Money 101 Survey 2023

Money 101 Survey 2023

Posted on Jul 17 2023 Posted in  Giveaways & Contests
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Money 101 Survey 2023

Money can be a tough subject, but personal finance skills are essential when it comes to saving money, increasing your credit score, applying for a loan and more!

Tell us, does your budget change depending on the season? Do you have a side hustle? Have you canceled subscriptions after the free trial ended to save money?

These are the things TopCashback wants to know. And who better to answer all these questions than you?

We’d love to hear from our members about their money habits. Take a brief survey and enter for a chance to win $50! One lucky winner will be selected at random on July 31st.

Please be sure to submit your email address at the end of the survey to be selected at random. Participants are required to answer every question to be eligible for the giveaway.

If you win, you will be notified via email from our email account. The survey closes on July 31, 2023 at 6:00 AM PT.

Responses are voluntary and will remain confidential. All answers will be compiled together and analyzed as a group. See the full giveaway terms and conditions for more information.

This survey has closed. Click here to view the results!


Amarals82August 6 2023, 18:24 So you guys still have a survey available
Member737776044407July 31 2023, 16:00 Nice post
MyeTCBYahooJuly 30 2023, 12:20 My budget doesn't change depending on the season. I budget for everything yearly and try not to go over it. For example, if I budget 1,000 for travel then it doesn't matter when I travel.
dionneJuly 29 2023, 19:29 Does my budget change depending on season? Not really, the extra money spent during Christmas equals to the extra money spent during summer on travel & Activities
Do I have a side hustle? No but I definitely need one
Have I canceled subscriptions to save money? Yes, many of them
Inflation, taxes & Ever increasing prices on everything is making it impossible to make ends meet!
LadydolsonJuly 29 2023, 19:18 Does your budget change depending on the season?
Yes my budget definitely changes depending on the season. Spend so much more during the summer and then Christmas of course.

Do you have a side hustle?
I probably should get a second job, but no I don’T.

Have you canceled subscriptions after the free trial ended to save money?
Yes I have definitely done this! Especially if I don’T care for it I even cancel before the free trial is up.
lchambers86July 29 2023, 17:44 I always feel like we spend more money over the summer months that the rest of the year. Maybe it's the activities and summer camps, the travel, and the endless swarm of snacks requested by our daughter and any and every friend she has over.

I run a side gig helping teachers plan effective lessons for their classrooms--having taught myself for 12 years.

I have absolutely canceled subscriptions after the free trial, sometimes it's due to cost, other times due to quality of the service/Product.
Hui LiuJuly 29 2023, 15:26 I like cash back because if I spend money I get cash back. This is a very great thing!
khoavo271July 29 2023, 10:11 Does your budget change depending on the season?
Yes, depend on sale season.

Do you have a side hustle?

Have you canceled subscriptions after the free trial ended to save money?
Yes, if it doesn’T work for me.
Member1235781068103July 29 2023, 08:54 I like cash back because if you spend money you get cash back and is good when you have a big family
ExDr008July 29 2023, 05:42 Great!!!
GenchanJuly 29 2023, 01:47 Does your budget change depending on the season?
Do you have a side hustle?
Have you canceled subscriptions after the free trial ended to save money?
Member236426864050July 28 2023, 23:04 Great!!!
Ritamelnyk27July 28 2023, 22:27 I love cash-back apps. I've been using cash-back apps since I heard about it. It was a long time ago. I have a big family and TopCashback helps me a lot on saving my money. Thank you a lot!!!
YI_CHIAJuly 28 2023, 21:56 Does your budget change depending on the season?
Yes. If I want to buy something I need but not that hurry, I will choose big sale season.
Do you have a side hustle?
No. Enjoy your life.
Have you canceled subscriptions after the free trial ended to save money?
Yes. But if it’S good enough, I won’T cancel subscriptions.
Tesch23July 28 2023, 21:19 Yes and I love it very much
LoganlovesmomJuly 28 2023, 20:39 This app helps me save money.I can use the extra cash for Christmas shopping. Thank you for creating an amazing app that shoppers can relate too.
Lili13July 28 2023, 19:35 I’M a big shopper…I always look for a coupon,must have free s & H, I cry if I have to buy a gift and I cant use a cash back app or when I shop my designers and boy do I shop them not only for myself but for husband and son…I do get a lot of cash back w my apps and I do feel slightly better when I have to buy from the no cash back app stores
Good luck to all and ty TopCashBack you are my newest find but i’Ve been w u for a good amount of time now ohhhh & Your customer service response is phenomenal 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
floydmcgowanJuly 28 2023, 19:11 Use coupons, cash back reward cards and high interest savings accounts.
Tluke93July 28 2023, 19:09 I have had to to anything possible to budget and save for Christmas seasons and kids birthdays. Free trials, borrow families stuff, sometimes even return things. Money gets tight but life still goes one. You have to just keep going and figure out as you go with the items services you need in your life.
emcoliJuly 28 2023, 19:07 My budget stays the same throughout the year. I have a side hustle and sell a few items on eBay. I have cancelled a subscription after a free trial has ended to save money if I did not think the subscription was worth the price or if I did not use the subscription much during the trial.
Member737578558359July 28 2023, 19:04 This is a great opportunity to save on the right things
YUEH TZU HSUJuly 28 2023, 19:02 TopCashback is very good on saving money!
whereisjkimJuly 28 2023, 18:58 Save more money for the future
venkat_samJuly 28 2023, 18:37 Topcashback addon also applies various coupons available upon checkout, so we don't miss on additional savings!!!
HsiangTWJuly 28 2023, 18:18 “ Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”
AshliKJuly 28 2023, 17:54 I always meal plan to try and save money on groceries and not eat out. I also use apps to get cash back.

JimGJuly 28 2023, 17:36 I enjoy using as many cash back apps back as possible.
PaybackmofoJuly 28 2023, 16:42 I love scanning my receipts. I gives me great pleasure to get a little something back when you’Re always spending.
qatariorixJuly 28 2023, 16:40 Topcashback is best system!
Kearney9July 28 2023, 16:05 My budget just changed because I was laid off.
Nunezcarmina57July 28 2023, 16:04 Con 3 NiñOs ha cambiado bastante mi manera de ahorrar que ahora con esta aplicacion debo buscar donde hay máS opcióN de cash back para comprar en líNea y ganar todos.

With 3 children my way of saving has changed so much that now with this application I have to look for where there is more cash back option to buy online and win everyone.
William HuangJuly 28 2023, 15:47 TopCashback makes feel like spending money is earning money.
Member633937215012July 28 2023, 15:33 This is a good platform to save few cents when you shop
Sste94396July 28 2023, 15:00 Any little bit helps with this day and age
milliepromoJuly 28 2023, 14:56 Love the big fat checks!!!
Member710162753839July 28 2023, 14:53 My budget do change from season to season, I spend less in summer and a lot more in winter due travel expenses; property tax; insurance premium.
I do cancel some memberships at the end of trial except for Amazon and Costco
My side hustle usually ally include in person and on line research
edleonstgoJuly 28 2023, 14:51 I’M trying to save more money for retirement.
miumiuting0720July 28 2023, 14:50 I love the cash back ! Save money!
Babystar7 July 28 2023, 14:47 This company would save you a lot from different retailers. I highly recommend TopCashback back to anyone.
Member437045596659July 28 2023, 14:44 My spending definitely changes seasonally. I have canceled subscriptions before and after the free trial. It depends on my usage. I do have a side job to make extra fun money.
Martangl4July 28 2023, 14:41 TopCashback save me a lot of money I really enjoy this app
Member232897643050July 28 2023, 14:40 I find that doing surveys really helps. I try to earn money or gift cards for my grandkids. I use them for birthdays or Christmas gifts. My husband recently passed away so I am trying to double up.
mcD2oJuly 28 2023, 14:31 It’S good but sometimes they fail to track some purchases
PurpleCookieJuly 28 2023, 14:26 Shop during the sale seasons and use the cashback rewards through TopCashback and credit card. Cancelled my pilates membership and trying to do exercises at home.
Member236347647204July 28 2023, 14:07 Love the cash back and referral bonus. Easy to use and easy to redeem.
tictac5July 28 2023, 14:05 TopCashBack.
thomazkitamuraJuly 28 2023, 13:07 Travelling and saving money, only at TopCashBack!!
Member1035242873247July 27 2023, 00:43 Topcashback saved me lots of cash!
y2kredbug2July 26 2023, 21:34 Topcashback saved me lots of cash!
Member921871452917July 26 2023, 14:38 I’M new to this site but anxious to see where it goes. Come on! Let’S save some money
OleksandrHrebenyukJuly 26 2023, 14:12 Very good platform to deal with.
Aiza0306July 26 2023, 11:11 This best sit I visited
clarisse11July 26 2023, 09:16 This is the best site ever!
Ivan2001July 26 2023, 06:38 This site very perfect for everyone thanks cashback you are the savior!! ☺️🤜🤛
AnllyJuly 26 2023, 03:40 I love the cash back !!!!! Ahorro dinero.
Top30July 25 2023, 14:56 Very comforable
DaurenShJuly 25 2023, 05:04 I love cashback! Topcashback is best of the best!
Member1016108708838July 24 2023, 09:44 Huge fan of your site - thanks for saving me so much money!
Jason20July 24 2023, 07:27 Best site ever
Malik Muhammad ArbazJuly 22 2023, 03:24 Best site ever
Member737581749433July 22 2023, 01:02 Best site ever
Member737645836319July 21 2023, 23:28 Hi hehe best site ever
AppleIsAllAroundJuly 20 2023, 19:44 Quick, Easy & Believable.
dunadanJuly 20 2023, 18:53 I do subscribe to a lot of free trials (if they allow a decent amount of time; not something small like 2-weeks), and then I cancel when the free trial time ends. But if the cost is really worth it, then I don't mind paying even after the free trial ends. That's pretty rare, though.
Member737634345152July 20 2023, 17:52 This site made me tons of money. This is a game-changer. There are similar sites out there but Topcashback is typically offering the best offers.
qiongshanJuly 20 2023, 13:58 Love the cash back.
Member236347647204July 20 2023, 09:31 Love the cash back and referral program. Love the payout method and easy process
Member737616562937July 20 2023, 02:54 Love the cash back
Onigordon13July 19 2023, 18:40 Love the cashback!! Legit!!!!! Wish more walmart cashback though
rhdndltrr0023July 18 2023, 19:10 Love the cashback 100% Legit!!!!!
Member1116132551935July 18 2023, 11:16 The world champion rebate site!!!
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