How To Celebrate Thanksgiving Away From Home

How To Celebrate Thanksgiving Away From Home

Posted on Nov 11 2022 Posted in  Holidays & Seasons
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How To Celebrate Thanksgiving Away From Home

Every fourth Thursday in November we get together with our families to appreciate life’s treasures. This is the time of year where we remember to not take anything for granted.

However, even getting together with family can be seen as a luxury to some people. Whether it's due to work obligations, health concerns, or more personal matters that need attending, it is an unfortunate reality that sometimes, people can’t be home for Thanksgiving.

For these folks, we would like to extend an opportunity, using TopCashback, to make the most of Thanksgiving away from home.

Hilton Hotels & Resorts ( cash back)

If you aren’t able to spend the holiday in the comfort of your home, perhaps you are in the comfort of a Hilton Hotel. Select Hilton locations around the country will host a Thanksgiving buffet. The menu may vary depending on the franchise, but the effort, essence, and culinary excellence will remain.

As an example, The Hilton Christiana in Delaware will be preparing and ultimately serving an incredibly respectable cornucopia of delights to feast upon. A buffet style Thanksgiving dinner is planned with mac & cheese, stuffing, mashed potatoes, salmon, ribs, and more. There will also be a carving station, garden fresh salads, and desserts. For a moment you may even forget what you are missing back home.  

Cracker Barrel (7.2% cash back) 

If the hotel you are stationed in for the holiday is not offering a comprehensive Thanksgiving-themed meal, perhaps you will want to venture into town for a meal at Cracker Barrel.

For years now on Thanksgiving, Cracker Barrel has been keeping its doors open to travelers, locals, and people that love good southern eats so much that they aren’t sure why they bother cooking their own turkey dinner.

These meals are meant for more than a sole individual, but in the spirit of the holiday you can feel free to engorge yourself without shame. Purchase a Cracker Barrel gift card through TopCashback gift cards and load it up to purchase a delicious Thanksgiving Hot and Ready Dinner.

Portal from Facebook ( cash back)

If dutiful traveling is not a foreign practice for you, perhaps it’s time you enhanced your traveling conditions. Make some adjustments to your personal belongings with a travel companion that takes you home with every use.

The Portal from Facebook was designed for people like you. The difference Portal achieves as opposed to more traditional video chatting devices is the personal element.

Thanks to cutting-edge, smart-camera technology the Portal offers a much more hands-free experience. As long as the user stays in frame, the camera will follow them around and even zoom in on the person’s face to allow for much more natural dialogue, doing everything it can to dissolve the digital barrier.

Keeping in touch with family during your absence could not be more intimate thanks to this product. Grab one to keep at home and another to take with you on the road and never miss another holiday.

NFL GamePass (10.1% cash back) 

Even if you don’t watch it, you must admit that football helps to make Thanksgiving feel like Thanksgiving. So, if you are just looking to add a little pigskin to your pig out, or you’re an NFL zealot that needs his Sunday fix on the holiday, feast your eyes with NFL Game Pass.

With this subscription you gain access to every NFL game played during the regular season and postseason, including the Super Bowl. Plus, you can stream NFL RedZone, a channel dedicated to drives that have the momentum to go the distance. Also included are NFL original programs like Hard Knocks, and other NFL shows like Total Access, Good Morning Football, and Game Day.

You may miss your family, but that doesn't mean you should have to miss football, too.

The Water Pillow by Mediflow ( cash back)


One of the non-negotiable stages of Thanksgiving (at least for the people that aren’t tasked with cooking) is a nap. As long as you have the room to yourself and don’t have to nestle into your in-law’s sofa, why not be as comfortable as can be?

After the bounty your elected establishment has fed you, the fatigue is imminent. It is time you unpack your pillow and indulge in one of the sacraments of the holiday: taking a post-meal nap.

We recommend the one and only Water Pillow by Mediflow. This pillow has been clinically shown to improve quality of sleep, the unique selling point being its ability to fluidly adapt to your head. The water inside of the pillow conforms to the shape of your head and neck, easing you into a bespoke slumber.


While this makeshift Thanksgiving could not compete with a traditional and irreplaceable holiday at home with the ones you love, we think these ingredients will help fill that turkey-shaped hole in your heart until you return home.

Photograph of the blog author, Louis Pino.

by Louis Pino

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