Charitable Shopping
Giving Back Survey 2020

Giving Back Survey 2020

Participate in our survey for a chance to win $50!Read more
Posted on Oct 12 2020 Posted in  Deals, Giveaways & Online Contests, Charitable Shopping
Surprising Places to Buy Face Masks

Surprising Places to Buy Face Masks

The stores you’d never think would make face masks now are! Read more
Posted on Jun 05 2020 Posted in  Charitable Shopping, Fashion, Money Saving Tips
6 Ways to Help Out Small Businesses

6 Ways to Help Out Small Businesses

A little support does go a long way. Read more
Posted on May 22 2020 Posted in  Charitable Shopping
Food Delivery Services That Are Giving Back

Food Delivery Services That Are Giving Back

They're doing more than keeping you fed.Read more
Posted on Apr 27 2020 Posted in  Charitable Shopping, Merchant Spotlight
Give Back With TopCashback

Give Back With TopCashback

Donate your cashback to Direct Relief and we’ll match $1 per $1.Read more
Posted on Apr 17 2020 Posted in  Charitable Shopping
Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey Donation

Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey Donation

Please help us support those afflicted by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey by donating today. Read more
Posted on Sep 25 2017 Posted in  Travel, Charitable Shopping
Cancer Awareness Month at TopCashback

Join Us for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

During the month of October, TopCashback will donate dollars to charity in support of Breast Cancer Awareness and Research. Read more
Posted on Oct 01 2016 Posted in  Charitable Shopping
TOMS shoes

Charitable Merchant to Watch: TOMS

Combine your love of great shoes with a campaign that gives back!Read more
Posted on May 10 2016 Posted in  Charitable Shopping
Breast Awareness Campaign

Breast Cancer Awareness Stores to Shop

With the month of October dedicated to raising awareness of breast cancer we thought it would be a good idea to share a number of our merchants who feature special promotions that give a portion or all of the proceeds to breast cancer research and support. It is the perfect month to shop knowing your purchases help support the prevention, education and awareness of this disease. Maybe you’ll even get a head start on the holiday season! Read more
Posted on Oct 19 2015 Posted in  Charitable Shopping
Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This annual event was created to increase public attention and help raise funds for research. According to the American Cancer Society ‘Breast Cancer Facts & Figures Report’ from 2013-2014, there are an estimated 232,000 new cases of breast cancer every year.Read more
Posted on Oct 02 2015 Posted in  Charitable Shopping
TOMS StandUp Bags

Support Anti-Bullying With a TOMS Backpack

Read more
Posted on Aug 25 2015 Posted in  Charitable Shopping

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