Dormify: Your One-Stop Shop for Dorm Room Essentials

Dormify: Your One-Stop Shop for Dorm Room Essentials

Posted on Jul 12 2023 Posted in  Merchant Spotlight
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Dormify: Your One-Stop Shop for Dorm Room Essentials

With move-in day just weeks away, many college students and post-grads are scrambling to check off their wish list of dorm room essentials. They’re bouncing between store to store, looking for the best deal or cutest décor.

But little do they know that Dormify has everything they need to maximize the smallest of spaces—without breaking the bank!

If you’re one of these students, visit Dormify online right now. We promise you won’t walk away empty-handed. As a matter of fact, you’ll get of your money back if you shop through our cash back portal.

Here are some of our favorite dorm room essentials, courtesy of Dormify:


Avery Classic Cotton Sheet Set

Classic cotton sheet set

Deciding what you bring from home and what you need to buy can be such an exhausting task. But one thing is for sure: you don’t want to leave the comforting feeling of home behind.

Nothing says comfort and a new start like a fresh bed set. These five-star sheets are a great pick up and currently on sale for $36. They come in a variety of colors for your twin, full or queen-size bed, and grey is already sold out—so hurry!


Byourbed® Color Block Comforter Set

Color block comforter set

You have your sheets, now you need a cozy comforter to go along with it. It needs to be cottony soft for those excruciatingly long days where all you think about is getting into your bed after back-to-back classes. This two-tone set will be exactly what the doctor ordered.


Sleepyhead Gel-Infused Mattress Topper

Gel-infused mattress topper

If you want to get extra fancy, you can even throw in a mattress topper—but not just any mattress topper. This one actually regulates body temperature and helps to ease pressure points in the body.

Tip: Alleviating as much stress as possible can be your gateway to a successful school year.


Possum Hanger™ Closet Organizer

Closet organizer

There’s a saying that if you live around clutter, your mind gets cluttered. So, leaving clothes all around the room floor is a big no-no.

Every college kid should have at least 20 hangers to maintain an organized closet. However, we’ve found this alternative that’s perfectly concise and frees up room in your closet. It also allows you to see your outfit choices a bit better compared to hangers. 


Supreme Bath Towels

Stack of bath towels

Walking everywhere on campus + crippling presentation anxiety = recipe for sweat. Showering multiple times a day will be common. And a full supply of fresh towels is a must.


Rolling Pop Up Hamper

Rolling pop-up hamper

You never know when you’re going to get around to washing clothes. The washer machines may be occupied, or you may be downright lazy or tired and let your laundry accumulate. For this reason, you’ll definitely need a hefty hamper. This one makes it easy for you to transport your laundry and folds flat when not in use for convenient storage. Win-win!  


Hexagon Dry Erase Wall Decal

Hexagon-shaped dry erase wall decals

Once you step foot on campus, you’ll no longer have teachers and parents reminding you to do things. You’ll officially be an adult. Having a dry-erase board to leave notes for yourself and your roomies is so clutch and necessary. Having hexagon dry-erase wall decals? Even better.


Remi Adjustable Desk Lamp

Adjustable desk lamp

For those late nights where you’re up studying or working on a paper, you’ll want a desk lamp so you don’t totally disturb your roommates' peace. This lamp comes in two neutral colors. What’s more, it comes equipped with an adjustable shade. 


Tusk® Under the Bed Collapsible Storage Box, Set of 4

Four pink storage boxes with handles

When I lived in a college dorm, there were a lot of things I had brought from home and needed, but just simply had no space for. It’s vital that you have some storage bins. They don’t have to be those big and bulky outdated ones either like I had back in the day.

These storage boxes are made from durable polyester material and come in four beautiful colors. They even feature handles so you can pull them out from under your bed without a hassle.



Now that you’ve got a cozy bed, some organization, and all the little things in between (including cash back!) it’s time to go off on a fun adventure. Tell us, what’s your favorite dorm room essential from Dormify? Drop us a line below.


Editor’s Note: Promos were correct at time of publication.

Photograph of the blog author, Dominique Vinas.

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