Highest Cash Back Guarantee: What It Means

Highest Cash Back Guarantee: What It Means

Posted on Jan 02 2023 Posted in  How To Save Money Fast, Money Saving Tips
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Highest Cash Back Guarantee: What It Means

Bargain hunters pride themselves on knowing the most cost-effective methods to shop.

Some shop in private browsers, others will leave items in their cart overnight and wake up to find a digital coupon in their promotions folder. Measuring prices, stacking coupons, and ensuring cash back are techniques that have become second nature to shoppers who like to test the elasticity of their dollars.

These practices, while financially beneficial, can be time consuming, especially when going back and forth from site to site comparing cash back offers. While we know we aren’t the only cash back site around, we also know how much you cherish TopCashback with our lack of payout restrictions, 19 different payout options, as well as payout bonuses. That’s why we came up with this frugal feature to make shopping more efficient because the best deal is always here.

The TopCashback highest cash back guarantee is a program we proudly present. With this feature, members that have found a better cash back offer on another site can come back to TopCashback, make their purchase as they normally would, then fill out a claim to receive the better rate.

Matching the cash back of a competitor is one thing, but we didn’t get our reputation as America’s most generous cash back site by being as good as everyone else. At TopCashback we promise to not only match the rate you have found, but beat it by offering 110% the cash back rate of whatever our competitors are dealing.
To start this process you just need to complete a few easy steps.


Step 1:

Follow this link to the cash back guarantee claim. https://www.topcashback.com/account/enquiries/highestcashbackguarantees/submit/

Step 2:

Input the necessary information regarding your transaction. Then select the competitor where you found the better rate. Provide the exact URL or the actual retailer page on the other site, as well as the expected cash back rate. Lastly, describe the product you ordered. We only need to know about the purchase to make sure it qualifies for cash back.

Step 3:

Submit the claim. From here you can revisit your claims to see their progress and status via the navigation bar on the right-hand side of this page.


And that’s it! This is a very simple procedure that you could add to your money-saving tool belt. All other pertinent information about this guarantee of ours can be found on this page.

We appreciate your TopCashback loyalty and are happy to provide our valued members with this economical element that keeps you on America’s most generous cash back site.

Photograph of the blog author, Louis Pino.

by Louis Pino

Louis Pino is the junior copywriter at TopCashback.com. He defines frugality as not solely buying life's necessities, but being resourceful when it comes to purchasing your wants. This is why, since 2021, Louis has been spreading the good word of balancing money management and shopping through informative blog posts such as this.

Member1027990312631July 10 2023, 23:10 I am sorry, but you are not competitive at all. While it is true that your cashback rate is higher than your competitor's majority of times, getting that cashback is another story! I never had problems with Rakuten and BeFrugal, and a couple of times that I had missing cashback, they honored it and paid it. With your service, the cash back is often not honored and is blamed on the retailer. Also, the payout time is way too long compared to the other services, and customer service is subpar at best.
Hi There,

Thank you for getting in touch.

The payout time will vary depending upon the merchant as each transaction will have a different 'Estimated Payable Speed'.

Also, the main thing that separates us from our competitors is that we never keep a portion of the cashback, meaning we offer 100% Of it to our members.

If you ever have any issues with your cashback, you can always feel free to email me directly to promotions@Topcashback.com and I will always try to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.

Best Wishes,
Jenie palinoJuly 7 2023, 18:42 I don't understand this TopCashback, what it's mean?
Hi There,

Thank you for reaching out.

We are a cashback site which means you can earn cashback just from simply shopping at all your favorite stores.

To learn more about TopCashback and what we offer please visit this link: https://www.topcashback.com/blog/how-to-maximize-your-topcashback-experience/.

Best Wishes,
GigiLynnMarch 12 2023, 14:19

And it takes you months to pay us what we've actually earned! Even now, you tell me that I have $10 in my account, but I can't redeem it.
GigiLynnMarch 12 2023, 13:59 And yet you don't even guarantee cashback on purchases that we make through this website! So many times i've been told that my purchases were tracking, but you refused to reward my cashback. So i've stopping using TopCashBack because of all the money i've lost that I wouldn't have lost if i'd used another site.
QuadripledipJanuary 8 2023, 19:13 This is why I love TopCashback!
Jennie TroverDecember 24 2022, 08:06
Nice to know. I'll give it a try
yesngoDecember 21 2022, 11:46 Nice to know. I'll give it a try, although it's seldom that another site offers more than you do.
EmcelreaOctober 20 2022, 15:20
Yea i’M not going to spend my time to maybe get more cash back from this site and have a response come back a few weeks later to say it’S not eligible. I already have had several reoccurring issues of cash back getting rejected on TopCashBack and they cannot provide a reason except that the retailer states it is not a valid order or some other bs when I have a valid order number in my email confirmation. Nothing ever happens to me like that on Rakuten. Even if Rakuten has a lower cash back percentage I still have been using that site way more frequently because they never denied my valid cash back orders. Seeing this supposed cashback matching campaign just seems like more deception. They can’T even get the regular cashback to work and now we need to fill out a claim to maybe get a matched cashback? Really? End rant.
Hi There,

Thank you for your feedback. If you are having trouble with your purchases frequently failing to track, please do reach out to me directly to promotions@Topcashback.com so that I may try to figure out what is causing this issue.

Best Wishes,
ronjon53October 19 2022, 15:34
Here's the problem with these "we'll match it" deals. It requires extra effort on my part to fill out forms or take screen shots or make a phone call or... Whatever.
Too often it's not worth the effort so I just go with the company that actually truly had the best price from the get go rather than jump through hoops to maybe get a dollar or two more cash back.
My time is worth more to me.
swhittinOctober 18 2022, 18:41
Excited and happy to give it a try. Well done!
Julie PetreraOctober 17 2022, 07:55 Can you provide a timeline on when you would get back to a user on this? I find your customer service very slow, and have actually been denied legitimate cashback many times - so I find it very risky to forfeit using another site that pays a higher cashsback to attempt to use yours - as it ends up being up to you, and there could be a denial/Delay in getting the higher cashback. Can you respond to this at all?
Hi There.

So our aim is within 24 hours you will get a response and we mostly exceed this and reply well within 15 hours. Also, we are never the ones who decline the cashback, the only reason for a claim or purchase being declined is because we have been refused comission from the retailer. We will always try to investigate and push back when we can prove that the member is in the right. Also, for a quick and efficient response, you can always reach out directly to promotions@Topcashback.com for any customer care needs.

Best Wishes,
Julie PetreraOctober 17 2022, 07:42
Can you provide a timeline on when you would get back to a user on this? I find your customer service very slow, and have actually been denied legitimate cashback many times - so I find it very risky to forfeit using another site that pays a higher cashsback to attempt to use yours - as it ends up being up to you, and there could be a denial/Delay in getting the higher cashback. Can you respond to this at all?
AhmadSpiKyOctober 10 2022, 21:42
Do you guys match Honey and its exclusive special offers ?
Hi There,

Yes, we do! We actually beat their rates by 10% :)

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