Holiday Prep Survey 2023

Holiday Prep Survey 2023

Posted on Aug 07 2023 Posted in  Holidays & Seasons, Giveaways & Contests
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Holiday Prep Survey 2023

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the days are longer — but guess what? The holiday season is sneaking up on us like a mischievous little elf!

It’s never too early to start getting into the holiday spirit. So tell us, are you looking forward to the holidays? Are you planning any holiday travel this year? Do you prefer gift bags or gift wrap?

These are the things TopCashback wants to know. And who better to answer all these questions than you?

We’d love to hear from our members about their money habits. Take a brief survey and enter for a chance to win $50! One lucky winner will be selected at random on August 21st.

Please be sure to submit your email address at the end of the survey to be selected at random. Participants are required to answer every question to be eligible for the giveaway.

If you win, you will be notified via email from our email account. The survey closes on August 21, 2023 at 6:00 AM PT.

Responses are voluntary and will remain confidential. All answers will be compiled together and analyzed as a group. See the full giveaway terms and conditions for more information.

This survey has closed. Click here to view the results!


Aigerimka111August 21 2023, 03:02 Hello. I like holidays and especially time spent with my family . I am working mother and don’T have a lot of free time. But during the holidays try to devote myself to family totally. Our family likes new year most from other holidays. Winter, snow give the atmosphere of miracle and that’S great. What about presents I like to prepare it in advance. Topcashback service help to economy budget very well. For this I like this service and wish prosperity and many customers.
Member236410073347August 20 2023, 20:39 I will be traveling a month before Christmas to visit my family, just because it's too expensive and too chaotic during holidays. I'm glad my job allows me to do that, as well as getting gifts for my loved ones. I like gift wrap, I feel like it's more personal and more fun, but gift bags are easier to do.
Rathster79 August 20 2023, 11:10 With this economy and 4 children, I have to use as many free stuff sites, apps that give cashback, buying on-sale items early. Christmas will be a tough one this year. It's not about material things! I just want smiles on faces! Thanks for the chance.
LadydolsonAugust 20 2023, 09:41 I’M very much so looking forward to the holidays but in the same sense don’T want summer to end! We are taking a trip this year to Florida, first time taking the kids!
Once we get back I will begin my early shopping and wait until the kids give their official lists. I love gift wrapping it’S soothing to me. I go all out! Wrapping paper coordinated with each child, bags, bows, ribbons you name it I got it!
Lili13August 20 2023, 00:59 Gift wrap In very unique ways,sometimes it’S beautiful pre decorated boxes & I add bows and beautiful baskets 🧺 W bows other times it’S just all the same wrapping paper and I add all different bows for my family each one gets piles of gifts to know who’S is who’S…I never Use tags
I usually spare no expense
I hate I i have To shop a store w no cash back (happens a lot) bc of the gifts I have To buy (high end designers)
I. Love the holiday season w the cold temps,and my entire household’S birthdays!!! It’S one party after another and a non stop revolving door lol
I crash by nye around 1am bc I dont Sleep for days on end lol
FlanClanAugust 19 2023, 19:38 Looking forward to the slower pace and great meals. We'll start close to home. Gotta save time with the gift bags ❤️
SakumaAugust 18 2023, 20:59 We are planning to go to Cancun in Mexico to enjoy and relax with family.
Very looking forward to it.
mlbregmanAugust 18 2023, 18:34 I hate holiday shopping. Fortunately our family is in town because holiday travel is also not a vacation. We will travel after the holidays in January.
iowengAugust 17 2023, 16:25
Very good
Member834709752237August 16 2023, 21:54 Very good
Mark_S__OlenAugust 16 2023, 15:27 I save 25 % Of my income for retirement
Kag624August 16 2023, 14:07 We are planning a holiday trip to Southern Spain.
Member313272128455August 16 2023, 12:38 If summer has to come to an end, at least I can look forward to the holiday’S where the family gets together
kmcl1998August 16 2023, 12:36 I love the holidays. Especially Halloween and Christmas. I am ready to decorate for Halloween now, but trying to wait a little longer. I have no travel plans for the holidays. I love to gift wrap my presents and decorate them with bows and ribbons.
Laurie423August 16 2023, 11:16 I’M not looking forward to the holidays yet, i’M trying to soak up all of what’S left of summer. Unfortunately no holiday travel this year;-( I prefer gift wrap over gift bags, I like to watch the kids open the gifts.
Member102424594340August 16 2023, 10:33 I kinda am. But there’S 2 family members that have past away. So, it’S going to be hard this year. Probably have Christmas at my place this year, since i’M now a first time homeowner. And depends what i’M wrapping for just a bag or wrapping paper.
AshliKAugust 16 2023, 10:21 I always look forward to the holidays! Love the holiday season. We always stay close to home during the holidays. And prefer gift wrap all the way! I enjoy wrapping gifts and, to me, that is so much more fun to watch the unwrapping than gift bags.
rebbeseinikelAugust 15 2023, 14:02 I always look forward to holidays and love gift bags.
Aiperi 1502August 15 2023, 13:22 Hello, yes i'm looking forward to the holidays, because you can make a profitable shopping. I prefer gift bags, I find it more practical
Member837863276048August 15 2023, 06:58 I'm definitely looking forward to the holidays this year. I'm planning a trip to Virginia this year to see my family I haven't seen in years. I prefer gift wrap because I feel like you can decorate it up so much better than gift bags.
HavirovAugust 14 2023, 07:11 Bags are the way to go!
masonkong9920August 13 2023, 19:56 Looking forward to this year’S holiday!!
Rifat11August 13 2023, 06:58 We love national park site seeing.
Today, we went to Zion then are going to Grand Canyon tomorrow.Really looking forward to going to adventures.
Clarence305August 13 2023, 04:21 This year we will be traveling for the holidays. I love gift bags
Member837860467713August 13 2023, 01:48 علينا أن نعيش العيد كل يوم لا كل سنة مع
😘🤗 أصدقاء طيبون واوفياء الحياة اجمل
SakumaAugust 12 2023, 19:43 We love national park site seeing.
Today, we went to Zion then are going to Grand Canyon tomorrow.Really looking forward to going to adventures.
TelliAugust 11 2023, 15:15 I'm really looking forward to the holidays. I am planning a trip to the sea. I prefer gift wrapping.
Aiza0306August 10 2023, 23:16 I love buying stuffs and getting ready for the holiday seasons. I really do love the holidays
Topcashback really working good
dionneAugust 10 2023, 19:00 Unlike usual, I am not looking forward to the holiday season this year. Due to inflation & Ever rising high prices, I will not be traveling this holiday season either. My shopping list and budget for gifts will be smaller this holiday as well. I prefer wrapping paper, but gifts bags are easier and more convenient.
Love Christmas and the holiday season but am dreading it this year with this horrible economy, rising inflation & Record high gas prices. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Loen210August 10 2023, 18:21 TopCashBack rocks the Internet!
Thanks! I have only claimed I think once over the last many years and always have claimed Amazon as I do so much shopping there - groceries, snacks, cat supplies, medical supplies, music, books, gifts for everyone, musical supplies, etc. Thanks so much! But please start crediting us for shopping at Amazon!!!!
Member737648291806August 10 2023, 11:36 Good App immer gut gewesen wie immer
MyeTCBYahooAugust 10 2023, 11:12 Holidays brighten my heart.
Aikusya_pAugust 9 2023, 21:58 I really love the holidays! Love to give gifts for my nearest and dearest! To see their happy faces!!! And will be happy to get extra 50$ )))
Butterfly 124August 9 2023, 20:11 Well the holidays are coming, am never ready lol. 🙃 I like wrapping paper, but buy gift bag's it's just easier.
EM5August 9 2023, 14:53 Em.7arb@Gmail.Com
HavirovAugust 7 2023, 18:49 Looking forward to Christmas!!
RubicejaAugust 7 2023, 17:57 I’M kind of new still learning
CricketelieffAugust 7 2023, 17:08 I love the thought of the holidays. But as they get closer, I dread it. Never enough time to decorate or shop or wrap anything. Never anywhere near enough money to buy things for my kids. But it’S beautiful with the lights and trees and the snow.
Ninagirlie August 7 2023, 16:04 I love buying stuffs and getting ready for the holiday seasons. I really do love the holidays
Member537130402712August 7 2023, 15:17 Es my buena ala aplicacióN
Mighty Mouse 114August 7 2023, 13:20 $50 is $50.. Send it my way!
Member633937215012August 7 2023, 11:10 This is good to get some extra pennies.
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