Nonessential Expenses Survey 2023

Nonessential Expenses Survey 2023

Posted on Aug 28 2023 Posted in  Deals, Giveaways & Online Contests
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Nonessential Expenses Survey 2023

Whether it's going on fun vacations or getting your daily coffee from the local Starbucks, it’s always nice to treat yourself — but it comes with a price!

We want to know, do you budget for nonessential expenses like these? Are you trying to cut back on nonessential expenses? What nonessential items/activities could you not live without?

These are the things TopCashback wants to know. And who better to answer all these questions than you?

We’d love to hear from our members about their money habits. Take a brief survey and enter for a chance to win $50! One lucky winner will be selected at random on September 11.

Please be sure to submit your email address at the end of the survey to be selected at random. Participants are required to answer every question to be eligible for the giveaway.

If you win, you will be notified via email from our email account. The survey closes on September 11, 2023 at 6:00 AM PT.

Responses are voluntary and will remain confidential. All answers will be compiled together and analyzed as a group. See the full giveaway terms and conditions for more information.

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MochachowSeptember 10 2023, 19:15 Good app
ok338September 10 2023, 13:53 Top cash back helps me to save a little bit of money. I'm much appreciate their work.
Member433553160738September 10 2023, 13:51 Good app
tsachoySeptember 10 2023, 11:14 I'd like to budget more for restaurants and eating out, I think i'd be better off expenses wise and also health wise lol
latuttle22September 10 2023, 10:25 Unfortunately we don't budget for this but definitely trying to cut back on eating out and random stupid spending. However things we can't live without are m&Ms, carbonation cravings (stops at 7 eleven so we don't keep it in the house) and my random hope I hit big on lotto.
autumnmgoffSeptember 10 2023, 10:11 Wish I could afford things like that but I can't 😔
Rubybrv90 September 10 2023, 10:05 Unfortunately I do not, but I wish I could. I end up spending so much money on unnecessary items.
Member938041167350September 10 2023, 09:42 We don't really budget for those expenses but use gift cards so we know how much we have spent and we always end up using our tax return for paying off some things or for vacations.
yan0735September 10 2023, 00:16 I would not cut the nonessential expenses, it's a way for relax.
noellebowmanSeptember 9 2023, 18:13 I could live without buying so many clothes!
LadydolsonSeptember 9 2023, 07:19 Non-essential expenses is a killer in my house. We’Ve been good on setting a budget to it though but the holidays haven’T even begun so we’Ll see what happens in about a month.
Member136018429612September 8 2023, 15:51 Good to spread out the spending throughout the year and ease the pressure on settling the bills
yuliangtaoSeptember 8 2023, 09:53 Miss so many claims not so good
MamecaffeinSeptember 8 2023, 03:53 I need to budget on online shopping ,good luck for me~
raykung328September 8 2023, 01:15 Trying to cut back on nonessential expenses is always a life objective - Any kind of shopping with luxury goods, additional clothing needs, etc should be avoided. Not only save your wallet but also save space for your house.
Member1022164368701September 7 2023, 20:28 My nonessentials budget is determined by what I have left after paying the bills. I really try to limit that spending but sometimes a McDonald’S milkshake is really nice
dionneSeptember 7 2023, 15:16 I don't exactly budget, I just cut way back or simply stop purchasing certain non essentials completely. The non essentials I do buy, has to be on sale or promotion or I simply do without. It's getting to the point that if I don't need it to survive, then I simply do not need it. Heaven help us all in this economy. Between inflation & Insanely high, ever increasing prices on everything across the board, it's a wonder anyone can afford to simply buy groceries muchless anything else 🤷🏻‍♀️
Member934845825919September 7 2023, 11:29 I don’T budget it, but I like to think before I spend. Not trying to cut back. Nonessential cost that I wouldn’T want to be without are music and dance lessons because those are what my kids really enjoy.
andreamaxima2003September 7 2023, 11:11 I try to budget nonessential items as much as I can , however it does not always work out. Lol I do try to cut back from nonessential items from time to time.
One of the nonessential items I cannot live without would be my dogs ! And going out to eat at a nice restaurant with my hubby. I do however, teach my daughter how to budget so it will be easier for her as she grows up.
Thanks for the opportunity !
Member132788575006September 7 2023, 10:58 I try to save money and set aside
whereisjkimSeptember 7 2023, 10:18 Good luck
Member737745997910September 6 2023, 00:32 I set aside cash in my wallet for non-essential purchases-the amount varies as I base it off my gross income-this way I know how much I can spend without going over my budget
Member537169671824September 5 2023, 16:07 I need to budget on online shopping especially loungefly
Member537144204201September 5 2023, 14:17 I dont budget. If I crave it I get it.
Alina_HrebennikovaSeptember 5 2023, 12:08 I don't budget for those expenses but use gift cards so I know how much I have spent
marieee64September 3 2023, 13:27 I have budget for big fun activities and vacations, try to stay within the budget but also have carry on from year to year, so some years we spend more but the year after, we are more cautious and go into saving mode. For small purchases, we don't have a specific budget, I find myself to buying many random home items and added a category in budget for that one, for others I make sure to keep the balance, it becomes invisible most of the times.
magicballlSeptember 3 2023, 04:04 I don't budget for those expenses but use gift cards so I know how much I have spent
season2310September 1 2023, 19:37 Wish the luck come to everyone.
Assel RakhimovaSeptember 1 2023, 05:40 I hope I get lucky. Good luck, everyone!
Member938000888704September 1 2023, 03:54 Give me 50 pls
CapotripodiAugust 29 2023, 19:20 We budget from our tax return every year for fun thing like a vacation.
HavirovAugust 29 2023, 07:25 I don't budget for those expenses but use gift cards so I know how much I have spent
SarahvandusenAugust 28 2023, 07:20 We have a “Catchall” Budget that would sometimes cover an occasional non essential purchase if doing so as a family, and also what we call “Fun money” Budget ($10 week) for things like an occasional treat if alone. We also have a yearly vacation budget.
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