In the News: February 2023

In the News: February 2023

Posted on Mar 09 2023 Posted in  In the News, Money-Saving Tips
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In the News: February 2023

When you’re not busy shopping the best deals and offers on the internet, catch up with your favorite cash back site in the news!

TopCashback has been making headlines for its expert savings tips for a long time, and now members like you can read all about them here. This latest edition of our In the News series features only a handful of the amazing coverage we’ve received in February, so keep your eyes peeled for additional TopCashback mentions across national and local publications.

6 Popular Stores That Offer the Best Discounts to Seniors (Source: GOBankingRates)

Amazon Prime logo

You can find plenty of senior discount offers while shopping in person or online. But did you know that Amazon has one that’s too good to pass up?

According to TopCashback’s consumer expert Rebecca Gramuglia, “those who participate in SNAP, Medicaid or other qualifying government assistance programs can score 50% off a Prime membership.”

5 Best New Money-Saving Items Available at Costco in February (Source: Yahoo! Finance)

Costco Wholesale logo on smartphone screen

Last month, Costco had a string of products available for less money than competing retailers. Yahoo! Finance highlighted five of these items, including the Sharper Image Mirror, which Rebecca claimed was $100 more at Best Buy.

Pizza is Number One When it Comes to Favorite Super Bowl Foods (Source: Macomb Daily)

Pepperoni pizza pie

In case you missed it, Macomb Daily published the results of TopCashback’s Super Bowl survey, which revealed that 56% of Americans chose pizza as their go-to food for the big game. See what else they said by clicking the link above.

12 Best Apps to Earn Free Gift Cards [2023]: Maximize Your Earnings (Source: FinanceBuzz)

TopCashback mobile app

FinanceBuzz gave TopCashback a shoutout when discussing which rewards apps and sites shoppers should use. In fact, it mentioned using to see which cash back portals offer the best rates for the retailers you love. (You’ll find us ranking first for a lot of them!)

8 Best Food Deals at Walmart Through the End of Winter (Source: Yahoo!)

Walmart website on Apple laptop screen

Say goodbye to winter with savings. Yahoo! reported that certain foods are cheaper to buy right now at Walmart than other retailers.

“Perfect for cold winter nights, opt to buy soup from Walmart where you can score Pacific Foods Organic Creamy Butternut Squash Soup for $4.12 instead of paying 27 cents more at Target for the same variety,” Rebecca told the outlet.

As for hot cocoa mix, she said you can snag a 30-count of Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix for $6.92 at Walmart. “You’ll end up paying nearly $3 more at Kroger.”

12 Best Discount Shopping Apps (Source: U.S. News & World Report)

TopCashback logo

TopCashback was recently named one of the best discount shopping apps by U.S. News & World Report.

“By shopping through TopCashback’s app, you’re guaranteed to earn the highest percentage of your money back from over 7,000 retailers,” Rebecca explained. “The app is free to download, use and cash out.” Say no more.

50/30/20 Rule: Budgeting That Works (Source: SuperMoney)

Woman counting dollars

If you’re always going over budget or having trouble meeting your financial goals, it may be time to invest in the 50/30/20 rule. This model is meant to help you divide your money into needs (50%), wants (30%) and savings (20%).

Rebecca is a longtime fan of the rule and shared her thoughts with SuperMoney below:

“By understanding how much you currently spend compared to your current income and what your goals are, you can identify areas that you need to either contribute more or less to.”

How a Phone Call Can Save You Big Money on Utilities (Source: MSN)

Long, thick window curtains

This MSN piece lists all the ways you can combat the rising costs of utilities, like getting your HVAC system serviced.

“Any issues with the operating system of the unit may be causing it to work harder than it needs to, costing you more and driving up your energy bill,” Rebecca said.

She also suggested buying blackout curtains to keep your home warm or cold (depending on the season, of course). “This decreases your reliance on a heater/air conditioner and can reduce the cost of your utility bills,” she added.

Photograph of the blog author, Diana Oliveira.

by Diana Oliveira

Diana Oliveira is the senior copywriter at After beginning her copywriting career at a paper company, where she harnessed her creative chops writing about…paper, this self-described “bargain shopper” has felt at home talking about our many stores, deals and money-saving tips the last few years.

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