Summer Spending Survey 2022

Summer Spending Survey 2022

Posted on May 09 2022 Posted in  Giveaways & Contests
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Summer Spending Survey 2022

Summer is almost here – and we’re ready to “tropic” like it’s hot!

Tell us, do you plan to travel this summer? Are you spending more than last summer? Would you rather order your ice cream in a cup or a cone?

These are the things TopCashback wants to know. And who better to answer all these questions than you?

We love to hear from our members about their plans for the summer. Take a brief survey and enter for a chance to win $50! TWO lucky winners will be selected at random on May 23.

Please be sure to submit your email address at the end of the survey to be selected at random. Participants are required to answer every question to be eligible for the giveaway.

If you win, you will be notified via email from our email account. The survey closes on May 23, 2022 at 6:00 AM PST.

Responses are voluntary and will remain confidential. All answers will be compiled together and analyzed as a group. See the full giveaway terms and conditions for more information.

To take our survey click here!


JIMIN SONMay 23 2022, 17:13 Love Topcashback!
Seigo May 23 2022, 15:43 So lucky to know Top cashback!
I will use it forever!
Seigo May 23 2022, 15:32 So lucky to know Top cashback!
I will use it forever!
TetianaDiachenkoMay 22 2022, 13:01 Love Topcashback!
TigtinkMay 22 2022, 10:38 Thank you - love Topcash!!
mo youngseokMay 19 2022, 20:56 Its Amazing. Highly recommendation for my firends
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nqarni2May 18 2022, 17:28 Love Topcashback!
patel135May 18 2022, 16:54 I love vacation
Damith lahiru May 18 2022, 03:44 My every day is bad day's.
I don't know
Why why why?? 💔
Member433579639904May 17 2022, 22:17 I need vacation 😫
Jc02May 17 2022, 15:56 Good luck guys. Take care
Ann00103May 17 2022, 11:07
Yes, I want to take my family to the sea, but now we have a war, but we still continue to order things through TopCashback.
Thank you
mashiloMay 16 2022, 21:00 Good website
CTomMay 16 2022, 12:38 I am saving money to pay for a wedding this summer. That is the big event for me.
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Chugs67May 15 2022, 21:57 Beaches beaches beaches
cwszeMay 15 2022, 18:19 I am planning to spend some money to purchase swim gears. Will browse around and see which products are suitable for us!
Member333312969633May 15 2022, 11:39 I’M not able to go anywhere where, I won’T be able to afford to. I moved to a different state last summer. I definitely spent more last summer than this summer.
Member325088721336May 15 2022, 07:57 I am going to Disney World and Universal this summer. I am spending a lot less than I did last summer though since this is a quick weekend getaway with 1 day at each park. Last year we spend a week in Savannah. I prefer ice cream in a cup.
LumbrosoMay 15 2022, 07:50 Yes, we hope to travel this summer. But with plane tickets and gas being expensive, i’M hoping we can still find a way to travel. And definitely ice cream in a cup.
Gina GilpinMay 15 2022, 07:43 I'm moving to another state this summer, so a new adventure awaits.
DhuisengaMay 15 2022, 06:59 Hoping to go to Indy for the weekend. Go to festivals around the area. Go to the horse races. Go for a brewery & Winery weekend with the girls. Love ice cream in the homemade waffle cones.
TweetymamaMay 15 2022, 05:16 Yes i’M going to Chicago to see my son
uvegotmjedMay 14 2022, 23:41 Yes. Planning to go on a cruise this summer!
BizzMay 14 2022, 23:03 Celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary and our daughter’S college graduation by going to London.
cindylopezMay 14 2022, 22:30 Going to Punta Cana soon! It’S a little bit pricey than on 2019 but I feel we’Re going to still have the best time ever! So exited!
Member132610218738May 14 2022, 22:09 I'd buy a microwave hence mine just broke😖
Mimi12345May 14 2022, 20:26 Plan to spend days off with grandkids. Swimming in the pool, camping by the creek, growing vegetables, and learning to preserve what we grow in the garden.
Agility101May 14 2022, 19:17 Yes, we hope to travel this summer. But with plane tickets and gas being expensive, i’M hoping we can still find a way to travel. And definitely ice cream in a cone. Especially mint chocolate chip!!
Pinksapphire3May 14 2022, 16:47 I just want a reason to go summer shopping for a vacation.... Lol
lalexander13May 14 2022, 16:08 I want to return to Italy. It is the place in the world where I am in awe of everything around me. It's the last place I traveled with my late husband and brings back so many wonderful memories.
JDI777May 14 2022, 16:02 Need to pay utilities
jackie102768May 14 2022, 15:37 I’D love to take a cruise and take my kids to New York City!!!
Mbarrinerb1May 14 2022, 15:11 I would love to win the 50 dollars
wakaMay 14 2022, 14:06 I want to travel to Southeast Asia.
Member710406165447May 14 2022, 14:01 Hello,
Summer vacation - Miami
So yes cz of inflation we will spend more this summer.
I would prefer cup over come for ice cream.
JJaroniMay 14 2022, 13:52 I would like to travel, if gas wasn't as expensive as it is.

I would rather have ice cream in a cone, as it is less messier.
Member710406165447May 14 2022, 13:47 Hello,
Summer vacation - Miami
So yes cz of inflation we will spend more this summer.
I would prefer cup over come for ice cream.
endoherodonMay 14 2022, 13:32 Heading to Bora Bora, French Polynesia
Member831269787511May 14 2022, 13:23 Wish I could travel, but I have to work
JimGMay 14 2022, 13:07 Go to the movies.
Skylarr13May 14 2022, 12:44 I would love to travel this summer. I’D like to go back to Puerto Rico for a couple days. I would like to spend less money this summer in order to build my savings and pay off my debt. I’D prefer to order my ice cream in a cone but I always order it in a cup because a cone is too messy! Haha
ThysinsandiegoMay 14 2022, 12:42 Love cashback site
jasondashinskyMay 14 2022, 12:41 Relax at home for the most part
Member218156114618May 14 2022, 12:41 I want to travel under south like floria look for new home
Lectric41May 14 2022, 12:38 Visiting friends and relatives close to home this year, future travel is dependent on the costs. The local area has an abundant supply of entertainment and diversity of restaurants.
Claireh616May 14 2022, 12:29 Love to travel but am sad about everything cost went up so much and seems not going to stop.
laiwaihongMay 14 2022, 12:26 Good luck
Member229856259201May 14 2022, 10:10 Travel? Hell nah. Its stupid expensive just to drive.
yokiXMay 13 2022, 23:34 Good luck for everyone!
dionneMay 13 2022, 12:17 Was planning on taking several small vacations this summer until our "leaders" made living expenses unbearable. Canceled all travel plans due to high cost of living across all area.....Food, gas, utilities, taxes, etc & There seems to be no end in sight to the increases & Shortages. 2024 can't come soon enough!

Anthony AMay 13 2022, 11:49 I hope i'll be the lucky one . Godbless.
Member533742635025May 13 2022, 05:32 I hope i'll be the lucky one
thailanotMay 13 2022, 05:22 I love it!
CoddleonMay 13 2022, 04:38 Nice project, I want to participate
MagaranxMay 12 2022, 19:47 Good Good Good !!!
Top88888888topMay 12 2022, 03:40 I really want to relax
raminkhademzadehMay 11 2022, 06:04 Best of the best
smashgirl87May 10 2022, 15:59 Планирую уйти в отпуск и отдохнуть на полную катушку
karen090491May 10 2022, 14:01 Planning on visiting my sister's family this summer! Haven't seen them for almost 3 years! Excited!
Ccrnsc88May 9 2022, 16:41
Thanks for allowing me to participate.
songokuMay 9 2022, 14:52 There is no money for bread, you are telling me about travel :)
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