7 Healthy Snacks That’ll Quickly Become Lunchbox Staples

7 Healthy Snacks That’ll Quickly Become Lunchbox Staples

Posted on Aug 11 2022 Posted in  Food & Drink, Money-Saving Tips
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7 Healthy Snacks That’ll Quickly Become Lunchbox Staples

Summer’s nearly over, which means it’s time to wean the kids off ice cream, popcorn, potato chips, ice cream, snow cones, fruit snacks, candy, ice cream, Pop-Tarts, cookies, brownies…did we say ice cream?

Let’s face it—children don’t eat their healthiest during summer break. (Frankly, who does?) But the new school year offers a fresh start.

They might screech and moan if you make them switch to fruits and veggies right away. So, we’ve found some healthy snacks that look like the junk food they’ve been eating, but are actually low in sugar, high in nutrients and still downright tasty!

Check them out below and tell us what you think. Or save yourself the time and buy them all now!


gr8nola – 4.04% Cash Back

A single bag of gr8nola cacao crisp.

Running late to school will probably happen more than once. So, they’ll need a good, hearty breakfast on the go.

gr8nola, which we also featured in our women-owned businesses post, can be addicting as a snack, too. It contains just 5 grams of sugar per serving, yet it’s one of the most delicious things on the market. It uses only unrefined sweeteners like honey and organic coconut to give it flavor. And it’s 100% free of dairy, soy, inflammatory oils and GMOs.

To ease your mind even further, this superfood granola comes in resealable bags that are easily portable.

One 10-ounce bag goes for $10 on gr8nola.com. But you can subscribe for regular deliveries and save 15% on every order. Or you can buy multi-packs for $38-$55. You’ll get 4.04% of your money back if you shop through us.

Brainiac – 10.1% Cash Back

A single Brainiac applesauce Brain Squeezer

Tell your kids they’ll become actual brainiacs if they munch on these snacks, and you won’t be far off the mark!

Brainiac foods boast brain-fueling ingredients that ordinary foods lack. Choline, lutein, Omega-3s ALA and DHA/EPA can all be found inside your brain. So, Brainiac teamed up with nutritionists and doctors to produce snacks that contain these same nutrients.

They’re scientifically proven to assist your child’s development and learning, attention and focus, critical thinking, mood and memory. Pretty wild, right?

Pick up a 20-pack of Brain Squeezers for $16.99, 5-pack of Brain Bars for $7.99 or 20-pack of Brain Butter for $39.99. We’ll help you earn 10.1% cash back.

KIND – Up to up to $5.05 Cash Back

Three different-flavored KIND nut bars.

Your kids may have passed up these bars at the grocery store for teeth-rotting snacks they know they can’t have. But that’s going to change.

KIND offers so many wonderful flavors that are all packed with nutritionally-dense ingredients. There’s not a nut, fruit or whole grain you won’t find. And nothing is artificial.

You can order a 36-count variety pack exclusively online for $51.50. Or for your littlest scholar, you can purchase a 40-count Minis variety pack for $32. There’ll be up to up to $5.05 cash back waiting for you.

Catalina Crunch – 5.05% Cash Back

A single bag of Catalina Crunch's traditional crunch mix.

Catalina Crunch is the perfect snack for any child with a medical condition. The brand’s founder was diagnosed with T1 diabetes at a young age and could no longer eat the sugary cereals and chocolate cookies he was accustomed to.

He turned his frustration into action and created a whole line of keto-friendly snacks that not just people like him would love, but everybody would want in their pantries.

If you have children at home experiencing dietary restrictions, introduce them to Catalina Crunch cereal, sandwich cookies and crunch mix. Their cravings will be instantly satisfied.

To start, snag a 5-pack of traditional crunch mix for $48 and score 5.05% cash back on your purchase. We promise you’ll return for more.

UNREAL – 5.05% Cash Back

One bag of UNREAL dark chocolate coconut bars next to one bag of UNREAL dark chocolate peanut butter cups.

You’re probably thinking, ‘these can’t be healthy.’ But fret not. They are.

UNREAL chocolate snacks truly live up to their name. Despite using up to 51% LESS sugar than leading brands, their taste is absolutely dynamite. Whether you grab a bag of the peanut butter cups or coconut bars, your kids will be enjoying organic, non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients.

Prices start at $28.48, and there are plenty of size options to pick from. What’s equally unreal is the 5.05% cash back rate we’re currently offering.

Hint – 2.02% Cash Back

A single bottle of Hint mango water.

Obviously, this isn’t food. But the kids need something to drink with their snacks that won’t give them a cavity.

Hint is designed for anybody who hates plain water. (Oh yes, those folks exist.) Hint is nothing more than fruit-flavored water without sweeteners, preservatives or calories. You’ll just have to trust us when we say it’s refreshingly delicious.

Select from blackberry, peach, cherry, crisp apple, clementine, mango and more delightful options. One case of 12 bottles is $21.99—or $17.99 if you subscribe for monthly shipments. You can pocket 2.02% cash back with your order.


Which healthy snacks do you think will quickly become lunchbox staples in your household? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to know if any are huge hits!


Editor’s Note: Promos were correct at time of publication.

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