 2023, 20:31 Been a customer of yoox
CherHuang16August 18 2023, 19:43 From random internet search, mostly likely google.
MichellecoAugust 18 2023, 18:11 I saw it on Topcashback and followed the link!
ccamlamAugust 18 2023, 17:30 Heard from a style forum.
slick1109August 18 2023, 17:03 This is the first time I have heard about yoox. Right here on TopCashback
Grace1680August 18 2023, 15:56 Through ShopStyle
shep133August 18 2023, 15:30 Never heard of it.
GG1147August 18 2023, 15:13 Honestly, I didn't hear about them until I signed up for the TopCashback platform.
Mdx August 18 2023, 14:50 Heard about it from TopCashback website!
SouthernBerserkerAugust 18 2023, 14:48 My transitioning brother in law, gonna be sister in law, is obsessed with yoox!!! He/She can't get enough of it and has convinced me to get items from yoox for my girl.
slyone20 August 18 2023, 12:23 I first heard of Yoox on TopCashback!
rhino8500August 18 2023, 12:12 On TopCashback!
Dau tungAugust 18 2023, 11:41 I heared about yoox from an ad
Shopping7August 18 2023, 11:32 I was searching on google for Italian shops that I can purchase without custom fees
bhjusticeAugust 18 2023, 11:13 I learned about Yoox on TopCashBack.Com. It is the first site I visit when I want to go shopping.
jpicard1011August 18 2023, 06:59 I had never heard of yoox before seeing it in this blog post.
Kristi_NicoleAugust 18 2023, 05:51 I heard about yoox from Topcashback's blog.
Jerrin JacobAugust 18 2023, 04:53 Through Topcasback! Wow
Icepark111August 18 2023, 00:25 I heard about yoox from google search. Then a whole new world was opened up for me. I have been shopping with yoox religiously for over a decade now.
Member132872438230August 17 2023, 23:30 I heard about Yoox during a Google search.
PO180626August 17 2023, 23:21 From google search and youtube ads!
cliang1August 17 2023, 22:55 I found them by googling an item I really wanted.
Minh TuyếtAugust 17 2023, 18:21 I am very happy when shopping at yoox
azurikAugust 17 2023, 18:09 Maryna
My husband told me.
karentaAugust 17 2023, 17:10 From Google search
Member837873099537August 17 2023, 16:35 Instagram
Mordiyam August 17 2023, 15:45 From friends and ads online
Nganpham91August 17 2023, 15:44 I never heard about yoox before but i'm impressed with their advertise banner. It looks so fashionable, I know which site I could follow now
benm10August 17 2023, 15:07 I was at a party with some friends, and we were all talking about fashion. One of my friends, who is very fashion-obsessed, started talking about yoox. She said that it was her favorite place to buy designer clothes, and that she always found great deals there. I was intrigued, so I asked her more about it. She told me about the wide selection of brands, the great customer service, and the frequent sales. I was sold!

The next day, I went to the yoox website and started browsing. I was amazed at the selection of clothes! There were so many brands that I had never heard of before, and the prices were really reasonable. I ended up buying a few things, and I was really happy with my purchases.

A few weeks later, I was at another party with my friends. The same fashion-obsessed friend was there, and she asked me if I had bought anything from yoox. I told her that I had, and she was so excited! She wanted to know everything I had bought, and she even asked me to show her my new clothes. I was happy to oblige, and we spent the rest of the night talking about fashion and yoox.

I'm glad that my friend introduced me to yoox. It's a great website with a great selection of clothes. I've been shopping there ever since, and i've always been happy with my purchases.

Here's the funny part: I was so excited about yoox that I started talking about it all the time. I even started calling it "the holy grail of fashion." My friends started to tease me about it, but I didn't care. I was just so happy to have found a place where I could buy designer clothes at a reasonable price.

One day, I was at work and I overheard my boss talking to one of his clients. They were talking about fashion, and my boss mentioned yoox. The client was really interested, so my boss gave him my contact information. The next day, the client called me and asked me all about yoox. I was happy to answer his questions, and I even gave him a few tips on how to get the best deals.

I'm not sure if the client ever ended up buying anything from yoox, but i'm glad that I could help him learn more about it. And i'm even more glad that I found a place where I can buy designer clothes at a reasonable price. Thanks, yoox!
boblyleungAugust 17 2023, 13:58 I heard yoox from instagram.
cinfully1978August 17 2023, 12:08 Heard about the company from Topcashback!
Sunnyflower94August 17 2023, 12:04 I heard from y’All from a friend on Facebook .
demidingAugust 17 2023, 11:01 From youtube channel
Jennifer502502August 17 2023, 09:45 Black Danali Jacket
jsnyquistAugust 17 2023, 09:04 From TopCashBack.
tinaa40August 17 2023, 07:23 I heard about yoox from YouTube bloggers/Influencers.
Member318676616448August 17 2023, 06:06 From this post!
sherrydietzAugust 17 2023, 04:04 I heard about it on the TopCashBack site!
visionsAugust 17 2023, 00:31 I heard from friends!
Toby518August 17 2023, 00:12 From this giveaway
Member218167661042August 16 2023, 22:46 I have not heard of yoox until this giveaway!
Asianbunny August 16 2023, 21:40 I saw it on social media
Member837885120839August 16 2023, 16:19 I heard about it from friends
Kross918August 16 2023, 14:10 Never heard of yoox until seeing this giveaway on TopCashBack!
snarayansamnarAugust 16 2023, 14:01 From Top cash back
Member1132160217504August 16 2023, 13:12 I heard my wife mentioning it.
dandwireAugust 16 2023, 13:11 I found out about Yoox from TopCashback usa.
Member526195366419August 16 2023, 10:48 I found out about yoox through TopCashBack! Great place to find streetwear and deep discounts on designer pieces.
JunbozorAugust 16 2023, 10:01 I heard about Yoox on Topcashback. Not heard of it before.
Member1212046214714August 16 2023, 08:10 I really love yoox. This is one of my favorite platforms. I found out about it from an advertisement and have been buying cool things there for many years.
PJVAugust 16 2023, 08:00 I heard about yoox from advertising on Topcashback. I hear of a number of stores because of TCB's promoting them.
SubsalotAugust 16 2023, 04:07 I heard about it through Top Cashback.
Papajohnspizza21August 16 2023, 02:37 Trying to buy shoes
Paradise2022August 16 2023, 00:51 I heard about yoox from TopCashback.
Mfeng1210August 15 2023, 22:55 I’Ve been shopping on yoox for over a decade now, forgot how I heard about them haha.
moe8555August 15 2023, 22:13 I heard about yoox from this TopCashback promotional email.
brandiswhite August 15 2023, 21:59 Google lead me to Yoox 6 years ago and i’Ve been using it every since
Member827494331624August 15 2023, 21:46 Heard about it here
bsh0rtAugust 15 2023, 21:40 I heard about yoox from here, TopCashBack.
Cameo27August 15 2023, 21:02 I heard about Yoox on the TopCashBack website.
herastuAugust 15 2023, 18:48 I found yoox by googling when I look for some certain items. Surprised to see they have hidden gems of almost anything fashionable with so reasonable price from a lot brands. Now yoox turns out to be one of my favorite site to shop & Getting styling ideas.
Member1232530101304August 15 2023, 18:12 Top Cashback
Member637360402803August 15 2023, 17:41 I actually heard about yoox through TopCashBack just recently
Member336751485912August 15 2023, 17:32 Just heard about it today through this forum.
Phone2000August 15 2023, 17:06 I heard about yoox on the TopCashBack website.
Connie814August 15 2023, 16:42 I heard about yoox on TopCashBack.
NadenkaAugust 15 2023, 15:00 TopCashback
Member737686033053August 15 2023, 14:58 Heard about it from TopCashback
PratikdharAugust 15 2023, 14:24 I heard about Yoox on TopCashback. All the best everyone. 👍🏼
Member18454276053August 15 2023, 14:20 From TopCashback
FREESU24 August 15 2023, 14:10 From TopCashback.
rebbeseinikelAugust 15 2023, 14:01 I heard about Yoox from my sister.
Roni LaCailleAugust 15 2023, 13:46 How did you hear about yoox? From an advertisement in an email.
Back2022August 15 2023, 13:37 From TopCashback .
keepitreal1234August 15 2023, 13:33 I found lots of gems from yoox for great prices!
laoghaireAugust 15 2023, 13:23 From TopCashBack.
BaconismeatcandyAugust 15 2023, 13:22 I heard about yoox from Styleforum and Reddit when I first got into fashion. I was amazed by the breadth of their catalog and consider it a great webshop to explore looks and clothing!
snarayansamnarAugust 15 2023, 13:14 From Top cash back
Member336699602457August 15 2023, 13:10 I heard about yoox from TopCashback! Love the diversity in the photo!
cyberbeatnikAugust 15 2023, 13:10 It was from an add from TopCashBack
Aiperi 1502August 15 2023, 13:10 Hello, I heard about yoox on the instagram platform from one blogger who told in detail and taught how to make shopping profitable.
wwn00August 15 2023, 13:07 A friend recommended Yoox to me, and i've been shopping there for years! Love the selection of my favorite brands and amazing discount.
P0ZBURNAugust 15 2023, 12:58 I found out about it through a search for luxury discount fashion.
GBinckesAugust 15 2023, 12:55 Hi
Not familiar with this merchant yet interested
Mariya512August 15 2023, 12:44 A friend of mine told me just yesterday that she’S been ordering from them for 15 years and loves the deals they have! I already have a cart filling up…
Member419165327521August 15 2023, 12:43 Recommend by my brother who loves fashion.
Member124499048545August 15 2023, 12:41 Found out about Yoox in 2018 on a website listing luxury fashion sites.
DpsomosAugust 15 2023, 12:40 I heard about yoox from TopCashback !
Jennafer211 August 15 2023, 12:38 An email from TopCashback
chayzup1August 15 2023, 12:38 Long time member of favorite yoox site
Member1223809728658August 15 2023, 12:38 Found out about Yoox from TopCashBack email!
addh2o1August 15 2023, 12:21 I never heard of it until seeing it in an email from you.
arisbjAugust 15 2023, 12:19 Heard about Yoox from a friend over 10 years ago and has been a shopper since.
ssiywAugust 15 2023, 12:18 This is the first time i've heard about Yoox. Thanks TopCashback!
123TO789August 15 2023, 12:17 I heard it from friends, it’S a good place for young ladies.
MetricBlueAugust 15 2023, 12:13 This is my first time hearing about yoox, on TopCashback!
charlesjanayAugust 15 2023, 12:07 Enter the contest???
sientistAugust 15 2023, 12:06 I found yoox by Google when I am trying to find isaia shirt at discount!
bettyboop1950aAugust 15 2023, 12:05 I am first hearing about yoox here on TopCashBack. I find out about a lot of cool places to shop on here. Thanks!
xiuqing0102August 15 2023, 10:28 Heard about yoox first from a friend.
SilentJJAugust 15 2023, 08:02 I learned about yoox the moment I saw the "$450 yoox Giveaway" blog. With a $150 gift card, i'd get to know yoox on a whole new level.
MBinckesAugust 15 2023, 06:03 I am not familiar with this site yet would love to learn more
LotsofmoneyAugust 14 2023, 20:07 I had not heard of yoox before reading about the give away from TopCashback.
kalyangAugust 14 2023, 18:12 I heard about yoox first from this post.
RainierBearAugust 14 2023, 17:04 I heard about it first from this post.
Pulsar17August 14 2023, 13:45 I heard about it today from TopCashback while browsing.
idesignmoreAugust 14 2023, 13:22 I heard about Yoox while searching for something on Google
SSmithNYAugust 14 2023, 11:52 I've been a Yoox fan for so long (13+ Years!) That I can't remember how I first came across it. I'm just glad I did!
TLL2009August 14 2023, 09:47 From an ad here.
RiskygAugust 14 2023, 08:32 I have never heard about yoox until now.
bells622August 14 2023, 05:21 I heard of yoox from TopCashback
MyeTCBYahooAugust 13 2023, 14:28 Let me update my wardrobe!
EM5August 13 2023, 14:04 Through a friend
Member136085737614August 13 2023, 12:42 From the Apple app store. Great rating with too many downloads.
mozhuAugust 13 2023, 11:27 Through a search ad
bevgill001August 13 2023, 11:26 Came across yoox during a Harry contest when checking out new-to-me companies!
mozhuAugust 13 2023, 11:22 Google shopping search a few years back!
Member436943578306August 13 2023, 10:37 I heard about it from a friend
chanart05August 13 2023, 07:43 Never heard of them until I saw this contest.
Lemonhead13201August 13 2023, 04:34 I hadn’T heard of them until this contest!
KendracbAugust 13 2023, 04:06 As a customer
Silvery MistAugust 13 2023, 03:45 Imagine, if you could ever so kindly do so for me please, learning about yoox for the very first time in your little old life by this contest! I know! It's surprising and yet all too true! I just admit, I am thrilled and curious at the same time as now I simply must explore this new horizon that I have been blessed with. Thank you ever so much for this unique gift and new adventure! Cheeky people have kept it a secret long enough from me! Off I go to learn myself something new! Wish me well and, if at all possible, please join me on this exciting journey?! Cheerio all and Goodluck!
rockspriteAugust 13 2023, 03:38 I only just heard about them from this TopCashback giveaway.
lmllinyAugust 13 2023, 02:43 I hadn't heard of them until this contest.
bekahteetAugust 12 2023, 20:03 I have never heard of yoox, but if it has to do with fashion, please sign me up! Thank You!!!
NanainchargeAugust 12 2023, 19:24 I hadn't heard of them till this contest
kmalleckAugust 12 2023, 17:56 I really don't keep up with or can name any designers. This contest is the first time i've ever heard of yoox.
Mackus84August 12 2023, 17:38 I have never heard of the place. What's it like?
mystry613August 12 2023, 16:33 It was so long ago that I don't remember!
cgurjaoAugust 12 2023, 16:22 Facebook
caitlinc3615August 12 2023, 15:25 I heard about Yoox through FrugalFemaleFashion on Reddit.
Member834616012720August 12 2023, 14:53 Through Google search in 2016! Love them!
redvetteAugust 12 2023, 14:01 I found them when I was looking for a pair of shoes. They have a large selection of designers.
yclfjn4813August 12 2023, 12:55 From a Google search when I was looking for a specific brand
wadewsrAugust 12 2023, 11:33 From ad. One of my favorite merchant.
furnaceAugust 12 2023, 11:10 I heard about yoox when checking out topCashBack offers.
bhjusticeAugust 12 2023, 10:42 Through Topcashback!
brittajewellAugust 12 2023, 10:23 Through Topcashback!
Shannondvs322August 12 2023, 10:04 Like everyone else, I found it through TopCashback too.
QQ57180741August 12 2023, 09:16 I heard about yoox from TopCashback.
Member433500149853August 12 2023, 09:13 I have a friend who loves yoox!
Member927797985619August 12 2023, 09:11 I've never heard of this brand until receiving information about this giveaway
sophiahuang1985August 12 2023, 08:27 I’Ve never heard this brand until today seeing this giveaway.
Annie FannyAugust 12 2023, 08:17 I honestly had never heard about yoox until I saw this giveaway. I will definitely check it out. Thanks you Topcashback for continually helping me save money!
LindaOaktonAugust 12 2023, 08:04 I was not familiar with Yoox before I started using the Topcashback portal.
timwuAugust 12 2023, 07:38 Heard about it from TopCashback.Com. Had never heard of it before.
gamesforpeggyAugust 12 2023, 07:12 Facebook
ARH47August 12 2023, 06:35 Heard about it just now from TopCashback. Had never heard of it before.
Member1028083595807August 12 2023, 02:14 Saw it on TopCashback
SmahidaAugust 11 2023, 23:58 I found yoox when searching for specific premium denim I wanted to track down. I love it- takes a little work but really kicked up my wardrobe.
ognihsAugust 11 2023, 21:49 I learned about Yoox when shopping for deals on luxury fashion. I found many of the items from mr porter and net-a-porter marked down substantially.
topdiscountAugust 11 2023, 21:37 Never heard of Yoox before. This is the first time .I will definitely check this out.
raykhanbAugust 11 2023, 20:38 Saw it featured on TopCashback
VP72August 11 2023, 15:42 Before seeing it on here, I had never heard of yoox before.
TelliAugust 11 2023, 14:06 I found this site on the list app. I love it so much, I always order something
xwjjjwAugust 11 2023, 10:54 I just heard of yoox from here. So I am willing to try it with this gift card.
adijangAugust 11 2023, 10:04 Yoox is special treasure house. Many need time, but always I get something. Most expierence of online fashion
SandersobsessedAugust 11 2023, 09:14 Never heard of Yoox before. This is the first time i’M hearing of them. But i’M going to go check them out now to learn more about them.
ElysermAugust 11 2023, 08:27 I just heard about yoox right now and just went to their website! I’M into fashion and am loving what i’M seeing!
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