Winter Bucket List

Winter Bucket List

If you weren’t too caught up in the Super Bowl frenzy, then you’d know February’s other big tradition – Groundhog Day – gave us the results we wish for every year. An early spring!

Just think about it: No more freezing temps. No more layers. In fact, major stores are already breaking out the shorts and tees. And ice cream trucks are getting set to reemerge.

Yet, despite how much we gripe about it, winter still deserves a proper send-off. Our bucket list for the remainder of the season is all play and no work. Read below for fun inspo and a sprinkle of savings. By the end, you’ll almost feel sad to see winter go. Almost.

Attend an Ice Hockey Game

Ice Hockey Image

The NHL might play into June, but there’s no better time to see it in action than now. Drag the family to watch your favorite team hit the ice. You can secure seats through Ticketmaster, which is offering Up to 5% cash back.

Go Tobogganing

Toboggan Image

Who says snow days are just for kids? Compete in a little downhill race with your partner-in-crime after nabbing the snow slider toboggan sled from Kotula's. You’ll claim victory and 4% cash back on this nifty purchase.

Learn to Knit

Knitting Image

Being stuck indoors tends to make everyone a little stir-crazy. Save yourself by taking up a new hobby – like knitting! Bluprint delivers beginner kits that are perfect for winter, such as the Fingerless Mitts and Quick and Easy Rib Hat sets. Even better, there’s 4% cash back in store for you.

Host a Dinner Party

Safeway Image

Don’t let the cold weather keep you from enjoying good company. Show off your killer cooking skills by inviting the whole gang over for a hearty, homemade dinner. You can shop for fresh ingredients at and save on your groceries with TopCashback. Not sure what the menu should be? Steal ideas from Safeway’s vast selection of recipes.

Shovel Snow Without Pulling a Muscle

Sleigh Shovel Image

Okay, so we might’ve fibbed a little about there being “no work” on this list. But we can’t let the snow just pile up on our sidewalks and driveways! Ace Hardware sells a Garant Poly sleigh shovel that tackles heavy snowfalls with incredible ease. No lifting required. Snag one today and earn 5% in return. Your back will thank you for this investment.

What’s on your winter bucket list?


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