Pet Expenses Survey 2022

Pet Expenses Survey 2022

Posted on Mar 07 2022 Posted in  Giveaways & Contests
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Pet Expenses Survey 2022

Caring for our pets can be expensive, especially when we pam-purr them!

Tell us, do you have a fur-ever friend? Where do you purchase most of your pet supplies? How much do you spend on your pet(s)?

These are the things TopCashback wants to know. And who better to answer all these questions than you?

We love to hear from our members about their pet expenses. Take a brief survey and enter for a chance to win $50! One lucky winner will be selected at random on March 21.

Please be sure to submit your email address at the end of the survey to be selected at random. Participants are required to answer every question to be eligible for the giveaway.

If you win, you will be notified via email from our email account. The survey closes on March 21, 2022 at 6:00 AM PST.

Responses are voluntary and will remain confidential. All answers will be compiled together and analyzed as a group. See the full giveaway terms and conditions for more information.

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nmrivMarch 19 2022, 15:43 Love my dog!
herbalfleaMarch 18 2022, 13:29 Love my pup 💙💙💙
Member333249510332March 17 2022, 15:26 I rescued Charlie in 2018 he is an American Blue Healer mix. I just got a puppy Cooper he is a Texas Healer mix. I have spent a lot of money this month on pet insurance, food, toys, crates shots, treats etc. I have bought things from Amazon, Chewy and Petsmart. Our animals are completely spoiled and are our fur babies!
Emily0325March 17 2022, 12:33 I am a domestic violence survovor and have an American terrier with two boy pups. They are my service animal and I am disabled with ptsd so I am unable to work and its hard for me to afford shots and dog food.
DaniadanielMarch 17 2022, 10:15 I had a dog, and now I just have 2 cats. I would shop from petco, pets mart, and chewy. I spend a lot on my pets. At least $200 a month with food and toys.
peter713162March 17 2022, 04:33 I pay $400 a month to support my son
doremusMarch 17 2022, 03:29 I have one dog. Pesr
dkressin2March 15 2022, 14:17 I have 1 furry friend. He is an orange cat named Toot. I do most of my shopping at Petco. Usually spend about $50 a month on my little buddy.
masanobu5236March 14 2022, 21:30 I have one dog. Cookie.
citiruappleMarch 14 2022, 18:42 Very cool review. I love to participate in this. It is very cool. I would like more like this in the future. I buy from different sites walmart target amazon
LisaPizzaMarch 13 2022, 18:32 I have a rescued Yorkie, Toby, who's my baby and comfort pet. I get his food from the grocery store but am going to start ordering it from Walmart or Amazon so I can have it delivered. His flea, tick and worm meds come from his vet, but again, i'll probably be ordering from Walmart or Amazon for future purchases. There's a very good chance that i'll research online retailers for the best prices and I always include shipping costs when looking at purchasing online. I probably spend an average of $75 to $100 a month on Toby over the course of a year. As a puppy, Toby was attacked by a pit bull. His leg was badly broken and required two surgeries. He is beginning to show signs of arthritis which will require medication for pain relief. Yorkies are known for having bad teeth and Toby's is going to require dental work. Soon, i'm going to have to begin taking him to Pet Smart for at least monthly teeth cleaning. So, i'll be paying a lot more than $75-$100 a month in the near future. I'd be very happy to supply my contact information if you want to make a contribution! 😁
happybugMarch 13 2022, 16:40 Chewy gets an a+ For fast delivery, amazing customer service, and their sale prices beat everyone typically! Not to mention that TopCashback often has cash back - bonus!
sapphireswellMarch 13 2022, 16:15 I typically spend approx $150-200 on cat supplies and toys/Treats between Chewy, PetCo, and Amazon. Food has gotten quite expensive over the last year.
vik sliseMarch 13 2022, 14:25 Yeah whooooo
sapphireswellMarch 13 2022, 14:02 I have a 1 year old cat and typically purchase his food, litter, and toys from Chewy, PetCo, and Amazon. I use the subscription function to save money and ensure we have a supply at home.
Rachid12March 13 2022, 13:54 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱
mommarae87March 13 2022, 11:11 We have an indoor cat, but also feed the birds and stray cats in the area. We go through a jog of cat litter and 16 lb bag cat food as well as bird feed every month as well as wet cat food. Vet costs for shots as well. We use Jazzy paws once a year.
Maritza10March 13 2022, 11:06 I have 2 dogs 1 senior and 1 puppy I buy there food at Walmart and pet smart !
Member232884539026March 13 2022, 11:05 I have Dog and cat . I purchase their food and supplies from petsmart or Target
Emily0325March 13 2022, 11:04 I have three dogs. I got my support dog as a domestic violence victim for support after the abuse and she has two little boys. They are my world. I spend 100$ A month on dog food and they need their shots this would help a lot.
swart56March 13 2022, 11:02 Currently have 1 cat as we lost our dog 3 months ago. We spend about 20-30 dollars a month on food for him. Every 6 months we buy flea/Tick meds for him about $120 or so depending on where we buy it usually on line.
Member233075907809March 13 2022, 10:12 I have a fish and 2 cats. I purchase their foods and supplies from petsmart or amazon!
SchmieseMarch 13 2022, 05:59 We have 2 dogs (one turned 16 in January!). The 16-yr. Old has Cushings, so about $140/Mo just for her Rx. Yikes!

What i've found over the years is that a healthy dog costs about $1000-$1500/Yr.

We get most of their food, treats, supplements via Amazon's Subscribe & Save. Good prices, consistent delivery, easy to make changes. Occasionally we'll stop in Tractor Supply (my younger dog definitely appreciates the treats at checkout!).
dionneMarch 13 2022, 00:08 5 cats, all rescues. I spend alot of money every month on food, litter & Treats almost double what I did under the past administration. The cat litter I use used to be $11.99 and a little over a year later it is now $17.28. So yeah sure I hope I win, definitely could use a little extra 💰 Money
Iguess1001March 12 2022, 16:47 One 16 year old kitty. Her brother from the same litter passed away last year. With her age she stopped eating solid food. I typically spent about 80 a month but she started getting picky about which cans of wet food she'd eat so I tried out new kinds. I believe the new one she's eating she likes better and it's actually less expensive. Now it's about $60 a month. That includes prove of litter. I buy food from Walmart and litter from Costco.
twocreeksMarch 12 2022, 06:12 I have bought dog food from Fleet Farm and Amazon. I have done some Subscribe and Save from Petco and Chewy.
donorgirl2003March 12 2022, 05:43 Daisy is our dog. Get most supplies at Walmart or Amazon
Kate_CMarch 11 2022, 19:49 2 dogs. Mostly buy things locally because it's easier to pick-up and return if I got the wrong size. Between treats/Food, toys, collars/Harness stuff, and cleanup bags I probably spend an average of $30/Month
Hotwheelette63March 11 2022, 08:27 Two small terriers eat Iams small breed through Walmart delivery. So convenient and they are thriving.
Member18307279336March 11 2022, 07:49 I have a kitty. We try to spoil her and love her the best we can!
heidi1970March 11 2022, 06:23 I have 2 fur babies. Both are black cats. A boy named Dunkin and girl Delores. They fill me with joy every single day! Most of their food/Litter is bought at Chewy.Com. I spend $50-$100 per month!
Adona1March 11 2022, 05:41 Nugget is the best dog ever!!!! He’S older and so now I would say he’S super chilled just like I like it 😉
andreaa16March 11 2022, 04:23 My fur friend son is Lovey Dovey. He's a big white fur Love of my life! I purchase the majority of his essentials from Petsmart! Great products and prices for him!
SEOKJUN LEEMarch 11 2022, 03:07 I have three cats^^
I purchase food and treats at amazon for my cats.
chrisie65March 10 2022, 23:18 I have four cats. I purchase food and treats at walmart, amazon, shoprite
bcbg68March 10 2022, 20:04 Have one cat. Walmart or Amazon for cat food (Purina One) and also aldi, about $8-10 month. About $10 month for pine litter from Trader Joe's.
beccaddanMarch 10 2022, 18:24 Most of my pet supplies ce from chewy and walmart.Walmart.. I also get their fle and tick collars from seresto...I spend about 80 a month
janae50March 10 2022, 17:14 Yes, I talk to my fish. Lol But there is also Yodaa my grandaughter's puppy.
Catalinatalie15March 10 2022, 16:10 Horse sense I spend about 240 a month on dog food!!! I have a cane corse 6 month old, and he eats sooo much!!
DoxieKelleMarch 10 2022, 15:57 I have 2 mini dachshunds. My boy is 11 and our little princess is 5. They only cost about $40/Mo. They mostly eat Heritage Ranch, it's a dog food that our grocery store makes in competition to the name brands. Their treats are the most expensive part! The only time they get real costly is when my oldest decides to take on possums or raccoons. His last vet bill was about $500. We have a cat that we usually spend about $40/Mo. She's 12 and is declawed and spayed and that was the only vet expenses that we've had with her. We're lucky that all of our babies haven't cost us too much. Even if they did it would be completely worth it, they are family.
PikaChu_2015March 10 2022, 15:16 Our family of 3 are fortunate to have 7 hens 1 dog( Maltese) 2 hamsters 4 parakeets 4 ducks. We’Re fortunate to have a big backyard with plenty of space for them to play and be free! We love our animals and spend about 300$ In food and treats for them! And we shall fi to Costco petco but mostly local farm pet store. Yes it can get expires but our 7 year old has become responsive e feeding them and loves! As a only child she enjoys it
Member56542210730March 10 2022, 15:14 Grocery store
AkajewlzMarch 10 2022, 15:04 I spend most of my money which is $100 a month , at target
Gumby22March 10 2022, 14:06 I purchase most of the dogs treats, etc., At sams club. Her care to include medicine, grooming, vet visits, food, etc, runs approximately $1,800 year. 12 yr old 9 lb. Poodle mix.
ArunpawarMarch 10 2022, 13:48 We have a very handsome young boy ( a Labrador retriever) and 3 aquariums with loaches, guppies, gold fish and sucker fish. We buy food, medications, toys and other maintenance stuffs from Chewy, Amazon and Petco. And always any such and other purchases through top Cashback account so we could get cash back to buy extra toys and aquarium decors.
For our dog we roughly spend 60-100$ Per month. And for fishes 10-20 $ A month.
Plus occasionally some more for vet clinic and grooming visits.
But its worth it when you look at their priceless returns.
Kslick53March 10 2022, 13:43 Hank was adopted by us from our daughter because he was destroying their house during the day while they were at work. He loves it here in the country where he has lots of room to run and play with others dogs. He has been hit by two trucks which cost is about $1500 but we are so attached to Hank that he was worth every penny....I think. We usually buy Pedigree or Purina and i'm not sure about the cost.
Catalinatalie15March 10 2022, 13:32 Horse sense I spend about 240 a month on dog food!!! I have a cane corse 6 month old, and he eats sooo much!!
BrauerbrigiMarch 10 2022, 13:30 I have 2 senior dachshunds. I buy them royal dachshund for from Amazon ($50), pedigree wet food from chewy or Walmart. Treats and other supplies is various locations pet stores, supermarkets or anywhere I see something I would buy for them. I would say I spend around $600 for half a year plus whatever their vet cost.
Gurlgenius March 10 2022, 13:30 We have one dog and four cats. We purchase their food at Costco for the dog and spend about $50. We purchase the food for one cat at our vet and spend about $100 per month and a half for a special diet food The other cats’ Food is purchased at our local grocery store and we spend about $30 per month.
RippkeMarch 10 2022, 13:26 Aldi, about $20/ Month
RippkeMarch 10 2022, 13:20 Aldi, about $20/ Month
Member129539120550March 10 2022, 13:09 My best friend is an almost 9 year old German Shepherd named Blitzen. He’S always there for me and I for him. Blitzen was a rescue we acquired from Houston German Shepherd Rescue as a young puppy. He got along well with our female White German Shepherd named Abby. She unfortunately passed from Cancer when Blitzen was two years old. He (and the rest of the family also)

Blitzen is on a skin diet so i’Ve been purchasing his food from the vet. He’Ll be on that until the vet figures out what is causing his allergy. I usually purchase his food and treats from Chewy’S, h-e-b and Walmart.

VgrechanaMarch 10 2022, 13:07 Sam's, Amazon, Walmart - $25 per month for my indoor cat
Member710406165447March 10 2022, 13:01 Petco/PetSmart/Chewy
Food $100 for 3 months
Toys/ Etc-$20-30 for 3 months
PugdogsMarch 10 2022, 12:59 Yes I have several fur babies 1 cat 3 dogs.

I spend around 300$ A month

Buy my Rachael ray no grain
Wherever I can get it Amazon, Walmart , sams club
LadyKathyMarch 10 2022, 12:57 I click on "Here" to take survey and am brought back here. : (
Member1232396525431March 10 2022, 12:52 We have 5 cats and buy most our food and litter from a local Pet Supplies Plus and flee and tick prevention meds from our vet's online pharmacy.
monicareneMarch 10 2022, 12:42 Yes. I buy all the stuff from amazon. 1000 per year
Junie68March 10 2022, 12:36 We have two chihuahuas, we buy treats, foods, Heartworm/Ticks pill stuff from Chewy And we buy clothes and toys from Aliexpress. It is about $40-$50 a month.
jbdmusicMarch 10 2022, 12:21 Buy from Petsmart online just the house "Authority" brand of dog food. Probably spend about $360/Yr in food.
spyridonas1983March 10 2022, 12:18 Yes I have my Tito. He eats a lot .About 250$ Per year
farahmenaMarch 10 2022, 12:17 I purchase most of my pets supplies at chewy, petsmart or petco! His food is approximately $50 every 2 months and his toys & Treats are about $50-100 every month.
BillincpMarch 10 2022, 12:12 Yes. Amazon, Petco. $100 per month
AligMarch 10 2022, 08:19 Yes what is this.
7867334889March 9 2022, 11:56 Hi
seller martMarch 9 2022, 00:21 Sams club
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