Halloween Treats to Make Your House THAT House

Halloween Treats to Make Your House THAT House

Posted on Sep 21 2022 Posted in  Holidays & Seasons, Food & Drink, Money-Saving Tips
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Halloween Treats to Make Your House THAT House

Many of us believe there is not too much wiggle room for creativity when purchasing Halloween candy, but that’s because we only think of it as Halloween candy. It’s your house and your money, you can fill your bowl with whatever you want, and we have a feeling the neighborhood children will appreciate your out-of-the box approach.

Some items on this list may be controversial, but you don’t become the house on the hill without taking some risks. As far as expenses go, we understand these are not the most economical choices for Halloween. But if you are giving kids a handful of (5) fun-sized candies at $20 a bag, the prices are quite comparable. As an added bonus, these types of delectables are more substantial and, if there are any left over, won't be as tempting as a miniature candy.

If you want to be the house the children of the neighborhood start urban legends about due to your choice of sweet treat, we urge you to read on.



We’re kicking off the weird right away to ease your eyes as the list persists. This one takes a bit of work and is not as inexpensive as handing out compact candies from the bulk bags.

For starters, if you want to do it right, we suggest keeping these drinks on ice so the children can crack the can, enjoy a nice crisp sip, and perk up for the long night of candy pillaging ahead. We recommend the miniature 7.5 fluid oz cans of soda. These contain a much more sensible serving, especially for humans of their stature, plus the parents won’t be as peeved with you thanks to the reduced caffeine levels.

This is by all means a strange treat to give out on Halloween, but we can almost guarantee no one else will be doing it. So if you are interested, shop BJ's Wholesale Club to get a few 30 packs of these cans and take part in 1.01% cash back.


Oreo Minis


With just reasoning, parents are often apprehensive about accepting loose, unsealed cookies from strangers, so regular Oreos were out. However, bags of minis are packaged and portioned for an exceptional Halloween treat. These shrunken snacks pack the same delicious flavor as a full-size Oreo in a manageable bag that is great for kids. As a matter of fact, through our research, it seems to have the cream ratio of a double stuf or at least a 1.5 stuf.

Each bag comes with around 27 cookies (don’t worry, a serving is 9). Oreos are regarded as milk’s and America’s favorite cookie, so why not spread the favoritism around on America’s number 1 candy day? Stock up on a few boxes of Oreo Minis from Fresh Direct and receive cash back.




We had to include a fruit snack for diversity’s sake, but we have no misgivings about having Gushers on our list. For whatever reason, Gushers became more of a lunch and after-school snack rather than a Halloween candy. We are here to say Gushers can go toe to toe with any treat on this list as well as any of the classic holiday candies.

The gummy shell alone makes Gushers a contender amongst fruit snacks, but the juice sealed inside of the fruit-flavored exoskeleton pushes it through the threshold whence most fruit snacks dwell into a category of elites. Get the squishy, chewy, juicy goodness and  cash back on a 42-pack box of Gushers from Boxed.


Zebra Snack Roll

Though we're highlighting Zebra Cakes (because they may be the best) any Little Debbie snack you can get your hands on will do. Little Debbie snacks have found some magical way to deliver fresh cake long after it has left the oven. The sweet, soft, and moist desserts have been the bane of all pediatricians’ existence for decades, but when they taste this good, how can we be expected to care?

In all seriousness, it’s encouraged to let loose during Halloween and the neighborhood kids are going to love the fact that you bought a bundle of 6 pack Zebra Cake Rolls with a TopCashback gift card to Target and scored 2% cash back.




This one may seem pretty simple, but it is such a nice change of pace from the sweeter snacks. The salty crunch in tandem with the rest of the trick-or-treater’s chocolates is going to go a long way.

It may take years of palate development for the children to realize you were enhancing their overall candy experience by giving them this pairing dish; however, in the meantime, Pringles are still a delicious, unique chip unlike any other, and the kids can do the duck bill thing with them. You can pick up a 72-carton package of Pringles in different flavors from Staples and get 4% cash back in return.


Let us know if you end up purchasing any of these unorthodox Halloween sweets or if you have any of your own in the comments below.

Photograph of the blog author, Louis Pino.

by Louis Pino

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