In the News: April 2022

In the News: April 2022

Posted on May 13 2022 Posted in  In the News, Money-Saving Tips
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In the News: April 2022

When you’re not busy shopping the best deals and offers on the internet, catch up with your favorite cash back site in the news!

TopCashback has been making headlines for its expert savings tips for a long time, and now members like you can read all about them here. This latest edition of our In the News series features only a handful of the amazing coverage we’ve received in April, so keep your eyes peeled for additional TopCashback mentions across national and local publications.


Comparing the Best Video Streaming Services for Your Budget (Source: MoneyGeek)

Netflix displayed on a TV screen

Our options for streaming services tend to be endless nowadays. But how do we know which one is the best one to spend our money on? And how can we save on our chosen subscription? MoneyGeek reached out to TopCashback’s consumer expert Rebecca Gramuglia for the answers, which you can find in the article linked above.


NDT - Pet Survey, Tips on Savings Money (Source: North Dakota Today)

Owner with her pet friends

Rebecca appeared on North Dakota Today to discuss the results of a recent TopCashback pet survey that polled almost 3,000 adults. After learning that 30% of Americans spend up to $500 on their pet expenses, and another 26% spend up to $1,000 per pet, she shared her tips for cutting back on costs, including switching to DIY food and using to earn money back on pet purchases.


How You Can Save on Groceries During Inflation (Source: Fox 31 KDVR)

A grocery aisle at a supermarket

As grocery prices continue to skyrocket, you may feel like it’s getting harder and harder to save on anything. But you can!

Fox 31 KDVR spoke to Rebecca for her expert advice, which is “to take inventory of what you currently have in your fridge,” first and foremost. Planning your meals around that will spare you from frequent trips to the supermarket and overloading your cart with things you don’t necessarily need.


The 7 Silly Mistakes We All Make at the Popular Stores (Source: The US Sun)

Grocery shopping list

The US Sun notes that stores like Target, Walmart and Costco can make us buy more than we need, thanks to their low prices and sales. But Rebecca strongly advised that we “avoid impulse buys and plan ahead, and your wallet will thank you.”


9 Ways to Save on Pet Expenses When You Retire (Source: GOBankingRates)

A man driving a car with his two dogs

Keeping a budget and sticking to it is more important than ever when you’re retired. However, pet expenses could add up and upend your healthy spending habits.

“If you’re renting an apartment, home or condo, you may experience an additional monthly fee simply for having your furry friend live with you,” Rebecca told GOBankingRates. She suggested getting an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) letter, which can prevent landlords and building managers from charging you additional rent for your pet.

Photograph of the blog author, Diana Oliveira.

by Diana Oliveira

Diana Oliveira is the senior copywriter at After beginning her copywriting career at a paper company, where she harnessed her creative chops writing about…paper, this self-described “bargain shopper” has felt at home talking about our many stores, deals and money-saving tips the last few years.

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