September 2022 Customer Care Survey

September 2022 Customer Care Survey

Posted on Sep 01 2022 Posted in  Giveaways & Contests, Customer Service
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September 2022 Customer Care Survey

This one is for all of our loyal members here on! We are interested in improving the overall experience we give our members, so we thought the best way to do this would be to simply ask our members what we could do differently to make the experience better.

Although we know you love TopCashback, tell us, what would make it better specifically? What would you like to see more of? Would you like an in-store purchase option?

These are the things TopCashback wants to know. And who better to answer all these questions than you?

We love to hear from our members to maximize their experience. Take a brief survey and enter for a chance to win $50! One lucky winner will be selected at random on October 1.

Please be sure to submit your email address at the end of the survey to be selected at random. Participants are required to answer every question to be eligible for the giveaway.

If you win, you will be notified via email from our email account. The survey closes on October 1, 2022 at 6:00 AM PT.

Responses are voluntary and will remain confidential. All answers will be compiled together and analyzed as a group. See the full giveaway terms and conditions for more information.

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Member734293908733September 29 2022, 00:39 I would like to get Aliexpress cashback
Member935003155547September 27 2022, 13:29 I hope I win!✌🏻☺️
Member934975993240September 27 2022, 03:18
Hello first of all. I use Topcashback regularly and fondly.
I'm saving money by shopping more, that's crazy.

I would like you to make us users more happy by doing more activities.
Thank you.
KyleJLVSeptember 27 2022, 01:08 My girlfriend and I use this app and it’S amazing! I would encourage anyone and everyone to use it! Saving money has became a hobby of my girlfriends and now im addicted too! Top cash back is one of the first places I go to when i’M looking for deals and I have a lot of apps and free subscriptions to money saving sites and apps!
gsuresh65September 25 2022, 17:50 I love the TopCashback. I also using Mobile application, If you can add feature of shopping with in the TopCashback app browser it will be great, Else If we have app installed in mobile it redirecting to mobile app showing warning cashback not applicable if buy through app.

MSGOLDIE25September 24 2022, 19:42 Excellent!
mandyjo0728September 20 2022, 21:45
New here but so far loving it will be doing more on here for sure
changhwSeptember 19 2022, 17:08
Excellent tracking rate
Easy to use
sricharanSeptember 19 2022, 09:12 Fast tracking and good reward rates
Olga30September 19 2022, 01:47 Live online customer service and faster payout would be great.
abbeyngoSeptember 18 2022, 18:56 I love the online cashback program, it works perfectly, but I would also love to use the app to shop in store at more location beside sam club, such as submitting receipt for eligible items.
gkemnerSeptember 18 2022, 14:49
Backing the customer up when a legitimate cashback fails
MaxTowerUSASeptember 18 2022, 07:09
I wish they'd tell people why a Transaction fails to extract when I request funds - I use the extraction for years without problems and not my money "disappears" and I never get it - rendering my time using the sight kinda pointless.
dwaraka79September 17 2022, 14:56
Very nice app, but recent days its not working or tracking my rewards properly , so sad :-(
Albekova Zarina September 17 2022, 09:39 Hello! Very handy and simple app. It would be nice if other companies added. ıNdetex and VıCtorıA secret. Sincerely, Zarina albekovaz@MaIl.Ru
Member117789520157September 16 2022, 20:03
Tcb says Sam's Club 3% Cash back for Scan-and-go purchases, but it never gets tracked.
volvo777September 15 2022, 15:47
I would like to get better cashback for online stores like Walmart and Amazon
needmorestuff77September 15 2022, 12:29
Sometimes don’T get cash back from Sam’S club at all
BeetalbugSeptember 15 2022, 05:58 Some stores don't track at all sometimes better tracking system and faster payouts would be nice other then that nice site
CHIU CHEN HSUANSeptember 14 2022, 04:37
If we can get faster cashback would be awesome. Love your system! Keep going!
Member85108540126September 14 2022, 02:52 I would like faster cashback.
RaginiRSeptember 13 2022, 19:34
Perhaps link to credit cards so that in-store purchase also qualify.

Another point is that sometimes the Merchant takes advantage of a situation and even by doing everything right, we may not get the cashback advantage.
dionneSeptember 13 2022, 16:16 Would like to see a wider range of products available for cashback offers in retailers like Walmart, Target & Amazon 🤷‍♀️
Cheri94September 13 2022, 15:14
Would like faster cash back posting
fischchrSeptember 13 2022, 09:21
All is great unless and until something goes wrong. Always the fault of the customer, never the merchant. This is where TCB needs to do a lot better
shyannSeptember 12 2022, 21:15 In store cash back and online live customer service is better.
wkulsum23September 12 2022, 14:22
Yes an in-store cash back is a good idea provided all competitors have them (rakuten, Ibotta). May be we can link the card to the TopCashback account to allow tracking purchases.
Member1028245082856September 12 2022, 12:41
To make it better, more cash back at Walmart. I'd like to see more of Harry's games. Yes, would like in store cash back.
Carlyn613September 12 2022, 10:06
Faster credit on purchases and more redemption options.
Vivek4684September 12 2022, 09:25 Yes, I consider in-store options
sohee6002September 12 2022, 05:14
I luv TopCashback. It's really be full of energy!
metmanSeptember 11 2022, 22:45 Please add more gift card selections. Also, curious why it takes 3+ Months to be credited $$$ When other sites take as little as 3-7 days, 14-21 days tops.
Tasha Marie99September 11 2022, 19:19 I would just like to say that I like this website I feel like it's great they do keep track of what you're buying and they do pay you although it takes forever to get paid so that's the only thing that sucks about this website is it takes months and months to get your money back your cash back but hey at least you get it right
TOPKAT1September 11 2022, 10:35 I would like to see more gift card options and a faster payout.
giantjump12345September 11 2022, 10:31 The rebates are great.
kentagonSeptember 11 2022, 09:30 I have tried everything recommended to get purchases to track. I have to file a report every time. I would appreciate help getting it to track in Chrome.
mike4ridesSeptember 11 2022, 08:49 The rebates are great but please expand the gift card retailers.

I'd also like the option to have actual gift cards to hand out as gifts.
mbaileySeptember 11 2022, 08:13 I like that I can earn on things that I usually buy
RobloSeptember 11 2022, 06:52
My only issue with this app is length of time for payment.
Sandrauga7September 11 2022, 06:14 Taking a pic of your receipt and submitting it that way is helpful. Also, in store rewards and more cash back. Also, more variety of gift card types.
Member1022164368701September 11 2022, 04:46 The rebates are great. Please expand the gift card retailers. I would like the option to have actual gift cards to give as gifts
littlemorehumbleSeptember 10 2022, 20:20 Hi there, I would be excited if there is rebate for in store purchases! Just need to submit receipts for eligible items for instant rewards.
Beatles2023September 10 2022, 19:50 Where there is a bonus offer (e.G. $2.50 for any $10 purchase) I would like it if you didn't have to remember to opt in as it should be automatic.
sabzeeSeptember 10 2022, 18:56 In-store option or submitting receipts for points or cashback like fetch would be awesome!
More cashback categories in Amazon or rotate through different ones every week?
A way to donate expired leftovers cash from cashback visa cards?
hon21gSeptember 10 2022, 18:00
I love Cashback
giantjump12345September 10 2022, 17:59 The rebates are great.
Francheska10September 10 2022, 17:46 Topcashback’S customer service is superb than any other cashback app. They gave the cashback and referral they promise than the other app. Plus they got better cashback % Than others.
BizzSeptember 10 2022, 17:38 Higher rebates and more stores
Aneesah100September 10 2022, 17:13 I love money
Vika962September 10 2022, 15:38 Got lots of $$$
Member734425299416September 10 2022, 15:05 I love the fact that I got 100% Cashback on Hydro flask. Can’T ask for anything better.
manmeetSeptember 10 2022, 15:00
Topcashback is legit and awesome!!
Vika962September 10 2022, 14:52 Got lots of $$$
littlemorehumbleSeptember 10 2022, 14:45
Hi there, I would be excited if there is rebate for in store purchases! Just need to submit receipts for eligible items for instant rewards.
cindyh827September 10 2022, 14:42 You used to have the hummingbird game alot more. Now it's seldom going on.
Swanie228September 10 2022, 14:18
I’M still learning how to use this app but i’M pleasantly surprised that most stores I search for are here!
skysmileguySeptember 10 2022, 14:06 Still exploring as I am new here, but can you send out just 1 email a day vs many please.
Member834720314654September 10 2022, 13:34
I love this app
suzannekaneSeptember 10 2022, 13:22 I love getting cash back when I purchase items from my favorite retailers. I've even discovered new retailers by giving them a try after seeing the points/Cashback I can get from them. I would like to see an in-store cashback option also.
HawkeyeTikaSeptember 10 2022, 12:43 I am just becoming to uncover the strengths of this app. It is so wonderful to get a savings gift. Love it!
stevenparxSeptember 10 2022, 12:40
Amazing app! Love the Cashback options
songokuSeptember 10 2022, 12:16
I use it for every purchase, but unfortunately it doesn't track it quite often.
damontsarSeptember 10 2022, 12:15 Amaizing cash back app!
Member834720314654September 10 2022, 12:09 I love this app
Bren261September 10 2022, 12:00 Offer cash back on WalMart grocery shopping.
nightrphSeptember 10 2022, 11:53
Customer service turn around time is a little slow, but overall, I like the site.
nightrphSeptember 10 2022, 11:42 Customer service turn around time is a little slow, but overall, I like the site...
Ali25AlshehriSeptember 10 2022, 11:25 One of the best applications I have dealt with, but we need an application for the Middle East
Member834764841208September 10 2022, 11:24 I just joined so am still getting into it
Member734427214357September 10 2022, 11:21
I’M new to Topcashback! I’M loving it!
colourczr0909September 10 2022, 11:20
Best cash back web forever!
Member22931089134September 10 2022, 11:16
Great cash back app!
Member834720314654September 10 2022, 11:15 Amaizing app
Member525923942313September 10 2022, 11:15
Great customer service!
msjoannewu September 10 2022, 11:04
Earnings on spending!
Great experience!
Thanks TopCashBack!
Member107454430335September 10 2022, 10:57 TopCashback is the best for getting money back!
bostonparentsSeptember 10 2022, 10:39 Amazing! It’S like an extra savings account. Love This!❤️
trans201September 10 2022, 10:37 I love Top Cashback
arti4amilSeptember 10 2022, 10:35 Topcashback is easy to use and I have earned more than $700 so far just by shopping using Topcashback 😅
janharrisSeptember 10 2022, 10:27 Earning on in store purchases would be great!
maria84September 10 2022, 10:26
L love TopCashback always the best deals on my shopping
dealhuntrSeptember 10 2022, 10:25
An in-store pickup option would definitely be a good option. Local store cashbacks would also help so we can support some of these local retailers - eg: Microcenter.
Mzluv2travelSeptember 10 2022, 10:19 Amazing! Love saving money :)
TammySSoikSeptember 10 2022, 10:18 I like TopCash. The only problem i've had is the bonus payouts. I've specifically purchased items thinking i'd be getting the $2.50 off, etc. Just to find out that it didn't go through.
Bandinni32September 10 2022, 10:12 Easy to use and cashback is awesome.
Member519807398650September 10 2022, 05:49 I love Top Cashback!!! Amazing app.. I
ycaruso1222September 9 2022, 21:37 I'd live to see more egift cards available to buy like you find on raise.
SirRoss187September 9 2022, 19:20
Amazing!!! Best discounts and cash back.
Lore21September 9 2022, 17:46 Me encanta top cash rewards es muy facil de manejar.
gogopapaSeptember 9 2022, 17:30 Excellent! Isn’T it?
ELAINE_LUSeptember 9 2022, 16:33 Good job!!
EssentiallyjSeptember 9 2022, 16:15 I would like it if my store or store card was linked. I forget to shop through the app.
SirRoss187September 9 2022, 16:06 Amazing!!! Best discounts and cash back.
Jpl8725September 9 2022, 15:15
Lol this fun
AnaCeSeptember 9 2022, 15:01
It’S the best !! 😻😻 I always buy here.
KinsleySSeptember 9 2022, 14:59
Love using TopCashback all the time specially when doing deals
owelSeptember 9 2022, 14:43 Thank you TopCashback! You are awesome 👏
Redskin120768September 9 2022, 14:35
Sept 09 2022
Kearstanf September 9 2022, 14:20 Bring back the Raise cash back
zieeuni228September 9 2022, 14:15
Always using errr day!
MsMary87September 9 2022, 13:51 Love TopCashback! Way better than a lot of these other cash back apps.
Ashah87September 9 2022, 13:31
You guys should start thinking of opening a credit card which has same cashback deals & Returns ;) ❤️
krishreddiSeptember 9 2022, 13:30
Nice way to shop online
whereisjkimSeptember 9 2022, 13:29 Cool events
Member1128293984040September 9 2022, 03:36 Always recommend using TopCashback before shopping online
lily100107September 9 2022, 03:25
Cash back time takes so long. But I still like to use TopCashback.
jefftsang119September 9 2022, 01:14
Good experience to use TopCashback. If the time of cash back becomes more quickly, I think TopCashback will be more better.
gavincwbSeptember 8 2022, 18:03 Some of the order can not be track
Delta_PointsSeptember 8 2022, 02:34 I use other sites more and more due to TCB tracking issues.
mintingliSeptember 7 2022, 18:30
Love getting additional reward back from my shop~~ Topcash helped me saving at least 2k per year.
ziranniurouSeptember 6 2022, 17:05
Good experience with TopCashback.
Member530590593236September 6 2022, 17:01 I can't think of anything you could do differently. It's perfect!!
ktahiraSeptember 6 2022, 12:04 Good experience with TopCashback.
MjsquaredSeptember 2 2022, 06:36 I wish you texted me when my favorite stores increase their cash back percentage.
NanainchargeSeptember 1 2022, 11:14
I would love to be able to list the item i'm looking for and see the stores that sell it.
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