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In the News

When you’re not busy shopping the best deals and offers on the internet, catch up with your favorite cashback site in the news!

TopCashback has been making headlines for its expert savings tips for a long time, and now members like you can read all about them here. This blog features only a handful of the amazing coverage we’ve received in the past three months, so keep your eyes peeled for additional TopCashback mentions across the biggest (and smallest!) media outlets.


How to Cut Back Now on Your Amazon Spending (Source: GOBankingRates)

Impulse buyers, this article is for you. GOBankingRates breaks down the nine ways you can cut back on adding needless purchases to your Amazon cart. And our very own consumer expert Rebecca Gramuglia chimes in with this hot tip: don’t just buy something because it’s on sale. Wise words.


Money Management Tips to Ease Your Credit Card Debt (Source: ABC Columbia)

A TopCashback study found that 64% of Americans were starting the new year with credit card debt, which ABC Columbia helped reveal to its audience. But it also shared some of our pointers for overcoming credit card debt. Click the link above to read – or watch. (Yes, there’s a video included.)


TopCashback Helps Consumers Reduce Debt by Earning Cash Back via Online Purchases (Source:

With a helpful boost from Rebecca, this article from does a great job explaining why we’re the best cashback site around. Find out how we compare with our competitors, how much TopCashback members save on average every year and why it’s so important to use a credit card that has cash back perks.


Survey: Americans Spending Big Money on Their Pets (Source: CW39 Houston)

If you find yourself spending too much on your furry friends, CW39 Houston lists three ways you can save on pet expenses – courtesy of yours truly!


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