The Denim Debate: Low Rise or High Rise?

The Denim Debate: Low Rise or High Rise?

Posted on Sep 16 2021 Posted in  Fashion, Deals & Flash Sales
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The Denim Debate: Low Rise or High Rise?

What’s that noise? Oh, it’s just fall knocking vigorously at your door. It’s letting you know that it's time to start going through your closet and pulling out appropriate attire for the changing weather. And for many women, that means a whole lot of denim and cardigans. But millenials are witnessing the return of a '90s trend they kind of wish remained buried.


The trend? Low-rise jeans. 

Obviously, this news is a bit concerning for those of us who don’t have a "supermodel" build. We love the flattering look our high-waisted jeans give us. And by no means should anyone feel forced to wear something they absolutely despise just because it’s popular. That’s the beauty of fashion—you can be your own person!

However, some may look at this as an opportunity to embrace their bodies. It is the era of body positivity, after all. We ladies can make wearing low-rise jeans a powerful movement (if the trend does, in fact, stick around).

That’s the beauty of fashion—you can be your own person!

This may be the fashion debate of the century, though. When high-waisted denim made their fashion comeback circa 2010, girls were finally able to trade in their stretchy pants and track suits for jeans that tucked in their stomach and achieved an hourglass figure. A new level of confidence had been reached. So, it's going to take a lot of convincing to get people to suddenly throw away their high-rise pairs. Our guess is there might be 50% who do and 50% who don't.

Whatever your personal choice of denim may be, you should still shop smart. Below is a list of high-rise and low-rise jeans that you can buy today at great prices. And yes, cash back is included too!

High Rise

True Religion's Jennie High Rise Curvy Skinny Jeans are a standout for many reasons. You'll appreciate their sleek tonal stitching, their horeshoe detailing along the back pockets, and how they successfully eliminate gaping at the waistband. Snag a pair in body rinse black for just $79 and earn 4.04% cash back on top.

Aeropostale's Premium Seriously Stretchy High-Rise Jeggings feel like you're slipping on a glove. Perhaps they're biggest selling point is that they're crafted from REPREVE® fabric, or recycled plastic bottles. You can get yours now on sale for $36.95 and nab 4.04% cash back.

Kohl's Wrangler High Rise Bootcut Jeans are an easy fall favorite. Available in three shades, they offer the perfect amount of stretch and room at the ankle to wear your beloved boots. Buy one and get another half off, plus score 2% cash back.

Low Rise

Bloomingdale's DL1961 Emma Skinny Jeans are flying off the shelves. As one fan writes, they're "so comfortable you can sleep in them." Pick out a pair in Nicholson blue (seen here) while they're still $99. You'll receive up to 10% cash back as well.


Lucky Brand's Low Rise Lolita Skinny Jeans know how to accentuate your natural curves in all the right places. Save 55% on your purchase and scoop up 7.07% cash back. We're partial to the Eureka pair pictured above, which feature white stripes on the side for a unique touch.

GUESS' Eco Low-Rise Power Skinny Jeans are slim, stretchy and environmentally friendly. Best of all, they're on discount for $68.60! Don't let this sale slip through your fingers. We'll also help you pocket a 3.03% cash back bonus.


No matter which style you choose, you’re not the only one who's going to feel good—your pockets will too. Leave a comment below and let us know which jeans you prefer and why.


Editor's Note: Promos were correct at time of publication.

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kaosinlaSeptember 20 2021, 15:23 Low Rise - I hate the look and constricting nature of "Mom" jeans.
NanainchargeSeptember 18 2021, 19:14 I would have to say these two are a reflection of the jeans I like to wear.True Religion's Jennie High Rise Curvy Skinny Jeans
Aeropostale's Premium Seriously Stretchy High-Rise Jeggings
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