In the News: January 2024

In the News: January 2024

Posted on Feb 07 2024 Posted in  In the News, Money-Saving Tips
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When you’re not busy shopping for the best deals and offers on the internet, catch up with your favorite cash back site in the news!

TopCashback has been making headlines for its expert savings tips for a long time, and now members like you can read all about them here. This latest edition of our In the News series features only a handful of the amazing coverage we’ve received in January, so keep your eyes peeled for additional TopCashback mentions across national and local publications.

10 Best New Items Coming to Walmart in 2024 (Source: GOBankingRates)

new products at walmart

Just in case you need another excuse to shop at Walmart, the retail giant has a variety of new products that’ll be hitting the shelves in 2024. GOBankingRates spoke with TopCashback’s consumer expert Samantha Landau about some of the top picks, such as the NETNEW Pickleball Paddles Pickleball Set. “If pickleball has been on your mind as your 2024 hobby, then Walmart has you covered,” she said. 

Among other items, Samantha also highlighted the Athletic Works Women’s Fanny Pack. “Fanny packs are great for when you’re on the go and for exercising, so it’s the perfect accessory to help achieve your health and wellness goals in 2024.”

Click on the link above to learn more about what’s new at Walmart.

18 Top Money Moves if Your Resolution Is to Save More Money (Source: FinanceBuzz)

 money saving tips

If you’re looking to stash some money, take note. TopCashback was mentioned in a FinanceBuzz article that detailed how to save using cash back apps. As the saying goes, a penny saved is a penny earned.

7 Secret Strategies to Make Quick Cash in 2024 (Source: Yahoo! Finance)


Yahoo! Finance listed TopCashback as one of the “secret strategies” to score some extra cash. “Cash back websites are a great way to make some money back on purchases you’re already making in 2024,” said Samantha. “If you’re not using a cash back website, you’re essentially leaving free money on the table.”

10 Big-Name Stores That Offer a Military Discount (Source: MSN)

 stores with military discounts

You might not be aware that some of TopCashback’s most popular retailers offer discounts for active U.S. Military members as well as veterans. Samantha shared where you can get a military discount and how much you can save. 

For instance, adidas offers “30 percent off in-store or online purchases and 20 percent off of purchases at the factory stores” she told MSN. 

Check out the link above to learn more about other big-name retailers offering military discounts.

I’m a Shopping Expert: 8 Surprising Stores I Score Big Deals At (Source: AOL)

 stores where you can save money

Sometimes the next best deal will pop up where you least expect it. For example, even though Costco’s membership prices may seem hefty, Samantha reveals that the benefits make up for it. 

“While Costco is typically associated with bulk purchases, it also offers great deals on individual items. Examples include discounted electronics, appliances and even high-quality food items. Brands featured at Costco include Apple, Nike and Sony,” she told AOL.

9 Frugal Living Tips Millennials Should Focus On in 2024 (Source: NASDAQ)

 frugal living tips

Inflation has caused prices to skyrocket over the past few years, making it nearly impossible for many millennials to reach their financial goals. Rest assured, TopCashback was again mentioned as one of the cash back sites that’ll save you money in 2024 (and beyond). 

 “TopCashback is a great choice since it guarantees the highest percentage of your money back at over 7,000 retailers nationwide, including Macy’s, Best Buy and Walmart,” said Samantha.

The Best and Worst Things to Buy in February, According to Retail Experts (Source: Best Life)

 best and worst things to buy in feburary

Apparently, February (President’s Day in particular) is a great month for buying a new mattress. However, as Samantha tells Best Life, hold off on any outdoor furniture purchases.

"With cold weather still in full swing, demand for outdoor items like grills and patio furniture is low in February—leading to higher prices," said Samantha. “Prices are likely to drop as the weather warms up, making spring and summer better to make these purchases."

Frugal People Love the 6 to 1 Grocery Shopping Method: Here’s Why It Works (Source: NewsBreak)

6 to 1 shopping method tik tok

If you overspend on groceries, the 6 to 1 grocery shopping method introduced by TikTok creator Chef Will Coleman may just change your life (or at least help you cut down on purchases). Using the method, you’d buy six vegetables, five fruits, four proteins, three starches, two spreads or sauces and one fun thing to treat yourself. Samantha explains how you can use it to your advantage.

“Since prices often change at the grocery store, you might not be able to get everything on your list. But if you have a set of things you ‘need’ versus what you ‘want’ to buy, then it makes it easier to budget while you’re in the aisles,” she said. “Head to the store with this sorted list and make sure to stick with the ‘needs’ first in order to save the most money.”

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