Monoprice Stereo Giveaway

Enter to Win a 50W Stereo System

Posted on Dec 08 2016 Posted in  Giveaways & Contests
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Monoprice Stereo

You may recall a few weeks back TopCashback offered a really neat 3D Printer Giveaway. Our members raved about the endless creative possibilities a 3D Printer affords, so we are bringing back Monoprice on Day 4 of our Week of Big Giveaways. We're thrilled to offer a chance to win a 50W Stereo Tube Amp and speakers with Bluetooth from Monoprice. This speaker system will certainly have you rockin’ around the tree all season long, and for the foreseeable future. Get your playlists programmed and enter the giveaway via the Rafflecopter widget below.


More specifics on the prize:


Monoprice Model - 16153


Tube Types - 2x 6N1 and 2x 6P15


Bluetooth Range - up to 32 feet.


Weight - 11.2lbs


For more FAQs on their tubes amps, click here. For the full terms and conditions of this giveaway, click here. Good luck!




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Member115464072558December 14 2016, 21:42 I love the Carol of the Bells
countrycathyDecember 14 2016, 21:32 Love to win!
chrisp1monDecember 14 2016, 21:08 This would definitely be a Christmas miracle win!! Thank you!!
informative1December 14 2016, 18:58 Air 1 Christian music ??
3threebeanDecember 14 2016, 17:15 We listen to everything from our old Bing Crosby vinyls to the Trans Siberian Orchestra, and everything in between.
redvetteDecember 14 2016, 17:06 Bruce Springsteen Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town.
tkw066December 14 2016, 14:55 We wish you a merry christmas
farmergDecember 14 2016, 14:45 I love I want a hippopotamus for Christmas, its my fave
PurpledivamiDecember 14 2016, 14:27 Silent Night
ExampleDecember 14 2016, 13:02 Any holiday music by Pentatonix
Casgirl97December 14 2016, 12:59 Holiday songs sung by country singers.
duyduc256December 14 2016, 07:01 Holiday is the time for music all day
shOPPazolIcX59December 14 2016, 04:37 I like "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" song
littlecity413December 13 2016, 13:01 Christmas Song from John Lennon or Merry Little Christmas.
TheBonBonDecember 13 2016, 05:15 Honestly i'm in love with these speakers!
sharyl32December 12 2016, 19:23 I just love the tubes and can imagine the sounds of music coming out of it. Would love to hear some Christmas through it.
FreeJetDecember 12 2016, 16:32 I love to hear "Christmas time is here"
TawnymDecember 12 2016, 15:08 Mi Burrito
pulineDecember 12 2016, 14:58 Bruce - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
stevenli42December 12 2016, 14:32 A little night music.
PrettyAliceDecember 12 2016, 14:02 The First Noel and Silver Bells
Member115564281242December 12 2016, 12:54 Jingle Bells
Member85062225215December 12 2016, 11:42 I love Xmas music.
dbarker72December 12 2016, 09:51 Harry Connick, Jr. Christmas songs. I have the cassette, but no cassette player anymore. Too busy/Lazy to buy the MP3's!
bleuqueenDecember 12 2016, 09:18 I love old school tunes for the holidays!
LmarieWDecember 12 2016, 09:12 I like listening to Joe Walsh and turbonegro
keelyDecember 12 2016, 08:45 I love Christmas songs especially ones that represent the true meaning for the holiday.
lenin1991December 12 2016, 06:41 Bing Crosby
FsimpkinsDecember 12 2016, 06:36 My mother loves music so i'm sure a variety of music would come through those speakers!!!
sullyriderDecember 12 2016, 03:14 Waited for 3D printing to become affordable!!
iamcalledtinaDecember 11 2016, 23:51 Twelve Days of Christmas & We wish you a merry christmas
dink29December 11 2016, 21:33 I like to listen to holiday music old and new during the holidays
starzineDecember 11 2016, 19:37 Jingle Bells
mefink17December 11 2016, 18:36 Blue Christmas
calmond79December 11 2016, 17:04 I love classical Christmas songs! Tchaikovsky's "Sugar Plum Fairies" is one of my very fave!
JellyMuffinDecember 11 2016, 13:00 Thanks!
Annie FannyDecember 11 2016, 11:28 Listening to Frosty the Snowman & Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer with my granddaughters.
jufaswifeDecember 11 2016, 11:02 Jingle bell rock
jesyka80December 11 2016, 10:43 So hard to pick just one. Either Silent Night or Jingle Bell Rock.
December 11 2016, 10:41 My Favorite song during the Holiday Season is "The Christmas Song" by Nat King Cole, and also "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree." Those would be the songs i'd choose!
prettyxmamaDecember 11 2016, 09:54 My favorite is Jingle Bell Rock
becDecember 11 2016, 09:18 Jingle bells
tmmacaraDecember 11 2016, 07:11 Any song that is not a holiday song.
kthmilesDecember 11 2016, 06:04 We moved and our stereo system broke in the move. :( I'd love to have a new one so I can clean to blaring music instead of my phone!
janb29December 11 2016, 01:30 I like to hear the 12 Pains of Christmas and the Grinch song. I also love listening to Trans Siberian Orchestra.
merrieazDecember 10 2016, 18:54 It's not really a 'Christmas' song but the radio station I used to listen to all the time years ago, used to only play it during Christmas. The song is 'Angels Among Us'.
December 10 2016, 17:51 Silent Night
SashaC23December 10 2016, 11:00 I love the classic Christmas tunes! I also enjoy the chipmunks Christmas songs, lol, I know, weird!
tigress663December 10 2016, 09:55 I like Santa Baby or White Christmas.
tigress663December 10 2016, 09:42 I like the stem learning projects for my son.
JoshuaLDecember 10 2016, 07:37 Frosty the snowman
jannyshereDecember 10 2016, 04:40 I love White Christmas to listen too.
spamtaztikDecember 10 2016, 00:54 Only the classics will do for me.
hotcoalDecember 9 2016, 23:37 Brenda Lee - "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree"

The first time hearing the song was watching Home Alone when I was a kid
dwactorDecember 9 2016, 17:11 Loved "Blue Christmas" by Elvis Presley. Loved "White Christmas" and "Do You Hear What I Hear" by Bing Crosby.
alonay45December 9 2016, 15:35 I love to listen to crooners like bing crosby and nat king cole, it reminds me of my grandparents and of the holidays.
Shawna3416December 9 2016, 14:09 I would have to say I love The Trans Siberia Orchestra
T5iJennDecember 9 2016, 13:03 Do You Hear What I Hear & Mary Did You Know
lilahsheaDecember 9 2016, 12:10 Little Drummer Boy is my favorite!
finefinnDecember 9 2016, 11:17 I like to hear Little Drummer Boy during the holidays.
NotcreativeDecember 9 2016, 09:54 I have trouble hearing. Would love a stereo system to amplify sound.
maneshguravDecember 9 2016, 09:32 I want one
December 9 2016, 07:43 Country Christmas songs
yoreganoDecember 9 2016, 07:21 A good source for all things tech.
Piggirl7December 9 2016, 07:20 Not a fan of regular christmas music, if I want holiday type I usually go with Trans-Siberian Orchestra
CheeDecember 9 2016, 07:07 I like to hear the classic chidren Holiday songs like: All I Want For Christmas;
Angels We Have Heard On High;Deck The Halls;Frosty The Snowman;Go Tell It On The Mountain.
oceandeeDecember 9 2016, 07:00 Anything Pentantonix
StephBeckDecember 9 2016, 06:57 I like the traditional holiday songs
LanYoungDecember 9 2016, 06:42 All the songs are cute when I am driving and listening and looking at outdoor decorations everywhere.
Member107482534345December 9 2016, 06:33 I'm a sucker for White Christmas, but i'll always love The 12 Pains of Christmas!
Jibakwe08December 9 2016, 05:57 Like to listen country music 80' and 90'
AvaiationAtomDecember 9 2016, 05:38 Never Gonna Give You Up
crystalsgDecember 9 2016, 05:37 No Christmas music please. I just like to listen to regular music.
JstcountryDecember 9 2016, 02:43 I love all Country Christmas music but my absolute favorite song is Mary, Did You Know by Kenny Rogers, Wynonna Judd.
chrisp1monDecember 9 2016, 01:48 Mary did you know is my favorite Christmas song of all time! I fell in love with it when I first heard Kenny Rogers sing it!!!
pidu87December 9 2016, 01:03 Jackson 5 - Santa Claus is coming to town, Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You, and Merry Muthaf***In’ Xmas by Eazy-e (Just to mix it up hahaha)
rainmakermelodyDecember 8 2016, 23:58 I love listening to acoustic Christmas songs or Pentatonix!
dlw47December 8 2016, 23:20 I like to hear Harry Connick Jr. Singing When My Heart Finds Christmas.
eviewDecember 8 2016, 22:21 Not a big Christmas music lover, but I do like white Christmas by bing crosby.
mlinusaDecember 8 2016, 21:50 No more Christmas songs for me. A local radio station is doing it this month every year. I have to change it to other stations.
mlinusaDecember 8 2016, 21:50 No more Christmas songs for me. A local radio station is doing it this month every year. I have to change it to other stations.
shortrebaDecember 8 2016, 21:29 I like the traditional songs.
Candy12151December 8 2016, 21:04 I listen to every Christmas song all season long from Jingle Bell Rock to Last Christmas.
mymoneyblogDecember 8 2016, 20:46 I love Monoprice prices!
drinxxDecember 8 2016, 19:57 Dropkick Murphys - The Season's Upon Us
balltaniaDecember 8 2016, 19:41 Seriously I love all Christmas songs..
meade18December 8 2016, 19:18 Last Christmas by Wham
t1ffanyannDecember 8 2016, 19:05 I love any Christmas songs!
kkalookDecember 8 2016, 18:22 Celebrate me home by Kenny Loggins. I crank it up every time I hear it.
countrycathyDecember 8 2016, 18:06 Holiday songs sung by country singers.
saleagoDecember 8 2016, 18:00 Silent Night is my favorite song at Christmas.
tcutDecember 8 2016, 17:33 The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole.
dumbo305December 8 2016, 15:55 Choral type of Christmas theme music, and Christmas songs such as "Santa Claus is coming to town" and "Last Christmas".
Lim01BabeDecember 8 2016, 14:42 I love everything about Christmas it's not all about the gifts your get. It's more about the Lord and love the togetherness,spending time together talking, laughing just having fun.God Bless everyone and Happy Holidays.
darkerlustDecember 8 2016, 14:30 Frosty the snow man
LeahWootenDecember 8 2016, 13:12 I especially love the Christmas music from the Michael Buble dvd.
LeahWootenDecember 8 2016, 13:12 I especially love the Christmas music from the Michael Buble dvd.
fiarsgirlDecember 8 2016, 13:09 I love Away in a Manger and Jig to the World. I'm sad the radio stations only play secular Christmas songs now.
sandradavis07December 8 2016, 12:26 I love hearing White Christmas, Silent Night, Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree, just to name a few.
KayteDecember 8 2016, 11:20 Blue Christmas by Elvis. We used to sing it with my dad when we were little.
psjonesDecember 8 2016, 11:19 Holly jolly christmas, o holy night!
ptshrdrDecember 8 2016, 11:13 Joy to the World!
JeansrheeDecember 8 2016, 11:03 I love o'holy Night, Carol of the Bells, Jingle Bell Rock lot's of them!
sharyl32December 8 2016, 11:02 That is a beautiful stereo and we surely could use one. Ours is about wore out. We would love a chance to win a monoprice Stereo Tube Amp System (50W) with Bluetooth and Retro Speakers. I have never seen a stereo system like it before and I can imagine how the music sounds coming out of it. It would come just in time for some Christmas music to be played on it. It would be wonderful to have.
jenni104December 8 2016, 10:34 The old classics, "What Child is This" "Silient NIght" and all of them
dimsumkidDecember 8 2016, 09:42 Do They Know It's Christmas
TidalZoneDecember 8 2016, 09:34 I win a lot but I have not won lately.
jenrenhDecember 8 2016, 09:27 I love all Christmas music, but my favorite is White Christmas.
SherikayeDecember 8 2016, 09:01 The songs I like depend on my current mood. Love Mary Did You Know? Jingle Bell Rock, Little Drummer Boy.
SherikayeDecember 8 2016, 09:01 The songs I like depend on my current mood. Love Mary Did You Know? Jingle Bell Rock, Little Drummer Boy.
TaraNJDecember 8 2016, 08:21 This would be amazing. All three stereos we bought about 7 years ago just died. One doesn't get reception at all and skips on CDs. One has a stuck cd changer/Player/Recorder, and one is stuck on MP3 input. We have teens and play a lot of music all over our house and yard.
Athena_RDecember 8 2016, 08:13 Baby It's Cold Outside
forcedfxDecember 8 2016, 08:09 Blog comment
LindaOaktonDecember 8 2016, 07:26 Love to win a 3d printer for our library!
DheenaDecember 8 2016, 07:22 Joy to the World!
Conniesue62December 8 2016, 07:18 A 3D printer. I could just whip some decorations if needed!
echotidesDecember 8 2016, 07:18 My favorite is "Do you Hear What I Hear" also "What Child is This?" "Mary Did You Know?"
pplimadDecember 8 2016, 07:01 Christmas Music in older equipment make me real an infant dreams
Sillygirl6December 8 2016, 06:58 This company I have never heard of before and after browsing their site, they have alot of things to offer and I am glad I was directed to them!!
vrrDecember 8 2016, 06:58 Amazing to see Bluetooth on a Tube Amp.
kosherpickleDecember 8 2016, 06:42 1940 1950 singers singing holiday songs
sarachristieDecember 8 2016, 06:42 I like to hear I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas :)
willsy13December 8 2016, 06:27 Anything from tso is fine, already tired of Christmas Music though..Ha
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