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Ancestry helps you understand your genealogy. A family tree takes you back generations—the world’s largest collection of online records makes it possible.

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Ancestry - Every Family Has a Story

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Have you ever wanted to know more about where you came from, your family history, or your DNA in general? With all these things are possible and presented to you in a cohesive manner. Trace your family to discover who was a world explorer, a member of high society, Don't toil a second longer over your ancestry, discover your family and buy the package right for you with an Ancestry discount today.

There are many ways you can apply and its services to your search for family and history. Although we like the idea that you cannot put a price tag on knowledge of your family, we know that you can and Ancestry has. We encourage you to not be intimidated by its monthly or yearly price tags either. With Ancestry coupons and money back from TopCashback, you will be saving money and you are likely to consider it a worthwhile investment. Not to mention there is a free 14 day trial to test the process.

American Ancestry is a fascinating thing, most of us have relatives that came from elsewhere in search of opportunity. Those with ancestry of Native Americans, can also learn something new about themselves, maybe finding answers to family mysteries. Using one of the Ancestry deals found through TopCashback, Groupon, or an Ancestry coupon code, you are really finding the answer to how you got to where you are today.

Ancestry Homepage

Ancestry Homepage

Build Your Family Tree

If nothing else, is the world's largest collection of online family history records. With over 30 billion records and 100 million family trees, the easiest and most efficient way to take a history course in your family is through Ancestry.comGrowing a family tree through the website can be done in 3 simple steps. The first step is to add what you know. Your name, the names of your parents, and theirs. Dates of birth, known residences, occupations, anything you can remember will help inform your story.

Once you have filled out all the pertinent information available to you, you would then look for a leaf. These leaves are hints that Ancestry's algorithm have found via historical records which tie into your genealogy. The program has found something about an ancestor within its seemingly infinite records. With the help of over a million trees on site, you may even find out that you are related to your best friend.

From there, you would explore the record that the leaf has led you to. This will offer you details about your relative which will be imported to your family tree, thus gaining more hints. You then repeat the process, and this cycle results in a clearer and fuller tree that has become your own family history center.


The search function is a great place to go if you aren't really sure what you are looking for in the website. You can start by typing in your grandfather's name and before you know it, there are records of his military service and your grandmother's name right staring at you.

Typing in a location of birth or a city or state significant to their lives in some way allows you to easily explore your past, and that of your relatives. You may even find some regional migration of a relative who you didn’t know jumped around a lot. You can look through the map to start exploring all the possibilities.

Using the search function, you can choose what records you would like to look through. You can look through census & voter lists, birth, marriage, & death, immigration & travel, public member trees, military, card catalog, and member search to trace your family.


There are 3 DNA test packages and they all work under the same basic principles. You, the customer, order and activate a kit then return it with your saliva sample to unlock your genetic secrets. All of the necessary equipment will be provided for you. Then in roughly 6-8 weeks, your results will have been processed and ready to be viewed online. You will be shown if you have Native American roots, if your ancestors came from Europe, Asia, or perhaps some long-forgotten country or continent we have yet to locate.

The basic Ancestry DNA kit for $99 allows you to discover where your family is from "without even leaving your living room". The Family tree Package allows you to uncover your whole family story with the addition of a World Explorer Membership for $100. Although it's one dollar more, this should feel just like an Ancestry DNA coupon.

The AncestryDNA Traits + All Access Package offers all of the perks of the previous, with the ability to unlock personal traits to help you understand your makeup better. This option is $199 but should be considered one of the top Ancestry deals for how much you receive in return.


There are so many ways to start your journey with Ancestry, one of them would be with an Ancestry coupon. But sometimes, the best place to start is before your beginning. One way for you to take advantage of is to explore the stories of others. Whether it be the origins of the surname, what daily life was like in generations past, and of course a tutorial of Ancestry's services, the explore tab is a great place to do just that.

Articles written about solving the puzzle of the past, inspirational videos of people that have found themselves through finding distant relatives, and going on a deeper dive in the fact finding tab can lead you to find family photos in your great aunt's yearbook photo. All of this can jumpstart your curiosity and guide you on your way through your family tree. If you are curious about finding an online deal for DNA kits or access memberships, be sure to check TopCashback to see how much money you can earn back when you shop through our site.

Ancestry Features

iOS & Android Apps

With either one of these apps you will be able to explore your ethnicity and family history all in one easy and convenient location. You will be notified of relevant discoveries for you every day, or however frequently you want. But, this feed is tailored for you and can be reviewed, dismissed, or saved for later.

Photo Books & Posters

Using MyCanvas, you can sync your family tree with the decorative software to create something to show in your home. Some of the most popular options are the family history book, family tree poster, and the family history calendar.

Pro Genealogists

Another service offers is access to some of the world's best genealogists. These professionals can go places that the website alone cannot. Using immigration research, DNA analysis, adoption and biological family research, and research predating the1850s you could find so much more about your lineage. These projects are not cheap and typically start at around $3000. As far as we know there are no applicable Ancestry discounts or deals that can be put towards this service.

Ancestry Academy

The Ancestry Academy is a library of instructional videos that are available to help understanding genealogy what you are searching for. These videos come with historical lessons, scientific explanations, and of course guides on how to maneuver and get the most out of your Ancestry membership.

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