How to Plan and Afford Your Dream Wedding

How to Plan and Afford Your Dream Wedding

Posted on Apr 18 2016 Posted in  Weddings & Events
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wedding saving tips

It’s wedding season! Is this your wedding season? Our engagement gift to soon-to-be newlyweds this year is some great ideas for how to stick to your wedding budget and still have a dreamy wedding.


Try Bartering

Don’t give us side-eye. Bartering is not just for pioneers! The truth is, small business owners are constantly bartering, so get creative. If you work in marketing, a caterer might consider marketing consultation in exchange for a discount. If you can bake, trade making your friend’s cake for her taking your pictures.


 Pick a Free Location

Many outdoors locations can be used or rented for free – a friend’s backyard is a great option, and many couples are using beautiful barns as a rustic setting. However, many indoor options exist for much smaller fees and even for free. For example, the World War II museum in Indianapolis, Indiana is free for veterans to rent, and the large lobby serves as a beautiful (and war memorabilia-free) ballroom!


 Rent a Dress

Many of us keep our wedding dress in case our daughters want to wear it…and most daughters don’t want to wear their mother’s wedding dress. If you feel confident your daughter might have her own style, rent your wedding dress. You’ll save on the initial cost, plus you’ll save on storage.


 Go Traditional with the Party

Did you know that until 50 or 60 years ago most couples didn’t have meals at their receptions? Your grandmother probably had cookies and punch! While it may seem extreme to limit your guests to a few cookies, a wedding that starts at 7:30p could have beautiful and elaborate desserts and drinks at a classy reception for considerably less than an entire meal.

Choose Your All-In Item

Sticking to your budget for the happiest day of your life can get tiring. Instead of being frugal with every single thing, choose one item that you’ll let yourself spend what you want on, and then find the best possible prices for everything else. You might really want to have a great live band. Get the best band money can buy, but then make sure you find the cheapest dress, flowers, and food.

Be Flexible

You can save by going with the flow! Consider letting your florist pick whatever flowers are fresh and cheap at the market on the day of your wedding, or choose the menu based on what’s in season and easily accessible.


 Get Cash Back!

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Plus, after the wedding, you can get cashback on your wedding albums, all-inclusive honeymoon, or hotels.

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JilliebeanApril 18 2016, 11:41 Thank you so much for all of the money-saving tips and tricks. I'm looking forward to my wedding planning now more than ever!
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