Mother's Day Survey 2022

Mother's Day Survey 2022

Posted on Apr 11 2022 Posted in  Giveaways & Contests
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Mother's Day Survey 2022

The mom-entous day is almost here – Mother’s Day is May 8!

Tell us, do you plan on celebrating this year? How much do you plan to spend? Where do you find the best mom advice?

These are the things TopCashback wants to know. And who better to answer all these questions than you?

We love to hear from our members about their holiday spending. Take a brief survey and enter for a chance to win $50! One lucky winner will be selected at random on April 25.

Please be sure to submit your email address at the end of the survey to be selected at random. Participants are required to answer every question to be eligible for the giveaway.

If you win, you will be notified via email from our email account. The survey closes on April 25, 2022 at 6:00 AM PST.

Responses are voluntary and will remain confidential. All answers will be compiled together and analyzed as a group. See the full giveaway terms and conditions for more information.

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Anthony AApril 25 2022, 09:13 Happy mother's day to all greatest mother's.
jhg278576804April 24 2022, 23:59 我希望成为一半坚强的女人,我的妈妈是上帝,让她的灵魂安息。我很想在母亲节见到我的妈妈,但我和我的家人住得太远了。我计划寻找完美的母亲节礼物,通过邮件发送给她并打电话给她。我计划花尽可能多的钱,因为我妈妈应得的,还有更多。
Grammy02April 24 2022, 19:59 Yes I do plan on celebrating Mother's Day. We will go to my husbands Momma's. My Momma has past away. I'll probably spend $25-$30. I plan on getting her a hanging basket. I usually talk to my cousin or one of my friends for advise. Dabates@Yadtel.Net
Member233062699146April 23 2022, 21:12 We will be celebrating Mother’S Day traveling back from the Kentucky Derby. This is our first time going. Whoop whoop!!!
Anthony AApril 22 2022, 03:38 Happy mother's day to my mom. I wish a good health and give always Praise to the Lord. Godbless to all mom. Happy mother's day.
tinaa40April 21 2022, 17:21 My family and I will celebrate Mother's Day with dinner. My Mom passed almost 3 years ago, so I revel in the memories even more on the day.
Zewdu yisshakApril 21 2022, 14:26 I defined my mother by short word she is the small God!
sasa6954April 21 2022, 09:28 Happy Mother's Day too all the moms in the world...You deserve to love yourselves more.
janae50April 21 2022, 08:54 I wish to be half the strong woman that my Mom was God rest her soul.
eviewApril 21 2022, 08:39 I don't really celebrate anymore because my mother passed away Jan 31 2010. I still visit the gravesite, clean it off and say prayers and talk to her and my dad and my late dog,
Rose, that is buried with my mother. My mother put it in her trust that Rose was to be buried with her.
wesell1April 21 2022, 05:25 May all Mothers of the world celebrate Mother's Day, every day!
usman ali 252April 21 2022, 04:06 Well, I have been celebrating Mothers Day differently since 1995. I lost my Mom from a massive heart attack in 95' and I was only 13yo. My dad would get 2 Father's days. He deserved them since he had a lot to figure out as far as what to do...He did a great job.
molly3April 21 2022, 04:05 Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.
Benetta Kaiwi April 21 2022, 03:41 Mother's Day for me is spent with my 2 boys. We've been through so much together. We've been through homelessness and have gone through multiple surgeries with my youngest son for his 2 club feet, broken elbow, and a tube place in his ear. I don't think I would have been such a strong mother if it wasn't for God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, and my eldest son. They were Always there for me when my boys father wasn't. They have made me strong as a person and as a mother. I'm proud to say that even though they are children with disabilities, they could teach us all Love, patience, loyalty, kindness, and sacrifice. I have Everything I could ever ask for. God gave me Great sons. That's my mother's day gift in itself.
ChrisL57April 21 2022, 03:15 I am not a mom so I dont know.
JaimeC_420April 21 2022, 02:39 Well, I have been celebrating Mothers Day differently since 1995. I lost my Mom from a massive heart attack in 95' and I was only 13yo. My dad would get 2 Father's days. He deserved them since he had alot to figure out as far as what to do...He did a great job. He has shown me, his 40 year old daughter, now of course. How life will be full of unexpected life changing/Earth shattering experiences but to try to stay strong and wiggle through then calmly and 1 step at a time. I just lost him this past April, and I still can't talk about it fully without having a panic attack but I know he's with me always now. Him and my Mother. Happy mommy and daddy's day to them....We Love You both and miss you always.
DotCApril 20 2022, 23:37 My girls always treat me on Mothers Day and I get lovely presents. They often treat me to a nice lunch somewhere too.
veasnayu168April 20 2022, 23:06 Living abroad, I plan to order a cake online in advance and have my sisters celebrating the day with my mom while enjoying the cake together.
gatorjApril 20 2022, 22:27 Unfortunately, my Mom passed away a few years ago. I, of course, will remember her on Mother's Day. I urge everyone lucky enough to still have their mother alive to do something special. Don't you dare just text and call only if distance requires. Take her to brunch or dinner and buy her flowers or some candy.

One day you won't be able to and that will be that...For the rest of your life. Honor her while you still can.
richiexxzApril 20 2022, 21:37 I'll marry my wife on this day
Member313272128455April 20 2022, 20:19 I plan on taking my Wife out for dinner. It should cost about $100
LilMrsBApril 20 2022, 19:48 I would love to see my mom on Mother’S Day but my family and I live too far away. I plan on searching for the perfect Mother’S Day gift to send to her in the mail as well as call her. I plan to spend as much as it takes because my mom deserves it and so much more.
miraimlingApril 20 2022, 19:44 This is a difficult year’S, I born a baby & Hard to take him out. I only can online shopping to buy my want. Because of the government policy, people need to inject whatever eating outside or go shopping at the mall. It’S a difficult decision. Hope I can get the lucky to spend online
Gammee16April 20 2022, 19:11 I wish my mom were still with me. I would definitely spoil her.
Member224923798447April 20 2022, 18:53 Since my mom is always suffering from joint pain and muscle ache. This year I decided to buy her a massage chair for her Mother’S Day gift. I wish all the mom in the world is going to enjoy their Mother’S Day! Love you, mom!
xu225April 20 2022, 18:46 Think about which gift for my Mom and want to shopping online for her, as covid-19 can't back my homwtown to see her, hope the gift and wishs will be sent to my hometown.
teresatseApril 20 2022, 18:44 It is the 1st year to celebrate mother’S day with my baby and my mom, already a nice gift to all of us ;)
LindaSD2ShopApril 20 2022, 18:28 I will visit my widowed father as I have done since we lost my mother.
PJVApril 20 2022, 18:13 I don’T celebrate as my mother has died. My adult children always remember me and that is special although not necessary. So much hype about this and feel it is perfunctory for all to go along so they don’T feel guilty.
Marieltx1April 20 2022, 18:05 This year will be a different celebration, my husband was recently fired from his job because the company was economically affected by Covid, we will eat at home and go for a walk, I will try to buy my mom a cake
mjdj222April 20 2022, 17:51 Hello,
I received the best mom advice from my grandmother who was so nurturing. I hope when this Covid 19 really dies down to take a vacay to Los Cabo and I plan on not spending much while there plan on staying at an All inclusive property woo hoo. So spending will be very limited.
Damith lahiru April 20 2022, 17:26 There is no one in this world who is like a mother.✨️❤️
PJVApril 20 2022, 17:22 I don’T celebrate as my mother has died. My adult children always remember me and that is special although not necessary. So much hype about this and feel it is perfunctory for all to go along so they don’T feel guilty.
ruruxyzApril 20 2022, 17:04 I'm flying to go see her this year finally!
min hyuk kwonApril 20 2022, 17:00 I will call my Mom and send a gift. Usually my son has a bbq for me.
SweetMelissa April 20 2022, 16:55 This year will be difficult due to 2 of my 4 children moving out of state. So to keep my mind occupied, i’Ve been doing a lot of surveys, focus groups, coupons and games. This Mother’S Day will be all about me, because I deserve to have a “Me” Day. I’M sure my husband and kids will take me out to dinner, but they know I am easy to please, as long as they appreciate me, I am happy. Of course I will be FaceTiming my other 2 kids, which will end my day with joy.
Member1232472040845April 20 2022, 16:28 We will spend the day with our family, kids and grandkids celebrating Mother’S Day together.
Hke520 April 20 2022, 16:22 This 2022 year for Mothers Day is to take my best friend mom to Disneyland. Due to Covid, she haven’T been for awhile. Let her be princess for the day and share the moment with other princess. Let her know it’S never too late to be one. This isn’T cheap, I would believe roughly $5000K for 4 of us and 5 days. Where to find the best mom advice would be to from someone that learn from experience. Listen and see what they have to say.
Apeterson5044977April 20 2022, 15:46 I find the best advice from my best friend of over 25 years, who is also a mom.. As long as i'm speeding time with my family that's all that matters to me❤
Member430357460220April 20 2022, 15:44 1) Planning to take my dear mother to a restaurant and giving her a Dyson air purifier
2) Restaurant $150, Dyson air purifier about $550. Total $700
3) I find the best mom advice from my faith that teaches that “Heaven is underneath a mothers feet!”
Mamie1April 20 2022, 15:44 Beautiful time celebrating at church - then having a simple meal at home.
JimGApril 20 2022, 15:43 Would be nice to have the money to get my mom a nice mothers day gift.
kell741April 20 2022, 15:41 I will be celebrating this year by going out for dinner and I will be giving my mom and my grandma flowers to make them feel a bit more special at dinner. I plan to spend $300-$500. The best mom advice is obviously from my mom, but also my grandma. :D
PHIFFERJApril 20 2022, 15:33 I will call my Mom and send a gift. Usually my son has a bbq for me.
Member330214822816April 20 2022, 15:10 Have dinner together
Loki_LisaApril 20 2022, 15:00 I plan to spend Mother's Day at home with my husband cooking on the grill and me making a small dessert. No gifts needed just my husband's company
jesilodge18April 20 2022, 14:52 My Mom lives across the country so usually, I call her and wish her a Happy Mother's Day. If I really have it together I send her a card. I don't really buy her gifts nor do I receive gifts from my own children. Usually, my kids make me a card, and my Hubby gets take-out for dinner. Mother's Day is a low-key affair in my family.
wing708April 20 2022, 14:51 Have dinner together.
LLLipton22April 20 2022, 14:48 For my Mother’S Day, I will be celebrating Easter with my kids, since I had to work all week, they didn’T get anything, i’Ve been buying Easter eggs on sale. Enough for all the kids in the neighborhood. I’Ve also been buying decorations, utensils, and stuff for a barbecue. This year all the kids will have a wonderful day. A day they deserve…
Member313272128455April 20 2022, 14:43 I plan on taking my Wife out for dinner. It should cost about $100
scopectApril 20 2022, 14:42 I will be honoring my daughter who is pregnant with her 5th child. She is an awesome mom.
СараApril 20 2022, 14:13 Го ,,,50 мне
xucfjackApril 20 2022, 13:46 Happy Mother’S Day !!!
AlinaFavoritoApril 20 2022, 12:01 Happy Mother’S Day !!!
AlinaFavoritoApril 20 2022, 11:32 Happy Mother’S Day !!!
Ashah87April 20 2022, 08:09 Overseas, so will be sending a gift to my Mom, probably a branded purse, that will be costing $200-500.
peter713162April 20 2022, 07:36 I'm going on vacation with my mom and my son's mom.
Sangrae KimApril 20 2022, 02:10 I love you mom
Member626580851114April 19 2022, 21:18 Happy Mother’S Day to the most important women in my life mother I love you forever,and Always
Member18366016930April 19 2022, 13:08 My mom and I won't be able to celebrate together, so I ordered her a special framed print with all our family member's birth month flowers.

Member433529155310April 19 2022, 11:41 Happy Mother’S Day !!!
Rchilds24 April 19 2022, 08:13 I plan to spend time with my mom taking her out to dinner and to the casino. Probably will spend about 200 dollars
yukihiro_suzukiApril 19 2022, 07:02 Happy Mother’S Day !
Member433524727945April 19 2022, 01:45 Hi
My name Arjali
Jo_ChApril 18 2022, 17:15 All 7 of us children (5 brothers & 2 sisters) plan on doing each our part to furnish a nice for our hard working mom. I’M spending between $150 to $200 and in charge of buying ‘See’S’ Candies (dark chocolate, moms favorite) and a personal present. And the best mom advice i’Ve remember getting is ironically from mom herself when I was a child which she taught me from the Bible: “Honor thy father and thy mother” (Especially with the choices you make). As a kid I found it as not being to convenient but as I got older it help to keep me closer to my parents. Whether I win or not I think we all agree that having a caring/Loving mom is like winning a fortune. Happy Mother’S Day everyone!
VgrinityApril 18 2022, 10:07 We'll prepare the tasty apple cake with champagne and flowers, the children can draw the holiday-card.
vgtrinityApril 18 2022, 10:06 We'll prepare the tasty apple cake with champagne and flowers, the children can draw the holiday-card.
Member433453147024April 18 2022, 09:01 We laughed and talked over a hot cup of tea. If I had known that would be the last time I saw her I would have held her so tight and close to me that no one would have been able to take her away from me. Flowers and a cold stone marker are my new memories. Happy Mother's Day..I miss you.
cats_seaApril 18 2022, 08:00 I'll cook a cake and buy a flowers
Member425814713257April 17 2022, 20:12 Happy Mother’S Day
LesliehollidayApril 17 2022, 19:25 I plan on driving up to Iowa from Texas to surprise her. I haven't seen her in years because of limitations on both of ends but i'm ready to see her again.
Member232925034810April 17 2022, 08:22 Thank You for giving me chance to win $50. If I win, I will send the money to my relatives back home to Help due to Storm Anton.
gooddealzApril 17 2022, 04:19 Thank you for the chance to win and help me spend more on mothers day if I win
Member433443256644April 17 2022, 00:43 My mom just moved to a new country with me. I planned to reserve her a nice restaurant and put her onto facetime, so every family members could celebrate with her together
roxymb402April 16 2022, 20:29 Take her out for brunch
JonnyApril 16 2022, 17:17 Lunch or brunch.
iidakazuApril 16 2022, 13:37 Call her for regular communication
yangli321April 16 2022, 12:10 I plan to cook a special Mother's day dish for my mom who has been bedridden for years due to hemiplegia caused by a stroke. I will spend about $50-70 on the ingredients and flowers for her.
Member18307279336April 16 2022, 10:01 Happy Mothers day to all of the momas out there!
slick1109April 16 2022, 04:15 I bought my Mom some Yellow Tulips and a battle of Pineapple Moscato Wine. I will also help to cook a Ham dinner.
Member233062699146April 15 2022, 15:17 I plan to spend the day with my my two adult kids, daughter-in-law and husband. We will order food to be delivered (so I don’T have to cook on Mother’S Day).
I am also plan on taking a nap because naps are wonderful.
Member232988170101April 15 2022, 14:54 A weekend getaway!
RschirmerApril 15 2022, 14:49 Topcashback has a ton of room for improvements.
SungfeifeiApril 15 2022, 13:08 Happy Mother’S Day all mom !
dylanemmabethApril 15 2022, 06:03 Me and the kids will be making wooden flower planters for their mom (my wife) and filling them with planted flowers. She will be on a graduation trip for our oldest daughter during the week of Mother’S Day, but we will surprise her when she comes back.
JimGApril 14 2022, 22:58 I would love to win as then I could do something nice for my mom. But regardless of it being mother's day or not, all mom's and even dad's too deserve to be recognize for all the love and care they have plus hard work to make a loving family.
adendyutApril 14 2022, 14:47 Likely cook at home…
dionneApril 14 2022, 14:18 Celebrate your Mom's everyday of the year! 🌺🌼🌸🌹
gumgg24April 14 2022, 09:58 Probably try to find a good meal out there with around $200 budget. Probably yelp is a good place to check!
DOLLFIN630April 14 2022, 09:22 We will be celebrating at home and some family members will be coming by. Probably spend $150.00 - $200.00
iaznzdorewApril 14 2022, 09:04 We live half a world apart so it will be a zoom mother's day
X25hannahxApril 14 2022, 08:27 We order a nice take out dinner and relax at home , my kind of Mother’S Day !
MireyasrApril 14 2022, 07:48 I would love to meet my mother and grandmother this year, they live abroad and this time I plan to come as a surprise to celebrate them and celebrate my first year as a mom, I just had my first baby!! I would like to take them to eat and buy some small present! Whenever I need some advice, I call my mom and of course she always solves my day! I would like to spend at least $200 dollars since everything is very expensive these days!
Nowhere do I find the best advice more than with my mom!!
Member325453273827April 14 2022, 07:46 Not celebrating.
amysungApril 14 2022, 07:31 Celebrating with a meal at home for mom. Happy Mother's Day!
KLapsApril 14 2022, 04:35 Celebrating with a nice meal either togo or at home. Happy Mother's Day!
KLapsApril 14 2022, 04:24 Celebrating with a nice meal either togo or at home. Happy Mother's Day!
Ivy0April 13 2022, 21:46 I will receive handmade gifts for two kids on Mother's Day. Happy Mother’S Day !!!
BillincpApril 13 2022, 20:18 Celebrating with a nice meal either togo or at home. Happy Mother's Day!
metmanApril 13 2022, 20:02 Will be celebrating with my wife and kids hopefully on the beach in Maine if it's warm enough! Happy early Mother's Day all!
braveinnoApril 13 2022, 19:51 Happy mother's day,

I want to say to my mother.
ff7lsyApril 13 2022, 19:11 Happy mother's day,
I want to say to my mother.
BettyTSoApril 13 2022, 19:10 Celebrating my mom with high tea and flowers. Unsure what my family has plans for me :)
ff7lsyApril 13 2022, 18:58 Happy mother's day,

I want to say to my mother.
Belleeeair April 13 2022, 18:20 No special plans. I’Ll be home with my two kids who are under the age of 3. Oh and their father who spends his whole entire day playing video games while care for these two kids on my own like always. Fun.
Member132706330931April 13 2022, 17:32 This year i’Ll be baking a new treat with my family! We love to cook with each and spending time in the kitchen together is always a treat!
RusassyApril 13 2022, 16:54 Go to my Moms house with some flowers and a gift. Spend around 50 dollars. Best advise comes from my Mom. We usually take some food and desserts as well.
Mdwolfmd April 13 2022, 16:48 No plans to celebrate. Will send Mom flowers. Don't know what my kids have planned but it won't be going out.
Llama mama April 13 2022, 16:34 You should have some type of rewards for doing surveys besides prize drawings! It would be awesome if you gave us a choice between 1$ And the entry into the drawing.
Anthony AApril 13 2022, 16:31 Happy mother's day all mom.
Member333356655946April 13 2022, 15:50 We always celebrate by either going out to eat or having a cookout for all the moms in our family. I usually spend $100 to $200 on a gift, plus whatever I spend on the meal. The best mom advice comes from mom. Who else?
peggywaiApril 13 2022, 15:49 Is that a typo? For mother's day you're doing a survey about our pet expenses? Lol that's a weird segue.
MpdnApril 13 2022, 15:32 AlmoçAr com a minha mãE, presenteando com um excelente almoçO e um bom vinho. E sempre recebendo aquele carinho e óTimos conselhos.
Ervacrouley1 April 13 2022, 15:18 Animals of any kind bring me joy! They have more humanity than a lot of humans and they have such amazing and even humorous personalities! I have always had pets since I was a child. From dogs, cats, horses, goats, pigs, ducks, pigeons, cows, sheep, etc. But dogs have my heart. They are loyal when a person don’T deserve it. I can’T imagine my life without my dog Roxy. She’S almost 17 years old so I know her days are numbered, but she, like all my previous beloved pets will be in my ❤️ Furever. 🐾
zzcodiApril 13 2022, 15:08 What to buy?
Chesbon94 April 13 2022, 15:06 For my mom I am taking her to lunch at olive garden and we will be surprising her with presents at home in which we got a few cards and a new coffee machine.

For myself husband got a 50 gift card for dutch bros and I have a pedicure scheduled
Wishingsis1 April 13 2022, 14:44 I do plan on celebrating by spending time and playing board games with my 2 girls. I do not plan on spending money this year. The best mom advice I get is from other moms.
Loen210April 13 2022, 14:38 Animals give me life worth living it.
I can't imagine being full without my furry family members. They've saved me during hardest times and through happy times
Adona1April 13 2022, 14:30 This year has been quite devastating and I don’T know if I should cry or scream! So the last several years on Mother’S Day my 2 grown kids would take me and my husband to dinner and spend time. Last year we had this fabulous dinner in the French Quarters, we took pictures and had a wonderful Sunday. Fast forward to end of last year/Beginning of this year when both of my children stopped talking to me and my husband, the guy that raised them from very little kids. The reason was because we refused to co-sign on an expensive apartment for our son after he had to buy an expensive new car (bmw suv) despite having a car already and the car turned out to be a lemon. During the buyers period of being able to take the car back, I begged and begged him to take it back, but it fell on deaf ears. So b/C he could not afford to get the engine repaired, the bank repo’D the car leaving his credit bad. So because this generation has entitlement issues and lack of respect and reasoning, and me refusing to sign up for whatever problems they have because they made them themselves, I was told that I was never a mother to him! Initially it stung, because how could I not have been a mother when I was the person there; working to make sure they had a roof over their heads and making sure they lived in a good neighborhood, etc. So the hurt turned to anger and me feeling like the audacity! So long story short, since I have not spoken to either kid, (the sister decided to follow suit with the other brother’S great example) I am planning on making dinner for my husband and myself and enjoying a quiet Sunday. As much as it hurts to tell this story, maybe if I talk about it, the hurt will lessen over time. 😢
Member1028261519213April 13 2022, 14:26 I will go online shopping to buy the gift for my mother. My budget is around $3000.
teel0April 13 2022, 14:25 I have no idea who those moms are.
thedevilbatApril 11 2022, 17:45 "Which tv/Film Mom is most like your Mom???"
What do they do with that information??
russian_vodolazApril 11 2022, 17:41 7 years ago, on Mother’S day- I gave a birth to amazing boy. Boys (son/Husband) have planned a picnic on a lavender field.
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