Eco-Friendly Stores That’ll Help You Go Green

Eco-Friendly Stores That’ll Help You Go Green

Posted on Mar 31 2022 Posted in  Merchant Spotlight
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Eco-Friendly Stores That’ll Help You Go Green

As we get set to recognize Earth Day, we’re once again reminded of our hopes for a better climate and healthier planet. Some choose to grow plants and flowers in their yards, and others raise money to bring more awareness to the environmental challenges we’ll soon face.

At TopCashback, we’ve decided to spotlight eco-friendly merchants that promote a greener lifestyle. That’s right. You’ll find you can wear clothing made from sustainable materials, drink 100% organic smoothies, and clean with products that save a million pounds of plastic every year!

Give “green shopping” a chance today and score cash back with your purchases. In the end, a happier Earth is a happier you.

kencko (15.75% Cash Back)

This B Corp-certified company saw a need to improve Americans' daily intake of fruit and vegetables, and decided that the way to do that is through delicious smoothies made from organic plants – and only organic plants.

There are no articifial flavors, refined sugars or fillers stuffed inside these compostable smoothie packs. Just nutrients from fresh produce that undergo a freeze-drying process, so they don't spoil or go to waste.

And if that isn't enough of a commitment to the environment, kencko also participates in carbon-neutral shipping.

VivaTerra (5.25% Cash Back)

The founders of VivaTerra saw our need for eco-friendly home décor way back in 2004, when they set up shop in California to rectify the problem.

Translated to “living earth,” VivaTerra stocks household products that don’t compromise natural resources or environmental health. Instead, these items blend eco-conscious design with sustainability.

You can shop beautiful furniture, kitchen and dining essentials, bed and bath décor, garden accents and gifts – all sourced from artisan communities around the world.

tentree (6.3% Cash Back)

Step up your fashion game with tentree, which produces clothes crafted from sustainable materials and practices. Every purchase you make goes toward planting 10 trees, hence the brand name. (More than 70 million trees have already been planted!)

tentree sells styles for men, women and kids, so this way everyone can take part in helping the environment.

Ecocentric Mom (4.2% Cash Back)

If you’re a new or expectant mother, now’s the time to protect the planet for your child’s future. Signing up for Ecocentric Mom is certainly a good step in the right direction!

The monthly subscription service introduces women to safe, natural and green-friendly brands for their babies, homes and themselves. Each box is tailored to your needs. So, it might feature baby and child clothing that are always made with eco-friendly dyes; recyclable baby care products; or cruelty-free beauty items for some much-deserved mom pampering.

Earth Shoes (4.2% Cash Back)

There’s a reason why this shoe brand named itself after the planet we live on. It delivers sneakers, sandals, flats, wedges, boots and heels in glue-free and recyclable packaging. It uses a vegetable-tanning process for many of its leather products. And, it only applies water-based adhesives to its footwear – a method which has been proven to be safer for the air, water and people.

Earth Shoes is also dedicated to planting a tree each time a pair of shoes is purchased. So far, it has planted nearly 2 million trees through Sub-Saharan Africa! Read about the company’s efforts and partnership with Trees for the Future.

Gaiam (4.2% Cash Back)

A favorite of yogis and meditators, Gaiam strongly believes in nurturing and respecting the earth and its inhabitants. That’s why it offers a collection of eco-friendly products on its website, including yoga mats, yoga bricks and yoga wheels.

Better yet, Gaiam has a rattan meditation chair for sale that contains a natural cotton cushion filled with sustainable kapok and, of course, an Earth-friendly rattan base.

Grove Collaborative ($4.20 Cash Back)

Cleaning and hygienic products have never been more in demand than now. When you subscribe to Grove Collaborative’s monthly delivery service, you’ll receive healthy and natural disinfectants that are Earth’s best friends.

From dish soaps and floor cleaners to laundry detergent, Grove Collaborative manufactures 100% cruelty-free and plant-based formulas for its customers. It also minimizes the use of plastic in packaging and carbon offsets every shipment.


We hope this list leads you to discover a healthier way of living while saving money. Sound off below and tell us what stores you’re most interested to shop at during Earth Day…and beyond.

Photograph of the blog author, Diana Oliveira.

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