Why Our Mobile App is Perfect to Shop and Save On the Go

Why Our Mobile App is Perfect to Shop and Save On the Go

Posted on Jan 02 2023 Posted in  Money-Saving Tips, Holidays & Seasons
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Why Our Mobile App is Perfect to Shop and Save On the Go

According to statistical projections, mobile ecommerce rates are expected to account for over 44% of online retail sales by 2025. Meaning, a good portion of you enjoy shopping on your phone.

If this sounds like you, take a moment to consider downloading the TopCashback app, intended to make your online shopping experience much more seamless and contained.

One App to Rule Them All

If you feel as if your phone is cluttered with far too many store apps, and you’d prefer to consolidate them into one, we are here to provide that app to you.

A benefit of shopping solely through the TopCashback app (apart from saving storage space on your phone) is guaranteeing yourself cash back.

Have you ever been mid-shop and forgotten to check for cash back? You then have to visit TopCashback.com, log into your account, find the store you were browsing, add the product back to your cart, and so on.

With the app, you will have already accomplished the most important step first!

Save Time, Stay Logged In

Time is money. The aphorism coined by Benjamin Franklin continues to ring true and applies to our wonderful, money-saving TopCashback app.

Stay logged into your TopCashback account within the application and save yourself precious time. Our app remembers your account details, thus constantly keeping you in a state of cash back.

Furthermore, with the holiday sales season fast approaching, and supply chains still experiencing disruptions, inventory is not guaranteed. These saved moments could be the difference between you purchasing that item you had your eyes on and being left without.


One of our favorite functions of the app, in regard to its mobility, is using it for buying online and picking up in store.

Suppose you are out at the mall window shopping, and you suddenly realize you are no longer window shopping. You come face to face with a dazzling piece of merchandise you immediately decide you need. But then you remember, you are a devout proponent of TopCashback, what can you do?

If you are shopping at a store that allows for in-store pickup you can find the item you are raring to own though our TopCashback app, purchase it, earn your cash back, then waltz to the front of the store and retrieve your new treat.

We find these to be three of our strongest reasons to download the app, but perhaps you will find others that are more meaningful to you. The only way to determine that is to download the free app and see for yourself.

Let us know what you find works for you in the comments below. As always, happy shopping and safe cash back travels.



Photograph of the blog author, Louis Pino.

by Louis Pino

Louis Pino is the junior copywriter at TopCashback.com. He defines frugality as not solely buying life's necessities, but being shrewd when it comes to purchasing your wants. This is why, since 2021, Louis has been spreading the good word of balancing money management and shopping through informative blog posts such as this.

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