$100 Member Appreciation Giveaway

$100 Member Appreciation Giveaway

Posted on Oct 26 2023 Posted in  Giveaways & Contests, Member Rewards
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Congratulations to our "$100 Member Appreciation Giveaway",  Karen L. from Cincinatti, Ohio. Thank you all for playing!

Wake up and smell the cash back deals – it’s Member Appreciation weekend!

From now through Sunday, October 29, TopCashback is treating its fan base to MEGA cash back at select stores, a 10% payout bonus on Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards, and a $3 bonus on any $15+ purchase.

But that’s not all. Members also have the chance to win a hundred bucks in cash back!

To enter the prize draw, just answer the following question in the comments section below:

Why did you join TopCashback?

You have until Sunday, October 29, 2023, at 11:59 pm PT to participate in the contest. One lucky member will be randomly selected on Monday, October 30, 2023, so keep your eyes peeled for an email from winners@topcashback.com in case you’ve won.

TopCashback giveaways are open to members only. If you’re not already a member, take a moment to sign up. See the full giveaway terms and conditions for additional information.

Kitcat07 January 10 2024, 10:09 I most definitely saw that $35 cash ! I am in and little did I know how awesome this cashback site would be !!! I love Topcashback hands down the best -n- my eyes i've tried them all highly recommend! You just can't beat I love the fact that I have access to everything deals/Promos/Gift cards/Discounts etc and the fact offers cash back on stores some sites don't!! Awesome
NicBerinNovember 10 2023, 02:59 I love getting cashback!
Marycauley November 3 2023, 11:49 I joined Top Cash Back because I Love Saving & Earning Cash Back on Everyday Purchases that i’M doing anyway & The Top cash back percentage of Cash Back was & Is better than other Cash Back Apps & Websites & I also enjoyed the extra bonus Cash Back for joining & Referral program!
ang_35_99November 2 2023, 10:33 I joined because I love getting the cash back.
wendy1458October 30 2023, 06:58 I joined to be able to earn some cash back on my everyday purchases- especially around the holidays
Hi Wendy,

Thank you for being a valuable member of TopCashback! :)

What stores will you be shopping at this holiday season? What did you save on last year?

Best Wishes,
jesdavis419October 29 2023, 23:58 I joined for the promo codes and to earn cash back on gift card purchases.
BubeeOctober 29 2023, 23:52 I joined to get more bang for the buck! And it's also fun!
korthmeyerOctober 29 2023, 23:27 To make cash back to save towards presents for a birthday or Christmas.
Member1128310716212October 29 2023, 23:15 Earn money while shopping
veneedOctober 29 2023, 23:09 To save money
AS2016October 29 2023, 22:50 To earn extra bonus money to do even more shopping!!! :)
Member9494October 29 2023, 21:57 I joined TopCashback because it typically has higher cash back rates than the other websites I have used in the past. I’M so glad I did. Not only are their cash back rates higher, but they also have excellent customer support!
caitles13October 29 2023, 21:54 To earn cash back for regular shopping trips.
Schooner8688October 29 2023, 21:54 To earn money
SchmohawkOctober 29 2023, 21:33 I joined TopCashback because it's a great way to save money on things I was already going to buy! I have earned nearly $1300 dollars at TopCashback and have loved the site ever since I joined! I especially love it when they do cash back boosts and bonus cash back promotions! Can't wait for my next savings opportunity!
ShubnumOctober 29 2023, 21:32 Get a little something back for something you’Re already buying, it helps to buy more.
igmakhOctober 29 2023, 21:24 Free money
NadenkaOctober 29 2023, 21:17 Great opportunity to be reimbursed for tax paid
mthifaultOctober 29 2023, 21:06 I joined Topcashback when my children were little and I was trying to save as much money as possible. It was a fun and easy way to do it.
rapmonvOctober 29 2023, 21:04 Maximize cashback rewards - honestly, out of all the ones i've tried, TopCashback has the best payout, perks, and options.
jdorOctober 29 2023, 20:34 To earn cash back
xinconanconanOctober 29 2023, 20:03 Maximize the rewards!
moconnoOctober 29 2023, 19:43 For the cash back benefits, and for coupon codes and other notifications about deals.
Member821010863906October 29 2023, 19:27 For the amazing cashback benefits!
anniet09October 29 2023, 19:16 I originally joined TopCashBack because my friend recommended and showed me that I can earn more than another cash back site/App I was currently using. I’M all for maximizing cash back savings!
Member1216968739819October 29 2023, 19:02 Joined to save $'S with cash back. I was skeptical at first. Couldn't believe something like this existed but have been a member since 2018 and love it. I shop for the best prices, so why not cash back too. Cash back makes the deals even sweeter and more $'S saved. And you offer bonus $'S occasionally with a convenient email alert. All the retailers I have shopped with are partnered with TCB. I've discovered other cash back websites, but TCB is by far the best. I don't know what took me so long to become a member, since you've been in the us since 2011, but i'm thrilled I got on board. As far as I can tell, TCB has been under constant operation by the same original founders and hasn't changed names/Ownership numerous times, or gone out of business completely, like other cash back and coupon sites. Thanks Oliver & Mike!
nicksOctober 29 2023, 19:00 It was a while back so I do not recall details but I think TCB was offering the highest cashback at whatever retailer I was shopping at the time.
Angel05October 29 2023, 18:31 I joined because a friend referred me, happy that I joined because the cash back rates are higher than other sites.
Member526119953659October 29 2023, 18:31 I joined to earn cash back on my purchases and earn gift cards to keep buying stuff for my students
DimestoreLiamOctober 29 2023, 18:23 To be perfectly honest, I joined because I thought the little hummingbird in the logo looked pretty cool.

I know that's sort of a stupid reason, but it's true, so whatever...
uvbnbadOctober 29 2023, 18:16 The Hummingbird made me join its collective and also save some cash while doing so.
jlsOctober 29 2023, 18:05 I joined to save cashback on all my purchases as TopCashback has some of the best deals & Cashback rates out there!
satadas30October 29 2023, 17:57 Save money on every single purchase
gkurodaOctober 29 2023, 17:54 To save money
Member36387096035October 29 2023, 17:40 Save money
ScpeguesOctober 29 2023, 17:29 To save even more on purchases
TraTra2BOctober 29 2023, 17:28 I joined to stretch my disability income as far as possible.
Smurf80October 29 2023, 17:02 I joined because TopCashback has great cashback rates & Lots of businesses to earn cashback with.
djhtjhcahOctober 29 2023, 17:01 I joined TopCashback to save money on my online purchases. I have found that they usually have the highest percentage of cash back of all of the cash back web sights.
Member217989587904October 29 2023, 16:52 To save money for my online orders
NoahmOctober 29 2023, 16:48 To save mroe!
DigitalHomieOctober 29 2023, 16:15 For the amazing cash back offers and ease of use/Redemption!
ConstyOctober 29 2023, 15:36 I joined to save money on my shopping times. I spent much money on online shopping.
Topcashback is so helpful.
Member938020382401October 29 2023, 15:34 I join TopCashback because I could buy what I want and at the same time I could get cash back on the transaction. It is like a big discount on the product or service I consumed. The cash back rates are very good!
hariringOctober 29 2023, 15:16 I joined because I thought that it had the best cashback rates!
vcattelonaOctober 29 2023, 15:12 I joined TopCashback after reading an article about the best cashback programs. I was especially interested in signing up because the offers for Target are greater than those from other cashback programs, and this aligns perfectly with one of my credit cards' quarterly rewards. I'm all about maximizing the benefits open to me — TopCashback has been helping me to do just that!
Member128173928105October 29 2023, 14:58 Joined to catch the hypnotic hummingbird. Ended up checking the site before making any online purchases.
BreeBree9October 29 2023, 14:19 I really love how easy it is to use. The cash back amounts vary because I get to choose the ones to use. Such a variety of places to pick from. Been Using it for years
miksanclOctober 29 2023, 14:01 I joined TopCashback because it looked like it offers more cash back at places I tend to shop at than Rakuten. I also appreciate the ach payout method.
bigmacsam68October 29 2023, 13:45 I joined Top Cash Back to generate cash back from normal purchases
anujkOctober 29 2023, 13:25 I joined because TopCashback is the most easiest way to get cashback without any minimum amount to accrue. Most diligent and no nonsense approach to cashbacks.
BalamieOctober 29 2023, 13:01 I joined because of the generous cash-back offers provided to all the stores where I shop.
AlecatteOctober 29 2023, 12:41 I joined TopCashback when my children were small to save some extra money. Now I have grandchildren and am still using it.
EoliveOctober 29 2023, 12:30 I joined to budget and stretch my money
davieloveOctober 29 2023, 12:26 I joined topcash because I enjoy getting cashback whenever I go shopping!!
Its awesome! Thanks topcash!
Member931512411007October 29 2023, 12:26 I joined to save some $$$!
Member1223665456502October 29 2023, 11:59 I joined TopCashBack because it offers the highest cash back amount that I had seen. It's great to have an extra cash back when I buy something.
Aigerim ttOctober 29 2023, 11:55 С помощью кешбэка покупки превращаются в любимое занятие. Люблю шопиться с выгодой 👍🏻. Успехов и процветания!
joycerellaOctober 29 2023, 11:49 Probably because TopCashBack advertised that it offered the highest cash back compared to other cash back sites.
배현진October 29 2023, 11:46 The TopCashback is best for friendly answers and accurate cashback.There's no better place than here.I'm only using here. We'll be together for a long time.
bcbg68October 29 2023, 11:26 I joined TopCashback because of the consistently great cashback rates, bonuses, easy payouts, and easy to use App. TopCashback is my go-to cashback site and App. Thanks and keep up the great work!
AEM24October 29 2023, 11:22 I joined TopCashBack to save money. I love getting money back from purchases i'd make anyway. It's so nice to have that little extra cash show up.
Vladimir RyabtsevOctober 29 2023, 11:21 TopCashBack really allows you to save on purchases and offers convenient options for cashback. Amazing cashback!!!
Member827494331624October 29 2023, 11:14 My friend told me about and it’S great to earn cash back on my purchases!
welanOctober 29 2023, 10:57 One of the easiest ways to earn cash for purchases that I am already making! It gives me some "fun" money :)
Member934906760748October 29 2023, 10:38 Amazing cash back and easy cash out are main reason I am using this cash back app trust me you won’T regret
Usha1mushaOctober 29 2023, 10:36 I am shopaholic and shopping has never been this much guilt free after using TopCashback. Also referral bonus is mind blowing 😁
DmZqcyOctober 29 2023, 10:31 I joined for the Cashback using web extension and app
saleagoOctober 29 2023, 10:25 I joined for the great cash back offers.
413412983525October 29 2023, 10:06 Joined for good cashback offers
Jayner614October 29 2023, 09:51 I joined TopCashback to save money when I shop. There are so many offers available every day.
npstalonOctober 29 2023, 09:42 I joined because it offers some of the best cashback rates out there. I stayed because they definitely have the best customer service whenever I have had a problem, which luckily is a rare occurrence.
hattabaughmOctober 29 2023, 09:35 I started using Topcashback from an Influencer's link. It's my favorite way to earn cash back. I love how I can do my payouts when I want to.
himanshutopcashbackOctober 29 2023, 09:21 Now using us site after they left India, I am fond of TopCashback.
vgc0626October 29 2023, 09:21 It allows me to find the best sales and earn extra cash back on top of it.
TopCash gives me the best value for my money!
A true win-win!
peter713162October 29 2023, 09:18 I can make money by shopping
Member1038387755516October 29 2023, 09:17 I joined TopCashback because it had the best cashback in cashback world.
thuypham96October 29 2023, 09:15 To get extra savings on shopping.
MrsCaudillOctober 29 2023, 09:11 To get extra savings on shopping.
JoesCashbackerooOctober 29 2023, 09:05 I joined TopCashback because it had the best cashback, and because it had a good referral system.
jtracy1985October 29 2023, 08:59 I love TopCashback because I do most of my shopping online and wanted a way to save money and get money back on my purchases. I’Ve tried multiple sites and this one is by far the best site that gives back a good percentage of money on websites. The first purchase that I made with this site, I received a bonus of $25 cash back. This website is so easy to withdrawal your earnings and have it transferred right into your bank account. This is the only website that I use now to do all my shopping with! Thank you so much, Top CashBack!
ahmedyosryOctober 29 2023, 08:58 Because I hate paying full price 😁
giantjump12345October 29 2023, 08:42 I like TopCashback for the TopCashback.
Member433509908836October 29 2023, 08:07 I joined because I love to save and hate paying full price. So getting Somme cash back is definitely a great bonus.
defh669October 29 2023, 07:56 The variety of offers and stores enticed me to join, it also seems like a reliable way to save some money.
CMC123October 29 2023, 07:50 It's a nice way to save a little money.
Member425607706313October 29 2023, 07:43 Money saved is money earned.
CFilgesOctober 29 2023, 07:41 Always check TopCashback before making any online purchases! Almost always get cash back! Love the gift cards options!
KorsvollOctober 29 2023, 07:38 The number of stores/Sites is unbeatable and the cashback value is also very good!
GBinckesOctober 29 2023, 07:22 Love saving while shopping,TopCashback is a reliable site , always a payback.
MBinckesOctober 29 2023, 07:19 I joined TopCashback to earn/Save while I shop. Always fun to make and save money!
ldnecessaryOctober 29 2023, 07:02 I joined Topcashback because I wanted to get cash back on my purchases. I liked the look of their website. It looked like a good deal.
Member125601650414October 29 2023, 07:00 I joined Topcashback because a blogger I follow had good experiences with the site and I am satisfied as well.
darkgoddess718October 29 2023, 07:00 I joined TopCashback for the everyday deals/Savings and also the added bonus of cashback.
Member1223557521311October 29 2023, 06:59 Consistently the best payouts and discounts
Lammy129 October 29 2023, 06:56 I joined cash back because they paid better than the other company I was with. And a larger selection of stores
Hi There,

Thank you for your valuable feedback :)

What company were you with before? What stores are you enjoying shopping through TopCashback?

Best Wishes,
Member1232414600119October 29 2023, 06:49 I started Toocashback because it is worth every penny shopping online and having a little put back for future spending
metbear1012October 29 2023, 06:47 Because of the cashback. Also the ability to get your payout without having to reach a certain dollar amount.
bgaladaOctober 29 2023, 06:39 Because the name says it all "Top cashback". Any questions?
SerecarotOctober 29 2023, 06:29 I joined cash back to help a friend. And then I saw how convenient it is, has the best cash back than other competitors apps. I love it. So easy to use and so easy to feel less guilty when I make purchases. Thank you
cdlinder4October 29 2023, 06:29 I joined TopCash to earn money on things that I was already buying!
fabianactnovaOctober 29 2023, 06:17 I joined TopCashBack because of the money that gives me back without extra effort.
ReichertOctober 29 2023, 05:54 TopCashback is so easy to use! I signed up to save on purchases I make monthly but now I use it all the time! It has the biggest % On anything I buy through this site!
imacnut5October 29 2023, 05:40 I joined because they have the highest cash back of all the sites.
JanBOctober 29 2023, 05:24 I joined because topcash offers bonuses on some gift cards and because redeeming is easy and fun! Thanks Topcash! You are the best rebate site out there!
KlrobertsOctober 29 2023, 05:12 I joined Topcash because I love to find ways to stretch the dollars I work so hard for. Topcash gives me that opportunity. I love to share Topcash with my friends and teach perfect strangers how to use the app. It’S just enjoyable!
NamjooningOctober 29 2023, 05:11 I joined top cash to save on my everyday shopping trips. I love seeing my payouts and use it for goodie’S when I go on vacation. Thank you Top cash!
Zhuldyz UmekovaOctober 29 2023, 05:05 I joined TopCashBack because this site gives me opportunity to get bonus cash back, as I am a mother of five children to get some money back and I can spend this sum for my children. If I win the prize, I will have a chance to buy a dream bag, which is in my mind for a long time. Thank you.
GuardMom30October 29 2023, 05:00 I joined TopCashBack to not only earn rewards aka cash back, but to discover the best deals available at merchants that I frequently purchase from. I enjoy the added perks of member bonus perks and payout bonuses. Rewards are very easy to redeem and I refer friends all the time.
Member1116637482224October 29 2023, 04:58 TopCashBack has so many sites that I can earn cash back on my online purchases. It's easy to use and who doesn't like an extra incentive to visit my favorite merchants.
Member1038386390233October 29 2023, 03:55 Its just not cast , it topcash - Awesome , I really like it !
qiaozhiminggOctober 29 2023, 03:02 Joining TopCashBack is simply a smart thing to do. Everyone wants to make more money and spend less. Shopping through TopCashBack for necessary purchases is just a good habit for shopping. For a little extra work one get a small percentage back after the spending. Depending on how you look at it, it's either less spending or extra income. Over a long time it could be a meaningful amount.
b1gw1gg76October 29 2023, 02:59 I joined Top Cash Back bc of Rakuten essentially. The way Rakuten dictates everything, each & Every last tiny or minute insignificant detail is Rakuten’S way or the highway. & They can tough to work w in terms of a lot, usually at least 1/2 of those communications are completely unnecessary. But also bc I don’T like being paid, or possibly being paid, once every 3 months. Or, if lucky enough, or spend enough cash throughout the year, you must achieve minimum payout rules & Regulations, which it was, not sure it still is a $5 minimum of cash back before the Rakuten service will then permit payout each 3 month quarterly earning period. So, not only do you have to wait at least months, or maybe 6, or 9, etc. But also have to a $5 earned payout minimum in the 3 month earning period. So if you get stuck at $3.87, or $4.19 for the 3 month quarter, you then need wait til the next 3 month earning period closes & You’Ve had opportunity & Chance to makeup whatever difference you were short on the $5 minimum payout, then done so but then taking 6 months between your checks arriving in the mail or having been direct deposited. Plus Top Cash Back always has a better percentage rate, higher cash back percentage rate than Rakuten. Which of course I like, not to mention the fact I can request & Make a withdraw from my payable funds whenever i’D like & As often as i’D like. Provided there is money/Funds that are considered payable by TCB. Really great company to do your business w & Through in terms of being able to earn cash back. I also like the bonuses they throw out to us, like the $3 promotion running this weekend as long as we make a purchase of $15 or more this weekend through TCB, we earn a nice $3 bonus. That’S really pretty kind & A great way to pickup a couple dollars along the way. The game promotions, like the one in the spring w the hummingbird we have to find each day for so long is kinda fun too & A good way of snagging some extra cash back. I’M not aware of Rakuten running any type of promotions such as those 2. Another great benefit of TCB. Thanks guys, keep up the tremendous work.
Member720693792710October 29 2023, 02:56 So why exactly did I join Topcashback?

I joined Topcashback because out of all the other cashback sites that I use for shopping, none compares to TopCashback in terms of offering their members with awesome deals, free giveaways, the little bird game where you find Harry & Win cash. !!
No one comes close to Topcashback!
Not Rebates.Me, BeFrugal, or Rakuten. Trust me, i've tried them all!
richdmzOctober 29 2023, 02:56 For the cashback rates and the sweepstakes!
pbcookieOctober 29 2023, 01:55 I joined because being retired and i'm in a dance/Community service based group that travels all over the state providing community service and performing dancing, which takes up a quite a bit of our income, so I try to save where ever I can in other areas. TopCashBack has been the go to for my saving with the most offers for many different merchants that I would have never considered before if not.
Chrissy_TOctober 29 2023, 01:25 Because the name says it all! -I joined TopCashback because it really does have the TopCashback offers. I have stayed a member because the process is seamless and there are so many merchants that I don’T see on other cash back sites.
Hi There,

Thank you so much for your valuable feedback! :)

What merchants are you shopping through TopCashback that you aren't seeing on ther cashback sites?

Best Wishes,
Mouse FeivelOctober 29 2023, 00:55 The network of participating organizations is the best!
Member336598408226October 29 2023, 00:26 Because of the nice money back reward! And great first cash reward when signing up from a referral. It’S easy to use too. Why not if you can get extra money back
Member533659271952October 29 2023, 00:12 You have great cash back rate! :)
allisonsewsOctober 29 2023, 00:07 Because TCB offers cash back that other places do not
mlg968October 29 2023, 00:02 I joined TopCashback because of the high cashback rates and bonuses.
Hi There,

Thank you for wonderdul feedback :)

What stores are you finding have the best cashback deals? Any bonuses in particular that you really love?

Best Wishes,
tn6168October 28 2023, 23:58 ... To earn cash back on purchases.
kilimarOctober 28 2023, 23:57 "Why did you join TopCashback?"

A: To get cash back.
ColoradoGal87October 28 2023, 23:05 It's a great way to earn a little extra cash back on things I already buy.
Member97270776605October 28 2023, 23:01 I joined to take advantage of savings.
Member626663877341October 28 2023, 22:55 I joined TopCashback because I can get cashback on many of my online purchases.
Member537224511854October 28 2023, 22:49 I joined TopCashback because I can get extra money.
JoseEspinozaOctober 28 2023, 22:39 I joined TopCashback to take advantage of all the savings and the chance to get some cash back.
Member637361229929October 28 2023, 22:24 I am was joined TopCashback because I was need to maximum my cashback.
eonekorinOctober 28 2023, 22:24 To get the best cashback!
Member938107063212October 28 2023, 22:12 I joined Top cashback as it gives maximum cash back on your online shopping making it fun and rewarding.
Also it gives you multiple choices to redeem the cash back.
kubachanOctober 28 2023, 22:11 Topcashback is my favorite cashback site!
brivanparys October 28 2023, 22:08 I have to be real. I’M was scowering the web to pay for my LOs’ Christmas
buckeye65October 28 2023, 22:01 Well Harry for one . Of course to save money . And I love the coupons Thank You .
Hailstorm49October 28 2023, 21:40 It’S the best cash back site.. Hands down every time
Member633957439203October 28 2023, 21:39 Saving money and discovering good deals 😊
monsterrrOctober 28 2023, 21:33 I joined a TopCashback so that I can save money on things I would already be buying and probably overspending on. I also like the contests that they do from time to time. There's a ton of cashback websites, many of which I am also a member of, and I think TopCashback is definitely my favorite one.
henryyehOctober 28 2023, 21:31 I joined TopCashBack because of the high pay out rates and awesome bird logo.
Member1216992445544October 28 2023, 21:30 I joined because TopCashback truly offers the most cash back!
XavariaOctober 28 2023, 21:25 I joined Topcashback because it's ridiculous not to. I'm shopping online anyway and now I have a monetary reward to do so. It's a win/Win situation and i'm delighted I have this opportunity.
Andrai2023October 28 2023, 21:23 I've been a loyal customer for 2yrs because I know and realize that saving money and helping the companies stay stable giving and receiving and being recognized. It's a true company TopCashback that provides stability to customers and business. I highly recommend and keep spreading the word.
MetricBlueOctober 28 2023, 21:17 I joined to get the best coupon codes and earn maximum cash back on my every day purchases!
smellypooOctober 28 2023, 21:13 I only recently discovered TopCashback. After using a comparison site I found that TopCashback almost always gives the highest rebate amounts, more so than the two major cashback sites i've been using for years. I checked a bunch of online reviews about TopCashback and they were super positive so now i'm doing all my clicks thru TopCashback!
Member634040162126October 28 2023, 21:12 I joined TopCashback to take advantage of earnings for just shopping… Shopping that I was already doing. Why leave free money on the table? Use this great app & Watch that free $ Grow! Love the extra cash bonuses they offer ever so often as well just by making a purchase on top of the % You earn by using the app when you shop!
tboz1244TCBOctober 28 2023, 21:11 It is a huge positive roi for flipping and manufactured spend side hustles.
Tlehm316October 28 2023, 21:10 I joined to get maximum cash back on every purchase. It has to be the easiest way to save $ Around.
rnp511October 28 2023, 20:46 I joined Top cashback as it gives maximum cash back on your online shopping making it fun and rewarding.
Also it gives you multiple choices to redeem the cash back.
It makes earning cashback so much easier and by installing the extension on browser it is super duper easy.
mintglowOctober 28 2023, 20:43 My friend told me about all of the amazing deals she was getting! I wanted in!
zimphaOctober 28 2023, 20:37 I joined TopCashBack because it has the best cash back deal and will save more for me.
Don2007530iOctober 28 2023, 20:34 I joined TopCashBack because it was more generous in rewards compared to Rakuten, Honey, and all the other sites. Plus, it is much easier to use and redeem rewards.
Elischneck October 28 2023, 20:31 Love the extra cash back and it’S so simple to use!
Member1022326487834October 28 2023, 20:20 Always great to save a little extra on places I would be shopping at anyway...And to find some great new sites that I wouldn't have known about otherwise!
charlesjanayOctober 28 2023, 20:20 Because it's TopCashback.
archerx77October 28 2023, 20:14 I joined because of the high cashback and I have been very pleased all these years!
Member115572247421October 28 2023, 20:11 I joined because they give the most cash back and also have more stores to choose from. The extra bonus's are also great for more savings.
atedoneOctober 28 2023, 20:11 Saving the money! 🤗
ChibiCashBackOctober 28 2023, 20:05 I joined because they had the highest cash back at the time! And usually still do! :)
brlanrobOctober 28 2023, 20:04 To save money!
Chelle_19842000October 28 2023, 19:52 I was referred by my sister in law and I like to save money.
dabbagmmOctober 28 2023, 19:44 Topcashback is simply Top. Compared with other peers, it consistently yields Top cashback. I joined because I trust that i’M getting a Top deal with Topcashback!
corinneightOctober 28 2023, 19:37 I love the cash back! 😃
gonzaleztrOctober 28 2023, 19:31 Great cash back and bonuses!
first88rx7October 28 2023, 19:31 I joined because they offered better cashback than most of the other sites at the time.
Member1217136994257October 28 2023, 19:26 Better cashback!
stomperOctober 28 2023, 19:24 I joined TopCashback years ago to get a free Blu-ray movie!
LauxfamilyOctober 28 2023, 19:19 I joined TopCashback because I love a good deal and love to shop. TopCashback offers the best deals and best cashback rates, i’M sold!
bharthasOctober 28 2023, 19:17 Since it gives more cashback than Rakuten!
rwatki50October 28 2023, 19:11 I joined TopCashback because, compared to Ebates, they have better cash back offerings on average, and there are many payout options.
cl79824October 28 2023, 19:10 I joined TopCashback because it has the highest cash back compared to what I used before.
Jlodavis2003October 28 2023, 19:02 I joined TopCashback because the rates were better than most of the other cash back apps and I was looking for a way to maximize returns when shopping
BaburshahOctober 28 2023, 18:56 Brr... I came across Topcashback just before making a purchase online. It has more advantages as compared to Rakuten: no payout minimum, more merchants to browse, etc.
Member737634227541October 28 2023, 18:55 It's a fun and easy way to get extra money, and I am all for that!
retaray7October 28 2023, 18:52 I love a good deal!
iaznzdorewOctober 28 2023, 18:49 I stumbled upon Topcashback when I was in between jobs after graduating and needed to keep my costs as low as possible. It is so nice to never really pay full price with either a cashback option or a coupon code 🤑
Member333293767549October 28 2023, 18:43 I joined Topcashback because money doesn’T grow on trees and i’M a cheap….You know what. Every penny counts when inflation goes to the moon!!
jeannacaseyOctober 28 2023, 18:38 I joined because TopCashback generally gives bigger rebates than Rakuten and I love the option to get my cash in gift cards.
SouthernBerserkerOctober 28 2023, 18:36 I stumbled upon Topcashback through nerdwallet as it was listed number one for cash back sites. And it definitely has delivered. The extra bonuses and cash back opportunities are some of the best, and not having to have a certain amount to be able to cash out makes it a unicorn. I can say with sincerity that I love you Topcashback. Thanks!
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kundan200693October 28 2023, 18:29 Topcashback helps me save money. It provides a higher % Compared to others as well as almost a monthly incentive deal to earn more. Best cashback app.
Member1132168793007October 28 2023, 18:27 Extra cash
gerriajOctober 28 2023, 18:26 I love to save money and cannot pass up a good deal.
callarse1October 28 2023, 18:22 To earn cash back when I shop online. Thanks for the giveaway.
RusassyOctober 28 2023, 18:09 Stack up on the savings with cash back.
DaniiiiOctober 28 2023, 18:09 It helps me get by financially
Member633937215012October 28 2023, 18:02 It is always good to get something more which TopCashback gives.
ScanzenOctober 28 2023, 17:58 Initially, I joined to replace my previous membership with some other cash-back site, as their payout schedule was excessively delayed and the % Earned on purchases was rather minimal. TopCashBack has become my favorite, and I have continued to be highly satisfied/Pleased. Thank you!
nicstylOctober 28 2023, 17:54 I joined TopCashBack to earn cash back.
mnerenbaumOctober 28 2023, 17:50 To get a better deal in on my online purchases.
kimmy4play2October 28 2023, 17:46 I love getting cash back for shopping !!!
MichellecoOctober 28 2023, 17:45 I joined thinking it might be fun, saving a bit while shopping for things I really need. I didn't realize at the time how important this site would become! With all prices soaring saving has become so important to everyone. Can't imagine shopping without TopCashback ever again!
kclwOctober 28 2023, 17:44 I joined because I liketo get rewarded for shopping and TopCashBack tends to offer the highest cash back compared to others i've seen.Plus it offers the Hummingbird games.
Member1011300195445October 28 2023, 17:44 I joined to save money. TopCashback has been easy to use and always has one of the best cash back programs.
Pistritto October 28 2023, 17:43 I joined a few years back but now I use it over the other popular cash back app because your % Is always higher. I use it throughout the year. Then redeem my cash back to use for holiday shopping !
Adona1October 28 2023, 17:42 I joined TopCash Back because it was yet another easy way to earn money on things you were already going to purchase, and it quickly became my go to and most often cash back platform. Thanks Top Cash Back!
swongod33October 28 2023, 17:35 It's been numerous years since joining TopCashback that I don't recall how I heard about it, but it was certainly to earn cash back for everyday purchases that I normally make.
derperOctober 28 2023, 17:34 I joined so I can save money in every transaction I make and also because of cashback, bonus and referral bonus...
MaleighOctober 28 2023, 17:29 I joined so I get the TopCashback in every transaction I make...Thanks for the chance!
Back2022October 28 2023, 17:29 I joined to save more money
Cynthiasx31October 28 2023, 17:19 I joined because it’S like getting rewarded for shopping & The cashback earned has helped me every so often.
prettyinpink2904October 28 2023, 17:18 I joined to earn the highest amount of cashback!
saaaddonOctober 28 2023, 17:12 I really love it
I have no words to elxplaine I really save too much money
Thank you so much from my heart
Best Regards to TopCashback team
Love you all
atran750October 28 2023, 17:12 I became a member of TopCashback with a dual purpose in mind: to save money and to explore new shopping horizons. Embracing this membership has not only been a smart financial move but also an exciting journey of discovering fresh stores and engaging in novel shopping experiences. My time as a TopCashback member has been an absolute delight.
hhco888October 28 2023, 17:09 For the cash back
AngilOctober 28 2023, 16:58 To earn more money
Member1031870724125October 28 2023, 16:51 I joined Top Cash Back because I love to save money!🤑
essayfoxOctober 28 2023, 16:50 Why did you join TopCashback? I joined to save money, of course, and I also joined to discover new stores and for new shopping experiences. Being TopCashback member has been fun.
ShdealsOctober 28 2023, 16:42 I joined TopCashback because number one - It was the first cashback portal that i've signed up for, and it has the biggest bonus on the stores I use often.
pamden13October 28 2023, 16:38 I joined TopCashback because it gives the highest amount of cash back out of any of the cash back sites/Apps and it also for the ease of use.
KaylalalahOctober 28 2023, 16:34 I joined TopCashback to get great deals and earn cash at the same time. I also enjoy the hummingbird game.
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JoanneK3October 28 2023, 16:29 I joined to earn cash back on purchases I would have made anyway. Just a really nice perk!
paula64October 28 2023, 16:27 To earn cash back on purchase I would make anyway!
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tcfamily2October 28 2023, 16:20 I joined Top Cash to save money!
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Christian HobbsOctober 28 2023, 16:17 To save money!
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drhladikOctober 28 2023, 16:10 What a great way to get some money back!
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nonewooOctober 28 2023, 16:08 Great cash back
maisuyingOctober 28 2023, 16:04 Get a little something-something back for shopping. And boosting the economy in the process.
TopcashkingOctober 28 2023, 16:04 I joined TopCashback because I was told it was the best Cash Back website!
Amazonemail45October 28 2023, 16:03 I earn cash back for purchases
derkharmsenOctober 28 2023, 16:03 I love TopCashback because I have received over $1100 in Cash Back since I became a member! TopCashback pays you for buying things online that you were going to buy anyway, so you should become a member today and receive cash back from Topcashback.
saved2serveOctober 28 2023, 16:02 I love earning gift cards while I am shopping!
terrystrobleOctober 28 2023, 16:01 It's just common sense, If you have to buy a product anyway, you may as well get extra Cashback.
StephanyFOctober 28 2023, 16:01 Cash back doing what I do best- shop. It's a win-win in my books!
Sammyb23October 28 2023, 15:59 I joined TopCashback because I love to shop, and I shop online, and they offered to give me cash back for doing just that!
gnomeoneOctober 28 2023, 15:56 To get cash back on shopping.
nsc1laOctober 28 2023, 15:49 I joined TopCashback because I do a lot of online shopping, so I want to earn as much cash back as possible. TopCashback has great bonus offers and even lets me know about good sales at some of my favorite online shopping places. Thank you, TopCashback!
jules2240October 28 2023, 15:47 The reason I joined Top Cashback was because I can shop and earn free money. They almost always beat the competitor Rakuten who I always use to use. It is free money with very easy effort.
FindingmoneyOctober 28 2023, 15:43 I like saving money and getting good deals. TopCashback is what got me hooked on saving. I now have a hard time buying something if i’M not getting some type of deal on it.
Dehghi765October 28 2023, 15:41 A friend encouraged me to try it.
Stace7630October 28 2023, 15:36 A friend of mine told me she had earned over $300 in cashback from TopCashback and sent me the link to sign up! I've loved using it for many years now!!
mrssehardyOctober 28 2023, 15:34 I joined to earn cash back, of course!
Member837833714918October 28 2023, 15:30 I joined TopCashback because i'm saving for a special vacation cruise, and i'll use my funds for fun excursions.
bittyOctober 28 2023, 15:28 To get more cash back!
CaseyMillerOctober 28 2023, 15:27 Cvs $25 Household
chriswie22October 28 2023, 15:25 I love getting some of my money returned to me when I buy something.
ebiondoOctober 28 2023, 15:24 I joined TopCashback to make the most of my shopping experience!! I love the extra cash back, extra rewards, & Saving money!! 😄
GJB50October 28 2023, 15:22 To save on purchases and make money!
NiokiCiariel_756October 28 2023, 15:22 I joined TopCashBack because other cash back sites do not appreciate my patronage by offering significant levels of cash back offers and the options in obtaining their offers one has to jump through hoops. TopCashBack is so easy and worry free! I save mad money using TopCashBack 💰
Juliana October 28 2023, 15:15 I joined TopCashback to receive a higher percentage of cash back on purchases I regularly make. Making those purchases during bonus incentive times is a perk too. I am always looking for ways to get the most out of dollar
bjsmatsOctober 28 2023, 15:12 I joined TopCashBack to be able to view the names of all the businesses that participate in the program. Earning while shopping is a win win!
Direct_DepositOctober 28 2023, 15:11 To earn cash back on my purchases
liztOctober 28 2023, 15:11 I joined TopCashback to earn cash back and save money on my purchases.
truth577October 28 2023, 15:11 I joined to spend a little less when I shop online.
moonfairy521October 28 2023, 15:08 I joined TopCashback in 2016 because feed 4 teenage boys expensive! Now theyre grown and I still use Topcashback to fund the things I want :)
Member132642573713October 28 2023, 15:06 I joined because of the sign-in bonus and also because the rates and redemption options are the best.
Member1031804436732October 28 2023, 14:59 As the name says, found the "Top" cash back rates here along with cashback match which clinches the deal
Kay EOctober 28 2023, 14:59 I joined on the recommendation of my friend. And TopCashBack provides me a great way to buy and save more.
autumnmgoffOctober 28 2023, 14:58 Awhile back before Christmas last year , promotion
Member236432969948October 28 2023, 14:58 To earn cash back on my purchases!
salmanpOctober 28 2023, 14:58 To get one platform with all in one and get maximum cash back & Simple process to get it. Recommended for my whole list.
swart56October 28 2023, 14:56 To earn cash back on my purchases
eboyle39October 28 2023, 14:52 Topcashback usually has higher cash back rates than the others. The games, contests, and giveaways make it even better!
DpsomosOctober 28 2023, 14:51 I joined long ago because its the best cashback out there and one plus is you don't have a cash out minimum I love the games too when they do Harry the hummingbird !!
Bshen02October 28 2023, 14:49 Topcashback consistently has the best cashback of all the rebate websites
Member837957170606October 28 2023, 14:49 To get the cash back in online shopping.
niceBriceOctober 28 2023, 14:49 My greenback stack's gettin' kind of slack.
mfantacciOctober 28 2023, 14:49 I researched many different cashback sites, and TopCashback was the best around! I’Ve had a wonderful experience and love this app so much!
Member837793820008October 28 2023, 14:46 It has wider variety of online retailers compared to other players like rekuten. It offers decent cashback even at wholesale retailers like Bjs
ncfinfanTCOctober 28 2023, 14:46 I joined because no one wants to pay full price...
LonestarSGOctober 28 2023, 14:46 Best place to get cash back and great deals
tbear21October 28 2023, 14:44 To get cashback with online shopping!
EstherTWOctober 28 2023, 14:44 At first, concerning the security issues, I ended up to bought an online digital product in order to protect my daily using of internet. The great thing was, Topcashback provide more than 100% Cashback of the product that I wanted! So without any hesitations to join Topcashback and got my cashback as they promised! Totally a wonderful deal! Moreover, they have a bunch of good deals waiting for you to discover!
addh2o1October 28 2023, 14:42 I joined because I wanted a discount for things I was buying anyway. I’Ve stayed because this a reputable company and provides many many perks that other cash back sites don’T and it shows they care about me as a customer.
EdgeOctober 28 2023, 14:41 I joined TopCashBack because of its stellar reputation for providing the most competitive cash back rates and an extensive array of enticing offers. From the moment I signed up, I was captivated by the platform's user-friendly interface and the sheer diversity of partner stores and brands. TopCashBack's commitment to ensuring that its members receive the highest cash back rates on their purchases, combined with their frequent special promotions and exclusive deals, instantly set them apart from other cash back services. The convenience of earning money back on everyday purchases, coupled with the assurance of getting the best possible rates, has made TopCashBack my go-to platform for maximizing savings and getting the most value out of my shopping experiences.
hntaylor32October 28 2023, 14:39 I originally discovered Topcashback as a recommendation several years ago from one of the savings blog websites I follow, so I joined because I had nothing to lose because it's free to join and you earn cash back on your online purchases. I've been a happy member ever since taking advantage of all the bonus deals and playing the games to win extra so it's been a fun journey with Topcashback!
shaunslee89October 28 2023, 14:35 TopCashback provides better deals and better rates than most other cash back websites
Member831283791519October 28 2023, 14:33 Better rates than other cash back sites.
atinyOctober 28 2023, 14:32 I joined TopCashback because I wanted to save more on my purchases and find good deals.
Member15745546023October 28 2023, 14:32 It’S free money!
jxhpsuOctober 28 2023, 14:32 To earn cashback for the things I am buying. Its like always having a coupon!
yuki52sOctober 28 2023, 14:31 My roommate recommended this app and now I am so glad he did. It’S made shopping more enjoyable.
HappyhrtOctober 28 2023, 14:30 I saw you mention in Krazy Coupon Lady. I think it’S a great way to earn money by just shopping like you normally would do.
Beth Benson
crna05October 28 2023, 14:30 I joined cuase I wanted money back from shopping online.
WW7420October 28 2023, 14:28 I saw an, I guess you would call it a posting on my Facebook. It was about the hummingbird contest. So went to the site and hooked!! The game was fun of course, but the money back was amazing!! Choices!! Money or cards. So Great for this retired Senior who can always use some extra and a smart buy. I try to save up and it gives me groceries for the holidays, or a Christmas gift for one of my grand children. Thank you, the site is easy to use, and has a huge selection! Phyllis Mata
jtduckOctober 28 2023, 14:27 To save my hard earned money!
Member1031966477205October 28 2023, 14:27 My mom brought this app to my attention and I wanted to earn cash back on my purchases I was already making
nat694October 28 2023, 14:27 To earn cashback on my online purchases.
sprinklerhandOctober 28 2023, 14:26 Because I wanted earn cashback on purchases I was already making.
grrrr121October 28 2023, 14:26 I joined TopCashback because I like getting money back on items I was buying anyway.
Jannette227October 28 2023, 14:25 Tengo cuenta de Topcashback porque me encanta comprar y que mejor que ganar de esas compras. Con quien mejor que con TopCashback. Me encanta!
hollisterchickOctober 28 2023, 14:24 I stumbled across TopCashback by chance and joined it as yet another cashback site, but it quickly became my favorite.
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1022392889213October 28 2023, 14:24 I joined TopCashback after a friend recommended the site. I have been able to receive a significant amount of cash back for simply making purchases I would do anything. What a nice bonus!
Raef02October 28 2023, 14:22 Why not? You’Re shopping and you’Re getting cash back so why not sign up? You’Re happy because you’Re shopping and now even happier because you’Re getting money back!
catlady888October 28 2023, 14:22 To save money and earn money on my purchases.
Aligr8nycOctober 28 2023, 14:20 Joining Cashback was actually a coincidence, until I discovered it being a great decision.
BobHamptonOctober 28 2023, 14:16 I joined TopCashback because it was the premier cashback opportunity. Have been able to save tons of money on the purchase of lots of products, plus have earned a good amout of cash back as well.
Zoey1427October 28 2023, 14:15 Cash back for online purchases
74JonesLOctober 28 2023, 14:15 Cash back rate is better than Rakuten and cashing in is easy.
financeOctober 28 2023, 14:13 High cashback!
Cmarie70October 28 2023, 14:11 To offset the price of anything I purchase.
inampOctober 28 2023, 14:11 I joined Topcashback to save money.
Member1212072725445October 28 2023, 14:11 For the savings!
pinkstudioOctober 28 2023, 14:08 To get money back on things I was already going to buy!
SASHANENEOctober 28 2023, 14:06 I joined to get discounts and cashback on my online purchases.
romlnkOctober 28 2023, 14:04 I joined TCB because Doctor of Credit recommended it as an ethical cash back website.
jufaswifeOctober 28 2023, 14:02 I joined to earn extra money for buying things I want. It is a great program for earning a little something extra!
AshmeataOctober 28 2023, 13:59 To maximize the saving on items I was paying more
ratatat4October 28 2023, 13:34 I joined to save money on everyday shopping. Every penny saved is a penny earned.
HorsesensekrlOctober 28 2023, 13:33 I joined TopCashback to earn cashback on all my purchases!
samilner12October 28 2023, 13:00 I joined TopCashback because I was a member of another cash back website and with this website it was becoming harder to find any sites that were giving payouts and the cash outs were becoming harder to receive because they get changing to time frame when I could cash out. TopCashback has been great with the bonuses and payouts.
onapsycheOctober 28 2023, 12:59 Joining TopCashback is beneficial for lots of reasons! TopCashback offers cashback rewards for shopping through their platform. I also save lots on everyday expenses using the coupons the platform provides. I also got welcome bonus and period bonus here. The range of Retailers covered by TopCashback almost always cover my shopping destiny. Love this website!
discountedOctober 28 2023, 12:56 Cashback on AliExpress.
JOHN606October 28 2023, 12:53 To earn cash back on a lot of the retailers I already shop at! Nothing better than getting a bonus for something I need to or want to buy anyway! I love cash back!
MarcusbshowOctober 28 2023, 12:51 I joined Top Cash Back for exactly that! The coupons the help add to the discount are just the cherry on top!
tac1565October 28 2023, 12:49 To earn cash back ofcourse great new member freebies
mlbones94October 28 2023, 12:47 I joined TopCashback because savings are everything!
Digistortion October 28 2023, 12:47 I joined to get the most cashback I could at places I Shoppe regularly!
cbuggOctober 28 2023, 12:39 To get more cash back!!!
Member533673148708October 28 2023, 12:39 I joined cashback because saving money is my favorite
Shrissam October 28 2023, 12:36 Saves money from spendings which is always good. Thanks TopCashback.
Xiang8984October 28 2023, 12:29 I joined because TopCashback is great!!
PigBaeOctober 28 2023, 12:02 I joined the TopCashback for the sales and incentives. I love being a smart shopper seeing cashback for things I am buying.
Briana02October 28 2023, 11:59
If i’M already spending money why not spend it wisely by being a member of the best! #TopCashback 🤑
DogMomPamOctober 28 2023, 11:57 I joined TopCashback for the incentives and savings. I love to see my rewards account top off every time I shop!
Member31470316513October 28 2023, 11:53 I joined because i’M a discount diva. I absolutely love saving money either by couponing, getting cash back or buying on sale and helping others to save money!!!
leinieredOctober 28 2023, 11:50 Get money back on things your buying anyway. Helps out during holidays to get extra cashback.
Briana02October 28 2023, 11:47 If i’M already spending money why net spend it wisely by being a member of #TopCashback 🤑
julieanelson55October 28 2023, 11:39 Why not join, free cash back on things i'm going to buy anyways.
Flutterbuy3October 28 2023, 11:21 A friend was telling me about topcash and its a really easy way to get extra savings so I joined. It has been a great way to save. Super easy and sorta fun to see how much you can cash back you get. Love this thing!!
jlkratzOctober 28 2023, 11:17 I chose to enter Topcashback because of the offers made to earn cash back at a variety of stores for purchases I make. The money earned could go towards a future purchase.
hderbyOctober 28 2023, 11:14 For the cash back, but also the amazing coupon codes & Deals!
2thejonesesOctober 28 2023, 11:13 To save money; these days, every bit helps!
LangstonOctober 28 2023, 11:10 Obviously for cash back, but also because its the biggest site that offers it!
msb7213October 28 2023, 11:05 For cash back!
shobhitjainOctober 28 2023, 10:52 For cashback on shopping.
SaurinshahOctober 28 2023, 10:46 To save money on things I was already buying!!
chrky96513October 28 2023, 10:40 After becoming disabled I had to find as many ways to make my money stretch as much as possible. I found that TopCashBack consistently offers the highest amount back on my purchases.
Smart_GirlOctober 28 2023, 10:39 I’Ve tried several. This site consistently has the best rebates
Member734412463048October 28 2023, 10:37 I like to save and what better way than to buy online and save money getting cash back
BmundayOctober 28 2023, 10:34 The extra money sure is nice to help make a dollar stretch a little more. I am new to TopCashback so i’M pretty excited to start using it as much as possible!
judiferOctober 28 2023, 10:32 I feel like I can stretch my money further with cash back on purchases i’M already planning to make!
MailbabeOctober 28 2023, 10:27 I had used other cash back sites because I love getting paid to shop! Topcash back gives me more cash back than other sites and I love having extra $$ To spend!
Cedi8310October 28 2023, 10:27 To get cashback!
hbud75October 28 2023, 10:27 I joined to get cash back on things I already purchase. The savings go into a trip fund! Mazatlan in spring, baby! Thanks, Topcashback!
zyahoo7October 28 2023, 10:25 I love TooCashBack as it provides the highest cash back for the sites that I like to shop from.
ChrysgOctober 28 2023, 10:17 I was already spending money on all the sites connected, so why not get rewarded for doing so. Love purchasing with incentive.
autoclub1234October 28 2023, 10:16 Who doesn’T like cash back?

Totalcashback is the best cash program so far I have found.
cardogOctober 28 2023, 10:13 I have already cash out more than $800+. It is free money just with a few clicks during your shopping!
LauriepvalOctober 28 2023, 10:11 With my two grandchildren now I need money saving TopCashback more than ever, especially around the holidays. Thank you
GK88October 28 2023, 10:11 To save some $$$$. My friend advised me to join TopCashback.
tomtan74October 28 2023, 10:07 To get earn cash back on online purchases!
Member837873354221October 28 2023, 10:06 To earn cash back for the purchases I make.
PatientTurmoilOctober 28 2023, 10:05 To earn cashback on purchases I already planned on making.
jwnaye15October 28 2023, 10:04 To earn money back on purchases I was already going to make.
Kelrae01October 28 2023, 10:03 I joined TopCashback to earn cash back on my online purchases
Buttercup954October 28 2023, 10:02 To earn money on purchaes I was making anyways. What a bonus!
Member1038298698732October 28 2023, 09:55 To hear about the best cash back deals and save money it's a great company
Member938185812343October 28 2023, 09:53 I shop anyway, so why not earn more?
nerdrock13October 28 2023, 09:52 I joined TopCashback to better maximize my savings when shopping! The browser extension is easy to use and the cash back rate I can expect while shopping is clear
k95833October 28 2023, 09:52 I joined TopCashback to earn money on online purchases.
DorboniaOctober 28 2023, 09:51 I joined because my husband, Jon, told me about you all and to sign up! If i'm online shopping, it only makes sense to shop with TopCashback! Thank you to my husband for the heads up and to you guys for offering us TopCashBack! :) The money I save goes to buy more treats for my kids (aka Rottweilers!! ).
vickialfanoOctober 28 2023, 09:50 I joined to get the best deals of any cash back company on the market
dalosonyOctober 28 2023, 09:37 Because i'm getting the TopCashback deal.
Butterfly 124October 28 2023, 09:34 Wow I have gotten so much cash back, that's why I joined to get cash, and because it pays back so much and I get my cash back( money) quick and easy, love it can't say enough about it, but wow.
dreamtsoi24October 28 2023, 09:32 I love saving money from cash back.
LEVYIRAOctober 28 2023, 09:28 Best and most consistent cash back app there is.
Jiaxiao Wei October 28 2023, 09:26 Love it! Always get reward during online purchase. I am ready for the Black Friday this year with TopCashback!
kiwi638October 28 2023, 09:20 Love getting cash back on purchases
GreenBubbleBoyOctober 28 2023, 09:20 I started with sites like active junky and rakuten. When I found TopCashback I found it often paid more. Then they introduced the cashbacks match policy. I'll never use another cash back site again
HogfanyoOctober 28 2023, 09:17 🧏🏼‍♂️ Because it's free money... Duhhhh
Jar_vipOctober 28 2023, 09:12 I used this website because many friends suggested to me, and I found it it’S amazing and no hiden conditions.
ehollowatyOctober 28 2023, 09:00 I joined to be able to earn rebates on items i'm planning to buy anyway, while being able to also earn by spreading the savings love to my friends and family!
angiethornton78October 28 2023, 08:54 Top Cash Back=Spending as much time as I possibly can with my 20 year old and 17 year old sons before they grow up and spread their wings. Tcb allows me to "squeeze blood from a turnip" (budget well lol) which means less time at work and more time making memories. I appreciate you in helping me hold on to my boys as long as possible.
SnedekerOctober 28 2023, 08:53 I joined Top CashBack it was a top-rated app for cash back while shopping online. It works for me!
gardnerchad October 28 2023, 08:52 I joined Top CashBack because I get good rebate rewards back from the stores I love to shop at online.
FCB63October 28 2023, 08:49 To earn cash back, a great way to save money during these times love it!
EleanorianGoldOctober 28 2023, 08:48 I joined because money is tight and every bit helps!
bradmoOctober 28 2023, 08:47 I joined to earn cash back when shopping online.
IbahaggOctober 28 2023, 08:46 I joined because I can't have an income so when I need to shop I get a little extra in return. Thank you.
fengfeng839October 28 2023, 08:45 I joined TopCashBack to take advantage of a great rebate for an online subscription but I also subsequently found out that it’S great for many other retailers as well. In fact, TCB offers the highest cashback for most retailers as compared to its competitors.
Member1038330719201October 28 2023, 08:44 I joined because i'm almost at retirement age and i'm trying to save every single penny I can! Four more years to go and I will be set to retire, thanks to all the savings I will be getting with this app!!
Member726832332407October 28 2023, 08:44 To earn cahback on purchases I would be making anyway. Topcashback generally pays more than competitors' sites.
ss7812October 28 2023, 08:40 I joined TopCashback to make the most of my online purchases. The money I save allows me to do more fun things for my family. Thank you, TopCashback!
edverolunat19October 28 2023, 08:40 I joined TopCashback because i'm saving money for a trip for me and my family.
TWhittenOctober 28 2023, 08:38 I was introduced to one of the savings sites I follow. Topcashback was doing a promotional and I signed up. I don't regret it.
Thank you for the opportunity.
b89205102October 28 2023, 08:36 The reason is: to buy and earn.
Member333184781745October 28 2023, 08:34 I joined TopCashback to get cash back, of course! It’S a nice way to offset inflation a bit. My birthday is Monday when you announce the winner, so what a lovely birthday present that would be! Thanks, TopCashback!
mlsq24October 28 2023, 08:33 This, by far, is the best app for saving money and then getting it back as a "reward"/Gift card. Love using this app!
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Maggie MortensenOctober 28 2023, 08:30 After the birth of my first child I find myself shopping online a lot for deals, and was looking for even more ways to save money. After looking at a few websites TopCashBack seemed to have the best rewards and i've never turned back!
Dian4ikOctober 28 2023, 08:30 To have a little smth in return.
SheetalrameezOctober 28 2023, 08:29 Its an amazing feeling to spend money, but its even more amazing when you get some back after spending💪 Love it totally!
martinagOctober 28 2023, 08:28 Why not be paid for the shopping I was doing anyway! A plus is that TopCashback has been the best rewards app I have used. Best success rate and a large selection of places that participate. I like the weekend bonus offers too!
KK9791October 28 2023, 08:24 I was referred as I am an avid online shopper. I have already made many referrals myself.
JassonneyOctober 28 2023, 08:22 I want to donate some money to charity as part of my monthly contribution.
redsharpieOctober 28 2023, 08:20 I'm pretty sure I was referred by the Rick when he was running the deals site for cnet years ago! It's a way to save on SodaStream every three months.
LymanOctober 28 2023, 08:18 It had the highest cash back for a site I was buying from at the time.
abbysmom02October 28 2023, 08:17 I joined because it is the best site to earn cash back. Top Cashback gives an extra bonus several times a year for spending as little as $15.00. I also love when they play the game to find the bird.
aRae0222October 28 2023, 08:17 I joined TopCashback because i'm a cheapskate and I will go out of my way to save money. I hate spending more than I have to. So Top Cash Back just makes sense!!
Member132720199316October 28 2023, 08:13 Daughter told me about TopCashback for savings on what i’M buying anyway
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antaut October 28 2023, 08:12 Because I wanted to save some money on my purchases
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DenisejjOctober 28 2023, 08:04 With the pressure of this economy and always trying to find a way to meet my children’S needs, using TopCash and helped by giving back to me during these stressful times ♥️
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AnllyOctober 28 2023, 07:48 I love saving money … And my cash back simple !!!
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arl10144October 28 2023, 07:28 I joined cashback because I love getting discounts!
keyserlalaOctober 28 2023, 07:27 With the price of everything constantly going up, and being on a fixed income, every little bit I can save is a blessing
Svpatel79October 28 2023, 07:26 Great incentive for shopping online and loads of top retailers included that I tend to shop from
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1. **Savings and Cashback:** The primary reason for my membership with TopCashback is the opportunity to save money on my everyday purchases. TopCashback provides cashback on a wide range of products and services, which allows me to get a portion of my spending back. This cashback is like earning extra money on top of the discounts and deals I already find, making it a financially savvy choice.

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3. **Variety of Retailers:** TopCashback has partnerships with a vast network of retailers, both online and in-store. This diversity means I can earn cashback on purchases ranging from groceries and clothing to travel and electronics. It provides a one-stop destination for my shopping needs and savings.

4. **No Membership Fees:** Unlike some cashback platforms that charge membership fees, TopCashback is entirely free to use. This means I can take advantage of cashback offers without worrying about additional costs or commitments.

5. **Transparency and Trustworthiness:** TopCashback has a reputation for being a reliable and transparent platform. Their commitment to ensuring that members receive the cashback they're entitled to gives me peace of mind when using their service.

6. **Extra Bonuses and Promotions:** TopCashback frequently offers bonuses and promotions that enhance the value of my cashback. This includes special promotions during holidays and exclusive deals with specific retailers. It's an added incentive to be a member.

7. **Customer Support:** Should I encounter any issues or have questions about my cashback, TopCashback provides responsive customer support to assist with inquiries and resolve any concerns promptly.

In summary, I joined TopCashback because it offers an easy, free, and reliable way to save money on my purchases. The variety of retailers, user-friendly platform, and the potential for extra bonuses make it a valuable tool for anyone looking to make the most of their spending while shopping online.
brandihankOctober 28 2023, 07:15 I'm always looking for a deal. TopCashback drew my eye because it was fun and easy to earn money back. This is the only site where you can get fair value for your cashback and there aren't a lot of hoops to jump through to cash out. Previous sites make you work forever and then make your cashback expire before you can even use it, but not TopCashback. I tell everyone I know to join. I've paid for Christmas one entire year and my living room furniture with my cashouts so far.
WILDINOctober 28 2023, 07:14 Born to be me, born to be TopCashback freely
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KAnnealOctober 28 2023, 07:12 Simple, to make Top Cash Back of course! :)
UtybayOctober 28 2023, 07:12 I joined TopCashback initially because of the sign up bonus of gettung something for free.
I love shopping online and thought I might as well get cashbacks for doing what I do normally. Trust me those little 10%, 5% Adds up over time.
I love the bonus cashbacks that only TopCashback offers, like the one running now(spend $15 get $3).
Topcashback always has higher rate than it competitors.
I have gotten alot of money back from TopCashback and I use them to get gifts.
I love the engagement and interaction with users like giveaways,surveys, always wanting to know customers opinion and how to do better
cwilds4572October 28 2023, 07:12 I joined because I saw a deal on another app that if you bought a cute plush blanket throw from Walmart for $5, you could get $10 cash back. I’Ve had the blanket for a while now and I like it, but my $10 seems to be stuck. Don’T know if i’Ll ever get it back
lokman1980October 28 2023, 07:10 Because TopCashback
Member136171297005October 28 2023, 07:10 It’S Free Free Free money. Just shop the way you usually do. Yeah
Latonyia69October 28 2023, 07:09 Along with getting cash back, it is fun finding the hummingbird..
furball2567October 28 2023, 07:08 For the rewards of money!
Member1038337358249October 28 2023, 07:08 Great for saving money
al523October 28 2023, 07:08 I joined after a saw a YouTube video about TopCashback. Now i've gotten over $700 in Cashback. Thanks TopCashback 😁
mwillbanksOctober 28 2023, 07:08 Well for cashback for sure! Secondly, your promise to always have the TopCashback and if not, you'll beat it! Now that's a rarity! Basically, still use a few different cashback options but you've become my favorite and the others are only there for the cases that you don't support that store yet!
AngelicasotoOctober 28 2023, 07:08 Porque es funcional para mi negocio y muy facil de navegar en su plataforma
jchenmuOctober 28 2023, 07:07 Have been using TopCashback since 2021, saved a lot of money, thank you TopCashback!
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daviddai1994October 28 2023, 07:07 To enjoy the auto coupon feature. :)
Member526071191658October 28 2023, 07:06 I joined Topcash to receive customer rewards from purchasing at various vendors. It exposes me to companies that I would not have normally shopped. Also, it provides a opportunity for additional revenue for Topcash in order to continue to bless its participants.
ShbrbOctober 28 2023, 07:06 I started because I received an invite and you were offering a deal with Stanley and I bought a Stanley mug and now i’M hooked on saving money and getting cash back.
melissybumOctober 28 2023, 07:06 Because if it's free, it's for me! It's a no brainer to get free money!
StasjiaOctober 28 2023, 07:06 To earn cash back and save money it's a life saver
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hegarlOctober 28 2023, 07:05 I joined TopCashback because I found that it had better cash back incentives than other apps.
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ckh232October 28 2023, 07:04 I wanted to see if it really worked and it totally does!!
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PiscesnicoleOctober 28 2023, 07:03 To save money for Christmas! It is so simple!
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VtuckerOctober 28 2023, 07:03 Easy way to earn cashback!
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DuyguOctober 28 2023, 01:12 Shop smarter not harder
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joan1030October 28 2023, 00:52 I join because of the rebates. I was buying online anyway so I might as well get paid for doing it snd TopCashback has the best rebates.
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Tommy hsiehOctober 27 2023, 21:07 TopCashback is the only option, there is no other.
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Also who doesn't love money back :)
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gnicholsOctober 27 2023, 16:16 I found merchants that weren't available on other apps.
unclejoan October 27 2023, 16:14 I thought it was a scam at first but now I love the extra $$$. Thanks!
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Lovemeacb4eOctober 27 2023, 14:48 I joined to earn cash back and save money. Thanks
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eviewOctober 27 2023, 12:09 I joined TopCashBack to save money, to enter the contests on Facebook, and to learn about promotions and save. I have the extension on my phone, pc to earn cashback when I am shopping.
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A_LikaOctober 27 2023, 12:06 To play the Hummingbird games
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Member318328211741October 27 2023, 11:47 I joined for the guaranteed highest cashback offer.
punkzrok9October 27 2023, 11:41 I joined TopCashBack because I shop anyway and it seems to have the highest payouts. Not only that, but when you can get an added percentage added to your gift cards when you do cash out, it's the best!
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ARH47October 27 2023, 11:13 I joined TopCashback for the high cash back that it offers.
Turkey1215October 27 2023, 11:07 I joined Top Cashback to save money on the items I buy. I live mostly on ssi due to injury to spine and if you know anything about Social Security you know that it doesn’T pay enough to live on. I needed money to make my home more disabled friendly but finding assistance is impossible so I knew I would need to obtain the money myself.
Member1135271825028October 27 2023, 10:52 I joined TopCashBack because I saw that it was a great opportunity to earn some cash back with my purchases. It was a no brainer!
bhjusticeOctober 27 2023, 10:47 I was looking for a good price on an item, and one of the search results showed this site. I clicked on the link and found great prices. I have been here ever since.
canuck813October 27 2023, 10:41 I found out about TopCashback, after trying to find another with cash back that offered cash back on my eBay book purchases and a competitor of yours did not, TopCashback also offers bonus cash back if you make a purchase at a certain amount from time to time.
YosselyOctober 27 2023, 10:34 I Love shopping but also save some money
CatchinfreebiesOctober 27 2023, 10:14 I joined for the savings! I try to save every chance I get.
sophiahuang1985October 27 2023, 10:01 TopCashback normally has the highest cashback and it helps save a lot of money when shopping!
verislOctober 27 2023, 10:00 I heard great things about it, and figured if i'm buying things online, might as well get some cash back. Got an absolutely awesome deal on my lawnmower when I got it. Thanks!
SuendeOctober 27 2023, 10:00 I joined TopCashback for the cashback
LindaOaktonOctober 27 2023, 09:59 Once we moved to a rural area, I relied on purchases made online more than ever. I always used coupons at stores I visited in person, but now TopCashback gives me that same sense of stretching my family's dollars to get the best price. I also enjoyed the finding Harry (the hummingbird game) as it introduced me to stores that I wasn't familiar with previously.
xstitcherOctober 27 2023, 09:57 I joined TopCashback because I thought it sounded like a great tool to get cash back from my online purchases. And I was right!
jpicard1011October 27 2023, 09:48 I joined TopCashback because of the best cash back rates i've seen anywhere on the internet. The promotions are also really great.
fitch7000October 27 2023, 09:37 Love the promos y’All continually run !
CookieldyOctober 27 2023, 09:29 I love that everyday purchases can add up to money in my pocket.
Member815251942430October 27 2023, 09:22 Harry the hummingbird drew me in, but saving money on purchases I was already making has been an added bonus.
smrod83October 27 2023, 09:20 To earn cash back and put some extra money in my pocket!
MMartinezOctober 27 2023, 09:19 I signed up years ago to save money and have received 100s of dollars back since then!
Mewzme2October 27 2023, 09:18 Tons of deals drew me in
snoopycouponOctober 27 2023, 09:14 I love saving $$$!
Reyreybella01October 27 2023, 09:12 I joined for Harry the hummingbird, and then I realized you can get cash back and save money.
keylanathanOctober 27 2023, 09:07 I joined many years ago to help save money :)
Member927797985619October 27 2023, 09:07 Joined to get money back on purchases I was already planning on making
kpkeyserOctober 27 2023, 09:05 I am all about saving money. This site does just that!
yclfjn4813October 27 2023, 09:04 I joined to help save money on the online purchases i’M already making. It’S a win win without much extra effort, so thanks TCB! 🫶
crboyd1October 27 2023, 09:03 I joined because to me it is a no brainer to want to earn cashback on the things I would normally be buying anyway!
tracey17October 27 2023, 07:41 Oh Wow!, I joined TopCashBack many many years ago to increase my savings while I was shopping online. I have become a dedicated member always starting my shopping journey on the website. I really enjoyed the finding the hummingbird contests, they were a lot of fun! Thank you for helping us all save on our shopping adventures!
aslyOctober 27 2023, 07:34 I was already shopping at all these retailers online, so I couldn't pass up the chance to get cashback through TopCashback, a platform that's easy to navigate and just requires a couple of extra clicks!
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