The Big Game Survey 2023

The Big Game Survey 2023

Posted on Jan 16 2023 Posted in  Deals, Giveaways & Online Contests
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The Big Game Survey 2023

Ready, set, hike! The Big Game is rushing towards us in a few weeks!

Tell us, will you be watching on Sunday, February 12? Do you like watching the game or commercials more? Is the Big Game the only football game you watch all year?

These are the things TopCashback wants to know. And who better to answer all these questions than you?

We love to hear from our members about their plans for the Big Game. Take a brief survey and enter for a chance to win $50! One lucky winner will be selected at random on January 30.

Please be sure to submit your email address at the end of the survey to be selected at random. Participants are required to answer every question to be eligible for the giveaway.

If you win, you will be notified via email from our email account. The survey closes on January 30, 2023 at 6:00 AM PT.

Responses are voluntary and will remain confidential. All answers will be compiled together and analyzed as a group. See the full giveaway terms and conditions for more information.

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rasheda7February 8 2023, 16:14 I watch the game but look forward to seeing all of the funny and quirky commercials that come out once a year! I will be watching the game. I watch the pre-season and all-season long. I am Super Bowl excited to see the half-time show!
Member1123276397653January 29 2023, 08:14 I love football! I watch all season and always look forward to the superbowl! Even though my team is not so great I look forward to watching this yeara i'm excited about eating tons of snacks and the half time show!
MrsmeltyJanuary 27 2023, 13:55 Halftime show
kyungho parkJanuary 27 2023, 07:29 Commercials
mingul parkJanuary 26 2023, 23:48 나줘 50달러 주면 좋겠네
Member136224632219January 26 2023, 12:04 Halftime show
Member1135638257952January 26 2023, 05:50 Snoop Dogg and the entire gang last SuperBowl Halftime show was my
李育錚January 26 2023, 00:53 I hope I can get that $50!!
Member313017611415January 25 2023, 11:16 Can we please get our country back on track?
Onigordon13January 25 2023, 09:42 I enjoy the commercials more than the game. Yes, big game is the only game I would spend time to watch it.
Member1235862724540January 25 2023, 03:48 I love watching the SuperBowl as well as the commercials. Annually, on this date (SuperBowl) I gather with friends and we have a celebration with food and everyone brings their kids to just hang out. It’S truly one of my favorite times of year! 🥳 🏈
Kdease1January 25 2023, 03:13 Yes I will be watching, even though my team didn't make it. The half time show and the commercials are some of the best parts
Christian HobbsJanuary 24 2023, 12:05 I love the commercials. I am not a huge football fan but I watch the Super Bowl.
BonCejayJanuary 24 2023, 05:53 Its nice to watch football and also to play that game
Member1235922053735January 23 2023, 11:02 A very good application. Looking forward to the halftime show All the great commercials! Very good
Member1031739848827January 23 2023, 06:45 Very good
Patty StoreyJanuary 23 2023, 05:24 The Super Bowl is the only game I watch on Tv. I look forward to halftyand the commercials!
Member1235869463411January 23 2023, 04:46 A very good application to receive refunds for purchases
Payal JhaJanuary 23 2023, 04:03 A bit of everything!!
Andycafe1January 22 2023, 23:31
I have never won and I do not expect to win at Tops cash back
I assume it's staged or setup because I have never won. I will be observing the super bowl live and I have completed the survey. I do not expect to win $50 by 99% Because it's staged
DellInsprion112January 22 2023, 22:22
Spend it with my wife and daughter. Enjoy half time and the last quarter of the Super Bowel. And go with the flow of life.
IndkJanuary 22 2023, 20:19
Superbowl is the only football game we watch all year
Member1132140811115January 22 2023, 20:11
Good and Football! Usually Love the commercials more than halftime!
Member1232484805847January 22 2023, 19:19 Family,friends, Football, and Food. Can't go wrong!
Member634040162126January 22 2023, 19:17 Looking forward to the halftime show & All the great commercials!
Member1135675977843January 22 2023, 19:09
I will be watching the superbowl mostly for the commercials and the half time show.
Jennifer ShawJanuary 22 2023, 18:53 We will definitely be watching the Super Bowl with our kids. We will also enjoy a lot of good food! Looking forward to it!
Sarahjenkins81 January 22 2023, 18:30
KarenhumbyJanuary 22 2023, 18:19
We will be on a Caribbean cruise and i’M sure they will be playing it at various bars, outdoor theater, etc.! We were hoping the Bills would be in it, but we will still watch!
Member533878037611January 22 2023, 16:46 Definitely,will! Superbowl party time! I enjoy watching both the game and the halftime show depending on whose performing. I watch all sport throughout the year.
mdaricilarJanuary 22 2023, 16:43 Superbowl is the only football game I watch all year
DellInsprion112January 22 2023, 16:43
Spend the day with my wife and daughter. Honestly just go with the flow. I’Ll definitely watch the Super Bowl halftime show and the lasts quarter.
BuddhaJanuary 22 2023, 16:36 The big game and all the commercials which are amazing interest me along with Pizza and drinks.
DellInsprion112January 22 2023, 16:09
Enjoy the day with my wife and daughter. Honestly just go with the flow. And just watch the Super Bowl half time show and the last quarter.
Member831291293633January 22 2023, 16:09 The game is always something to watch,half time is usually amazing and I love the commercials.
Member934866861305January 22 2023, 16:08 I will be hosting a Super Bowl party for the first time, I watch football on and off with my fiancé Especially when the patriots are playing but I love to watch the commercials aswell. I’M ready to have fun!
kglee617January 22 2023, 16:03 Super Bowl!! Must watch the games and the commercials!!!
Member1135418903359January 22 2023, 16:02 Love the commercials and I sometimes pay attention to the game. Lol
restlesschefJanuary 22 2023, 16:01
Definitely halftime show. Love when they get many RBIs and score all the 3 pointers.
Joy_6678January 22 2023, 15:54
Please open the website in your app!!
Member934942643749January 22 2023, 15:33 I always try to catch the commercials and final score
Portia28January 22 2023, 15:32 Yes, the commercials, and yes! Not really a football fan, but the excitement around Super Bowl has me watching.
Stef91January 22 2023, 15:14
I am not a foot ball fan but I might watch the super bowl this year. Everyone talks about it, the commercials and the performances, seeing people grocery shopping for snacks it makes me want to do the same.
mayrag0623January 22 2023, 15:14 Super bowl sunday!!!!!

I will most definitely be watching the game. It’S a day we gather together as a famILY, have a potluck type of deal going and enjoy the halftime show! The commercials are a plus, but we enjoy the game more than anything as it is the main event!! #LETSGOOOSF49ERS!!!!!

We watch football all season round ♥️🏉 In our household. Huge fans of the sport!!

Email: jjma2010@Aol.Com

Thanks @Topcashback

-Mayra ☺️
drblessedJanuary 22 2023, 15:12 I love football so yes I will be watching the game. But if the Cowboys aren’T playing it will be the commercials for me.
banksalotJanuary 22 2023, 14:57
If i'm not working I might go to my sister's house to eat while everyone else watches the game.
JayJayOJanuary 22 2023, 14:52 Watching the game for sure. Great time to get together with friends to watch the last official game of the season.
raquelr1910January 22 2023, 14:49 I am not planning to watch that. Do not like sport
HawkeyeTikaJanuary 22 2023, 14:40
I love the commercials. Watching the whole game will depend on who is playing in the Super Bowl.
Sarahjenkins81 January 22 2023, 14:28
Member831463742622January 22 2023, 14:24
Haven't watched football since everyone started kneeling. Won't be watching again this year. Not worth the time. I think i'll clean the basement instead.
Reg60sJanuary 22 2023, 13:35
Commercials more and the half time show!
Govind72January 22 2023, 07:29
I don't watch football match but my time will be spend by watch football match
TerrezmJanuary 21 2023, 21:50 I'll be watching especially if the Phila Eagles go to the Super Bowl. The commercial are hit or miss lately.
Member821079122004January 21 2023, 14:05
Of course I will be watching, the game. Our local team is in it!! Love the commercials and food spread we will have as well. Go teams!
AureliaJanuary 20 2023, 19:27
I am not a football fan but enjoying the show
La_armstrong40January 20 2023, 13:46 I'll watch with my neighbors. Best part will halftime show.
gracesamsJanuary 20 2023, 13:11 There's a game thats going to be played? Guess I don't watch enough television...Lol
dionneJanuary 20 2023, 10:34 Not a fan of Football, used to watch for the halftime show & Commercials but stopped watching when they started pushing all the woke garbage. There hasn't t been a decent halftime show in years
Member626399671251January 20 2023, 08:08
I'll be watching with my neighbors. I think i'm most excited for Rihanna this year.
TrayaaReneeJanuary 19 2023, 15:34
I always watch or we have a family football party but I don’T really root for a winner
KellfullJanuary 19 2023, 15:18 I enjoy watching Football! I Love the Superbowl, the Commercials, and the snacks equally.
KeogangJanuary 19 2023, 14:56 I won’T be watching the game the day of but I will definitely watch the highlights.
wenchithomasJanuary 19 2023, 14:11 I’Ll be watching on Sunday, February 12? I like watching the commercials more. The Big Game is the only football game I watch all year.
merytjanJanuary 19 2023, 10:50 Im not a football fan but I will be watching the game on Sunday with my cats.
Member232993729451January 19 2023, 10:25 Keep going, Vitacost!
noahvandusenJanuary 19 2023, 01:26 The Super Bowl is typically the only football game I watch, but I do enjoy it. I also enjoy the snacks (and of course the commercials).
SarahvandusenJanuary 19 2023, 01:23 I enjoy the commercials more than the game, but it’S the only football game I watch each year. The snacks used to be the best part, but i’M getting older and need to eat healthier now!
mayursbJanuary 18 2023, 22:14 Enjoy the game every week and will definitely be watching the Super Bowl. Like watching the new commercials but enjoy the game more :)
guanfqJanuary 18 2023, 15:40 I am not a football fan but enjoying the show. I do think the commercial is necessary for the business benefits but a commercial in gameplay is annoying.
lild428January 17 2023, 14:45 I watch football every week during the season (nfl) and will most definitely be watching the Super Bowl. I do enjoy watching the commercials but am more interested in the game itself.
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