Money 101 Survey 2021

Money 101 Survey 2021

Posted on Jul 19 2021 Posted in  Deals, Giveaways & Online Contests
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Money 101 Survey 2021

How often do you talk about money? Sometimes, it gets a little tricky. But keeping track of personal finances is important for you and your family to maintain financial stability.

We want to know what you know about dough! Tell us, what money-related habits do you have? Do you keep a budget? What is your preferred payment method?

These are the things TopCashback wants to know. And who better to ask all these questions to than you?

We love to hear from our members about their money habits. Take a brief survey and enter for a chance to win $50! One lucky winner will be selected at random on August 2nd.

Please be sure to submit your email address at the end of the survey to be selected at random. Participants are required to answer every question to be eligible for the giveaway.

If you win, you will be notified via email from our email account.

Responses are voluntary and will remain confidential. All answers will be compiled together and analyzed as a group. See the full giveaway terms and conditions for more information.

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LVLadyAug 02 21 - 12:24 Always use TCB, pay by credit card for points. Shop at outlets!
yaoxintanAug 01 21 - 23:24 Save money is making money...Because time is money also!
mooseheadAug 01 21 - 16:05 Topcashback is a total scam
MrsrbennettAug 01 21 - 11:50 Whenever I get paid weekly, I set aside the money goes to savings and payment for bills. I use credit cards most of the time but I manage to keep up with my spending every week. I gave specific amount of money in the check in account for my husband to spend in a week to make sure that we dont overspend and will stick on our weekly budget. We try to stretch as much as possible without depriving ourselves in buying something we want once in a while.
MmountAug 01 21 - 11:05 I lost my job last month living on my savings for now till I get back on my feet
hank97xyAug 01 21 - 06:27 I don't like talk about money because I don't have money.
Hernandez0992Aug 01 21 - 05:33 We dont talk about money much. I have a spread sheet and only pay eitth debit cards dont like having cash on hand.
Paradise2022Jul 31 21 - 10:26 I don’T have a budget, but I only buy things I need and don’T over spend.
Member526084600453Jul 31 21 - 08:31 I have an Excel file. The first column I list all the bills and across the top are the months. Every month I key in all my purchases and bills.
lorabklynJul 30 21 - 22:14 I try to save up and have budget
jshbrchttJul 30 21 - 17:03 I budget for absolutely nothing! I spend very little and save alot so I don't have to budget.
kaosinlaJul 30 21 - 16:14 Completed
emscout9Jul 30 21 - 12:02 I have monthly budget set aside for everything. It helps me manage my money better because once my budget for that month is used up, I restrict myself from spending. My preferred payment method is using cash.
Ru_PiJul 30 21 - 10:23 It Is the best
LikalomiiJul 30 21 - 09:43 When I want to buy something I am searching in lots of sites untill I find good deal, also I love free things when you buy something and will get something, gift with purchase I save with cashback and save with good deal, I am student and to save money for me is very important , because I have small budget
MottygrJul 30 21 - 09:22 We love it
Member38889887451Jul 30 21 - 04:08 A dollar saved is a dollar we can spend somewhere else
AkaosaJul 29 21 - 12:40 It’S a great way to make extra money back
HogfanyoJul 29 21 - 01:06 Just "one" lucky winner will be selected to win $50 bucks. Only one 😕
Topcashback.....Tell us times are hard without really telling us times are hard 💯💯💯
Kweezie76Jul 28 21 - 22:14 Raising four children would discuss money with the family to teach them responsibility and budget. So started them with chores to earn allowance and discuss what they were saving for. Was lots of fun and enjoying saving money whenever possible
YohanxxxxxJul 28 21 - 19:17 I think if the rewards could be refunded as a e-check it would be more convenient for users.
navincp123Jul 28 21 - 15:10 Look for the best deal before buying. That's my motto to stay within budget. Topcashback is always helping me with cashback.
Member59734297750Jul 28 21 - 15:07 I usually use portals like TopCashback, to pay for purchases, and use my rewards credit cards to gain compounded Cashback on those purchases. I also utilize other credit cards (non-points/Rewards) to pay bills and pay those back with the money I already allocated for bills. Using my own money to make more money/Creditworthiness!
MagTWJul 28 21 - 15:02 I shop for deals mostly. When I need something, I always take the time to shop around.
saitshJul 28 21 - 13:55 My budget always best. My policy is income = Savings - expenditure
Bmiller5338Jul 28 21 - 13:49 I keep good track of my finances. Make lists for everything. Set a budget on birthdays and Christmas gifts. Shop the end of season sales and all year to keep my gift closet filled.
Member530781061708Jul 28 21 - 13:43 TopCashback para mim. Tenho que indicar toda a minha famíLia e amigos para aderir
NanainchargeJul 28 21 - 13:06 I've never had a budget. I pay bills when they're due and try to not spend excessively. I have learn over the years you have one credit card. I make small purchases on it and play in full when due. I have it mainly for emergencies. My hardest area not to spend is my children and grandchildren.
KomesuobiJul 28 21 - 12:53 Basically I can not keep quiet and keep all the good stuff TopCashback to myself. I have to refer all my family and friends to join 👏🏾🤩🎊
Maureen514Jul 28 21 - 12:18 I try to stay on a budget but i'm really bad at it!
I always make sure my bills are paid first but I don't have enough in savings and i'm currently working on getting my credit back up to a decent score.
I obsessively look for deals and coupons and end up getting amazing deals on things that I didn't need in the first place!!
MichiDim10Jul 28 21 - 12:04 I always look for a good deal! Discounts, coupons buying in bulk. Every penny makes a difference.
lotteryqueenJul 28 21 - 10:47 I keep good track of all my finances, I have to because I can't afford to mess up the little funds that I have. :)

I have signed up to all the money saving apps that I know up, in efforts to save more money.
I have a cash card that offers cash back for purchases, use coupons or anything else that generates money b going back to my bank account. I am a very good shopper and know how to make a dollar out of 15 cent!
Member526021389224Jul 28 21 - 10:28 I shop with coupon and save receipts to get cash back on fetch rewards and receipt pal. I always try to keep a budget. Most of the time I am paying wiht credit cards, otherwise paypal.
Pamela333Jul 28 21 - 10:09 I look in my checking account to verify the balance. Then I go through and pay all bills that are due between now and the next time I get paid. If there is anything left over, I have 3 kids and they are always asking for something. I prioritize what they want (clothes, school supplies, school field trips, etc.) And if there is enough left over, I get them what they want. We don't make much money and the children understand this. If they want something bad enough, they go out and shovel sidewalks, mow grass for neighbors, etc. And earn the money for their item.
syndey01Jul 28 21 - 07:20 I try to keep a budget. I keep a it back for emergencies. I look for coupons. And I love Topcash back. I check it often.
Member229906708745Jul 28 21 - 04:06 I try to keep track of my finances, so I use the Topcashback cashback service, as well as bank cashback.
T_haynesJul 27 21 - 12:22 Coupon shopper plus I use Ibotta, fetch rewards I definitely try to keep a budget. My preferred payment method is card!
twinklingsJul 27 21 - 09:48 It's just me so I don't talk about money often except to myself. Ha ha ha. I try to pay off cc each month and do not keep a budget per se. I prefer to pay through apps.
Hotwheelette63Jul 27 21 - 08:38 I put everything on cc then pay off at end of month. Keeps credit good.
joseefloJul 27 21 - 08:25 I am always paying with credits cards for cashback and some coupons.
Rolasuzanne Jul 27 21 - 06:36 Everyday. What we need to save, why we need to spend on this and what is the best way to invest it on. Like it or not, it’S an everyday subject.
griff2121Jul 27 21 - 06:34 I try to always pay with a credit card that offers rewards or cash back. I also pay in full each month. I use coupons, cash back apps. Topcashback is my favorite for online purchases.
dionneJul 26 21 - 20:24 I try not to talk about money, its depressing. I try to save money by any means necessary, coupons, sales, rebates, discounts, etc. I rarely buy anything thats not on sale & Resist getting pulled into overspending based on fads, trends, labels & Brand names.
Jeff_linJul 26 21 - 19:08 Gogo winner
gininberlinJul 26 21 - 18:17 I talk about money often these days because we have home repair projects going on. I have tons of cash back apps, coupon sometimes. I don't keep a proper budget - i'm just aware in my head of how much I spend on what and when so that I know when to cut back. I don't let loose and just spend spend spend when I know for example that I just ate out, so that means the rest of the week I eat what's at home, etc. I don't carry lots of cash so I tend to pay with debit or credit card (for points or cashback rewards) and then pay it off in time.
Jennifer AndersonJul 26 21 - 11:21 Comparison shopping and using tracking apps like Mint.
Lisa HardingJul 26 21 - 10:13 I always like to download the investment apps so I invested with cashapp and I like to use their card and I also invested with stash and that money just sits there I would rather pay with a card only so I can get extra Rewards
Alina IhnatenkoJul 26 21 - 03:44 I always draw up a budget for a month, namely, limits on the costs of household chemicals, food, etc. Most often I use credit cards.
Member630937788623Jul 24 21 - 17:51 It’S nice but the cashback rate is not that good compared to other cashback websites.
kickapoogianJul 24 21 - 10:43 I make my gift shopping list early, and use it to snag deals on amazon Prime, walmart Deals for Days, Black Fridays, etc.......Saves a ton each year.
saaaddonJul 24 21 - 09:48 Gogo winner
Member921990046256Jul 24 21 - 07:23 I have budgeted the family income all my life and keep track of spending. Balance everything at end of each month
Member630823989903Jul 23 21 - 22:56 Gogo winner
SteveBorsJul 23 21 - 19:47 I'm ready to take quiz
ExcelaocJul 23 21 - 19:36 I talk money all the time l, save every single penny. Want to get best price around the world. Give every effort to save money for my family and strictly control my own spending because my wife will spend my part too! And I think cash back website like TopCashback is great and it does saved me some money and in long run save big money for me. My preferred payment method is credit card, especially for those credit card with highest cash back rate. I rarely use cash unless there is no taxes when paying cash.
GonKongoJul 23 21 - 19:28 Контролирую расходы и ищу самый приемлемый вариант.
Accuphase1202Jul 23 21 - 19:19 When travel all over the world,i always stay with Marriott. And make reservation via TCB.
Tcb save me a lot of money.
Carmenque18Jul 23 21 - 18:16 I usually like to have everything under control. I keep track of everything I spend and save. I print a budget every month and my payment method is to use the Zelle app
noemihcJul 23 21 - 17:51 Love topcash
Member1128664390723Jul 23 21 - 15:29 Helloooo
hyunchul kimJul 21 21 - 14:30 Gogo winner
MarzhanatJul 21 21 - 12:08
Gogo winner
KaterynaHalkinaJul 21 21 - 01:58 Gogo I am winner
Member1028230160213Jul 20 21 - 17:11 Gogo winner
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