The Big Game Survey 2023

The Big Game Survey 2024

Posted on Jan 15 2024 Posted in  Giveaways & Contests
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The Big Game Survey 2024

Whether you're a die-hard football fanatic, a commercial connoisseur, or eagerly awaiting the next iconic halftime performance, 2024’s Big Game is coming on Sunday, February 11!

Tell us, will you be hosting a party for the Big Game? Where do you usually watch the Big Game? Do you know all the rules of football?

These are the things TopCashback wants to know. And who better to answer all these questions than you?

We’d love to hear from our members about their plans for the Big Game on Sunday, February 11, 2024. Take a brief survey via the link below and enter for a chance to win $50! One lucky winner will be selected at random on January 29.

Please be sure to submit your email address at the end of the survey to be selected at random. Participants are required to answer every question to be eligible for the giveaway.

If you win, you will be notified via email from our email account. The survey closes on January 29, 2024 at 6:00 AM PT.

Responses are voluntary and will remain confidential. All answers will be compiled together and analyzed as a group. See the full giveaway terms and conditions for more information.

This survey has closed. Click here to view the results!


Member620003713254January 30 2024, 09:30 I will be with my family at the house and we are so excited! We’Re going to make tons of snacks and sweets and enjoy the game! We love watching the big game every year together and know the rules to the game! We can’T wait! Go chiefs!!!!!
himpdspmJanuary 29 2024, 19:21 Hello everyone, how are you doing?
KwiattwinsJanuary 29 2024, 15:02 I have always enjoyed gathering with friends on Super Bowl Sunday. The condiments and food make gametime so enjoyable and the beverages are always a plus. My friends have always let you know their favorite team by their wardrobe picks which is all the more fun and comical. The Super Bowl is a yearly highlight in my home with family and friends.
Jesquivel62January 29 2024, 07:06 Love hosting! Usually at home and I grew up watching with my dad who would explain everything to me and shout out all the terminology and my brother and male cousins taught me to play the game so I learned a lot.
SakumaJanuary 28 2024, 22:21 Exciting the Great game and looking forward to
tlapfaiJanuary 27 2024, 15:49 Awesome!
jackiexJanuary 27 2024, 09:58 Ready for the game
Kdease1January 27 2024, 08:06 I am ready for the game and all the new Commercials
hrhqcJanuary 27 2024, 07:04 The survey assumes everyone will be watching the game. I will not and never have. Therefore, I was forced to choose false answers on a number of questions because there was no option of "none of the above"
ChiMaiJanuary 27 2024, 06:54 I am really to start the great game
jporterJanuary 27 2024, 05:57 No I will just be home this year watching the game.
Headermac1January 27 2024, 05:15 I’Ll watch the game by myself with lots of snacks!
Member139041081402January 27 2024, 04:00
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Member139041081402January 27 2024, 02:49 Ieb. Buena
EuphoricJanuary 27 2024, 02:09 I'll watch the game with my husband at home
serendipity00January 27 2024, 01:42 Awesome!
tejaa123January 27 2024, 00:10 Very exited! Hope to win!
ZuckyJanuary 26 2024, 21:36 I like Taylor Swift.
Member333370900817January 26 2024, 20:04 We'll probably sit drink have pizza while watching the game.
Xiaolongli11January 26 2024, 18:49 Topcash almost always offers the highest cash back rate. I really like it.
MarcBabyJanuary 26 2024, 18:21 I plan on meeting friends at my local bar to watch the game.
PinsukeJanuary 26 2024, 16:24 Neighbors will gather for a potluck party with bunch of kids! Not all master the rules, but it’S still fun!
forspecialyouJanuary 26 2024, 16:23 Yes, tv, and nearly all.
JohnneidhardtJanuary 26 2024, 16:21 Most likely barely watching the game but enjoying some online shopping and ordering DoorDash
TravelKagoshima513January 26 2024, 15:54 Top cash back is good
DasRebootJanuary 26 2024, 14:33 No. Tv. Yes.
Member537169671824January 26 2024, 14:32 Staying at home watching the game enjoying the commercials and halftime
jefewalker10January 26 2024, 13:34 Nothing big. Our family of 4 usually gets together with another family or 2
Member720807955614January 26 2024, 13:22 Home with a gang of friends!! I dislike football but love the commercials!!!!!
mtjt58January 26 2024, 13:19 No big party but we are a family of 5 so we have fun watching the game together! We watch the game at home.Yes we know the rules. Been watching for many years!
Member837818733213January 26 2024, 12:50 Not sure if we are hosting or attending but we always watch. My husband knows the rules but I just go along for the fun of watching!! Haaa
heamwantbangwalJanuary 26 2024, 12:45 Great!! It saves a lot of money.
Huong72January 26 2024, 12:40 Love TopCashback save a lot money
theclammanJanuary 26 2024, 12:00 Not much
SolomatJanuary 26 2024, 11:55 Great 👌👌
Member1116701074113January 26 2024, 11:46 Home with family
Kitty ZhangJanuary 26 2024, 11:29 Plan to watch big game on tv with family and friends. Fun.
Beth2926January 26 2024, 11:27 I plan on being home with my big screen tv
k01029958376January 26 2024, 11:24 Watch it on the big tv
Member526137746630January 26 2024, 11:19 Watch it in front of computer
Pammertime4444January 26 2024, 11:15 My team isn’T in the Super Bowl. I might watch it though because it is the super bowl❗️❗️
tictac5January 26 2024, 11:14 Watch it on the big screen.
Member720930768712January 26 2024, 11:05 Nice app
puszhouJanuary 26 2024, 10:53 Top cash back is great!
Member1135651994345January 26 2024, 10:34 Football is not our cup of tea.
Bhumika1January 26 2024, 10:31 Top cash back is good
nuongnguyen2008January 26 2024, 10:16 I got a lot money pay back. I love this website!
SuneekwonJanuary 26 2024, 10:16 Super Awesome 👌
CMEIHUANGJanuary 26 2024, 10:13 Nice app. Nice pay back!
jibrin isa January 26 2024, 04:13 Awesome
vana0611January 26 2024, 03:55 Good that's awesome
Member934943630111January 25 2024, 12:43 Been using it for multiple years already, redeem very fast and efficient.
wesleyouJanuary 25 2024, 11:49 Ansioso para o grande dia 11
elbartohJanuary 24 2024, 23:06 Super Sunday
bobnana713January 24 2024, 17:33 Yhaaaa!!
I love footbal!!
KYYJanuary 24 2024, 09:47 Good that's awesome, good to know about it.
Member139274646126January 24 2024, 06:29 Good that's awesome
Member139273741634January 24 2024, 05:05 Yes I would like to know more about the big game
Member139241904137January 23 2024, 18:47 Wow that’S awesome, i’Ll be very happy
Lily eveJanuary 23 2024, 15:07 Good that's awesome
RomieeeJanuary 23 2024, 12:29 Wooooh Football! Won my fantasy football this year :)
jjsirJanuary 23 2024, 12:13 I love super sunday
PriyakiaanJanuary 23 2024, 08:58 My son football ⚽️ Lover
llushJanuary 23 2024, 08:01 Love football....Super!!
Member139203116519January 22 2024, 23:51 I'm very surprised
Member139261096358January 22 2024, 19:32 Give me the chance plss
Member139260721955January 22 2024, 18:27 Give me the chance
MabdullahJanuary 22 2024, 17:00 Nice 🙂 Very good 💯😊
Member139230829656January 22 2024, 15:13 When I was young I don't really like football but when am now getting old I move with my brother he move football a lot and make me start watching it and now am a football addict I love watching and laying it a lot now.
Member533738359147January 22 2024, 11:30 I will be watching at home with my family! I love football!
XueWei ZhangJanuary 22 2024, 11:13 Awesome. I live it
Jesquivel62January 22 2024, 08:10 I grew up watching football with my dad, daddy’S girl. Also playing with my brother and male cousins so I learned a lot about the game. I also enjoy hosting at home so game days are always at our house and because we have 3 kids we’Re already use to the chaos, the yelling and the mess that comes with it.
DreamypooJanuary 22 2024, 07:02 Ty boom, love football
Member139245950515January 22 2024, 05:36 Just wow
Member139248025341January 22 2024, 05:03 When I was young I don't really like football but when am now getting old I move with my brother he move football a lot and make me start watching it and now am a football addict I love watching and laying it a lot now
YharelJanuary 22 2024, 01:27 Great !!!
Robinho January 21 2024, 23:31 Awesome 👍
Member139210988805January 21 2024, 22:39 I like football very much and I play it in my house
Queentanya13January 21 2024, 22:27 Super excited
Member139241435840January 21 2024, 21:41 I love it
cgvisionJanuary 21 2024, 20:40 I love it.
Member139201993333January 21 2024, 16:26 Hey super excited
Member139233349013January 21 2024, 14:43 Hello dear
janetopcashbackJanuary 21 2024, 13:51 Watching the game would be interesting!
Member139215113242January 21 2024, 13:20 Am interested.. Am looking forward to be the winner
Member139211778454January 21 2024, 12:55 It's gonna be interesting
Member139227805335January 21 2024, 11:54 Nice I like it
easylife January 21 2024, 10:49 I don't really know much about football but sometimes I like watching it
Labistar January 21 2024, 09:33 Nice work
Member139212583333January 21 2024, 08:33 Udeme188@Gmail.Com
I love this feature.
Member139211071006January 21 2024, 08:28 Hi I want to join
Member139201988208January 21 2024, 06:12 Make sure you submit your email
Member139198456953January 21 2024, 04:59 How do I get a chance to win this
Member139180890100January 20 2024, 15:38 Topcash always provides the highest cash back rate. I really like it and also recommended it to my friends n coworkers
korethugzJanuary 19 2024, 12:26 One of the few platforms that has worked for me with cashback, highly recommended to the public
melodyweiwangJanuary 16 2024, 15:02 Topcash always provides the highest cash back rate. I really like it and also recommended it to my friends and family
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