Travel Giveaway: For the Family Road Tripper

Travel Giveaway: For the Family Road Tripper

Be honest. Family road trips probably look a bit different now than when you were a kid. Gone are the days of station wagons and travel maps that were way too complicated to follow. Dad had to keep pulling over to make sure he was going in the right direction, while Mom was busy breaking up fights in the backseat.

Okay, that last part might not have changed much. But our point still stands.

Today, you can rent an RV online to visit the Grand Canyon. Your cellphone has a GPS app to guide you on your journey. And you can keep the children entertained with iPads and e-Readers. "99 Bottles of Beer" doesn't have to be sung once!

One thing that remains the same, however, is the memories each family road trip brings. We would love to play a small part by giving away a sun-sational cooler ($70 value) that you can take on your next adventure. Just answer the question at the end of this blog post in order to qualify for the prize. Whether or not you win, you'll walk away with the best travel deals on TopCashback. See for yourself:

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Yosemite National Park, here we come!

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Before you head off to shop, remember to take a minute to answer the following question in the comments section below.


What's the best family road trip you've ever been on?


This contest runs until Sunday, May 30, 2021 at 11:59 pm PST. One victor will be chosen at random on Tuesday, June 1, 2021. Keep your eyes peeled for an email from letting you know you've won.

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Member430532947040Jun 09 21 - 02:46 The best family roadtrip i've ever been on was a trip to Molalla Oregon to see my mom's side of the family. We stopped at numerous different tourist locations to shop, sightsee, and just spend time together. Nobody fought, the music and conversations flowed happ
gooddealzJun 07 21 - 03:32 When our kids were little we took a road trip and just drove. Staying and stopping anywhere we wanted. Was so fun not having plans just going with the flow. We found so many fun stops
lotteryqueenJun 01 21 - 12:23 My first flight to California with my son and daughter to visit my brother, who cried when he saw me because he didn't ever think I would visit him because I am afraid of flying, he was so happy to see me!!! Best trip ever...
M3ttaphiMay 30 21 - 21:11 Driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas for great food and carnival games at Circus Circus (while my dad casually gambled).
Member425833371424May 30 21 - 18:41 A trip we (my mom, dad, and brother, and me) and our cousins took to a waterfall park in India. There were a lot of monkeys hanging out in the area and one of them came by and stole food from us --from my <8 year old cousin's hands to be exact. It was a memorable trip. (And he was cool with it.)
Lee543May 30 21 - 18:08 A trip to Mountain View Arkansas from Little Rock. Begun too late in the day, knowing the tent would be put up in the dark. But, the excitement in the back seat made it worthwhile.
LytlecubMay 30 21 - 17:09 Camping in the Poconos as a kid was the best!
bg001May 30 21 - 15:30 When I was a kid, loaded up in the station wagon with my sister and cousin, heading to Florida and back. We got to visit friends in fl, go to Lion Country Safari (no a/C back then!), And drove through the mountains on the way back to Ohio. So much more but great memories!!
AniCarMay 30 21 - 14:53 Tent camping road trip from coast to coast!
ctroMay 30 21 - 11:20 From az to Disneyland & The beach. We still talk about that trip
neptoonandowlMay 30 21 - 10:43 We took a 6 week road trip that was so wonderful and quite memorable!!
sdk504May 30 21 - 09:10 Vancouver to Banff National Park with my family is my all time favorite, with awesome view of Canadian Rockies
deedees98May 30 21 - 08:18 I packed up the kids and drove 20 hrs to fl to see my bff. We did a lot of fun things, beach and swam with Manatee, saw Dolphins, went on the boat to a small island and hung out for a few hrs, took pix etc... On the way back we detoured to sc to see another bf. Then off to ky to see my mom. The pain I suffered from being in the car for so long was bad, but the memories with my kids, family & Those I consume family made it worth the pain.
sandra4793May 30 21 - 07:48 San Diego to Omaha to see my Dad💖. Three days, sore back, texting my sister on the way, unplanned stops but worth it!
laoghaireMay 30 21 - 07:36 Road trip from Denver to Banff and back home again. Six National Parks in as many weeks.
clumsyfiendMay 30 21 - 07:16 Went on a great trip to Toronto! So big, and so much to explore.
deedees98May 30 21 - 07:11 I packed up the kids and drove 20 hrs to fl to see my bff. We did a lot of fun things, beach and swam with Manatee, saw Dolphins, went on the boat to a small island and hung out for a few hrs, took pix etc... On the way back we detoured to sc to see another bf. Then off to ky to see my mom. The pain I suffered from being in the car for so long was bad, but the memories with my kids, family & Those I consume family made it worth the pain.
JungleJudy45May 30 21 - 06:43 Hands down Ocean City! It was a girls trip before they were a thing with my mom, my godmother and god sisters! We took out the middle row of the mini van and put a sleeping bag down so we could sit on the floor! It was the coolest thing to me! We hit the beach, ate tons of blue crabs and had a ball!
InAnnaMay 30 21 - 02:48 Our family went on a weekend road trip to visit our new land. After arriving, we experienced some most Extraordinary and Unexpected Happenings.

Lots of unexpected discoveries and history is what we found. Totally Out of This World... Shoulda researched the area a smidge better🤭.
purplequeen200100May 29 21 - 22:18 A spontaneous one day 4 hours each way drive to a water park!
ondMay 29 21 - 21:42 Canadian Rockies. Had some hairy moments on logging roads, but made some super memories.
ruby34May 29 21 - 19:59 My most memorable trip has been from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon. Minimal traffic, fast drive and different surroundings.
ra1234May 29 21 - 19:40 New York city to Shenandoah valley - one of the best and scenic trips I have taken
BlabbityblahMay 29 21 - 15:15 Massachusetts to Florida along Route 95 in the 1990's! In those days, my parents, sister, and sometimes my grandparents would make the trip in our minivan at least once a year. Those two days divided by a night in a motel to get to Florida and back again became a family bonding experience. In those days before cell phones and most portable screens, my sister and I would often look out the windows to escape boredom. And what we saw was the diversity of the east coast of the United States - its people, cultures, architecture, and geography - zipping by. Those long rides, believe it or not, helped me develop an appreciation for travel that sticks with me to this day.
JonaskeaMay 29 21 - 14:47 Myrtle beach was a great trip with my family daughter, they have so many things to do beyond just the beach which makes it a more well rounded experience which I had not previously come across.
eboyle39May 29 21 - 14:23 The best family road trip that I have ever been on, was the first trip that my husband, and I took our two boys. They were ages 4 and 6 at the time. We had the best time exploring Estes Park, Co. And Rocky Mountain National Park!
arthisethiyaMay 29 21 - 14:14 My best family road trip ever was from Washington dc to New York
DrumaholicMay 29 21 - 14:05 Gatlinburg Tennessee and the Smokey Mountains
AthenianldrMay 29 21 - 13:38 Best family road trip we've experienced as a family was a trip from Nashville to Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio. We stopped in Cincinnati for a trip to the botanical gardens, a Cinncinnati Braves game and a carriage ride in downtown Cincinnati at night. We stopped at the dunes in Indiana and spent a day in Chicago shopping, eating and visiting a museum before reaching final destination "Cedar Point". Had 4 great days filled with fun, excitement and the best weather ever before heading back home. Voted best
Family vacation by all!
jumanjiroomMay 29 21 - 13:30 My best family road trip ever was from Oregon to Canada for Expo '86.
raffyMay 29 21 - 13:12 When I was a kid, my dad drove the family along the coast of Mexico and then inland to Guadalajara. The adventure of stopping along the way, eating delicious Mexican food and all of the random little motels we stayed at will stay with me forever.
Gbs5219May 29 21 - 12:35 In 2018 I did something I never thought I could-we went from Florida to Palm Springs, ca. Then to Utah and to thee place Las Vegas. Along the way we made multiple stops because we are not 21 but 29+! It went great because we stopped in so many states along the way such as Alabama, Texas , Arizona and in addition different sectors within those states. My wife who can’T sing (i didn’T say that) sang literally the whole way. Whew! What was so interesting when we arrived in Palm Springs I see a person the next morning across from where we are staying on a Horse and he is riding the horse down the street. I went up to him and found out he was a Sheriff and he was taking his partner out for a stretch! Leave it to Californians.
Lim01BabeMay 29 21 - 10:23 Our best road trip would be Vegas Baby!!! It just didn't last long enough.
ronvogelMay 29 21 - 10:04 Long ago when I was a kid, the 5 of us went on a road trip to Hilton Head South Carolina. Halfway to our destination, the car started acting up (just didn't accelerate properly). My Dad was so worried that we would get ripped off getting it repaired (or that it would take more than a day to repair), so we kept motoring along. But the problem got worse and worse. Finally we had to stop at a roadside gas station. To our surprise, the mechanic said it was just a clogged gas filter, which he replaced for a very reasonable price. While skeptical, it completely solved the issue, and we drove the rest of that trip with a slightly smelly old clogged gas filter on the dashboard.
Micaela6955May 29 21 - 09:56 I actually love road trips and love to discover new spots to visit in the New England area. One of my best road trips with the family was a trip covering Downeast Maine and the coast, fresh Maine lobster and seafood, the smell of the salt in the air, and visiting beaches and state parks over a long weekend was a lot of fun. Even though we live in Maine, we found some new spots, favorite restaurants, and fun places to visit during our coastal Staycation.
bouch76May 29 21 - 09:06 Grand Teton and Yellowstone
Member112613227024May 28 21 - 19:13 Grand Canyon.
cwc00May 28 21 - 18:57 The Oregon coast growing up on the 80s
chogan1971May 28 21 - 17:54 Family road trip to Cape Canaveral to see a space a shuttle launch at night. Sitting on the beach watching, feeling and hearing the launch is a bucket list must. Best trip ever!
tyakoubekMay 28 21 - 15:57 New York City!
GBinckesMay 28 21 - 14:29 One of my favorite road trips is crossing into Virginia over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge especially during a storm, it’S quite an exciting adventure being that close to the water (high tide).
DrewShockMay 28 21 - 14:27 We lived in extreme west Texas and we wanted to go to the beach. Our choice, we could drive 800+ Miles to see the Atlantic Gulf Coast and still be in Texas or go the other direction 800+ Miles through 3 states and see the Pacific near l.A.. We chose l.A., After all we were kids and wanted to go to Disneyland also.
MBinckesMay 28 21 - 14:24 The best road trip I have taken is the one where you get to stretch your legs for the 1 hour boat ride over Lake Champlain from Plattsburgh, ny to Burlington, Vt. One of the best scenic routes as well.
saved2serveMay 28 21 - 13:38 We took our 4 kids on a roadtrip from Williamsburg, to Washington, dc and ending at Snowshoe wv to ski. The best trip with the kids!
hntaylor32May 28 21 - 13:16 We did a road trip to New York City in 1998. Of course, Times Square, Madison Square Gardens, Statue of Liberty and Empire State building were some of the highlights, but you can imagine now why going to the World Trade Center and riding the elevator all the way to the top and shop at that gift store and going out on the roof to take photos was priceless and the best experience ever!
nicksMay 28 21 - 12:40 Washington dc.
dreamtsoi24May 28 21 - 12:35 My best family road trip I ever been on is Myrtle beach.
BizzMay 28 21 - 10:07 My dad drove our family to Miami, fl from nj for Christmas break. It was so much fun playing games in the car, eating pb&J sandwiches and staying in motels along the way. I was only 5 and the youngest sibling at the time but oh so memorable! Met a family from Louisiana whom we stayed in touch with for years. Funny to see their Christmas tree in the hotel room. It was so beautiful. So many memories!
bradhflMay 28 21 - 09:07 The best family road trip we have ever been on was to the Tampa Bay area where we were able to spend some time on the beach and enjoy the most beautiful sunset ever. :)
saleagoMay 28 21 - 06:43 Our best family road trip was to Virginia Beach. We had the time of our lives!
LilyR1May 28 21 - 03:47 I would love to tke a road trip on my birthday month next month in July if my brother funally cones to visit. Bad financial situations of job loss, etc I have not seen him since 2003. Not spoken much on the phone either since then. We now just got one kind of relationship communication going. It ishard gir me to sieak to him or get along. Is much dufferent then other brothers, which are not even in the country. I only txtd him back. I have to call him soon this weekend. Since covid much has occured. Now just getting out of depression & Fixingball the mess on my face, health, & Living quarters it's fears caused. No need for all to have occured, but oh well. It us still fixable specially if invest & Make money an online biz.
kswondraMay 28 21 - 03:37 The best road trip was from Wisconsin to South Carolina.
amcranwellMay 27 21 - 23:45 We always went on road trips as kids, my dad was scared to fly. We toured all over Wisconsin. We went through Door county and shopped the cute vendors, got fudge or taffy, and stayed at a cabin. We eventually made it down to the Dells at the water park. Super fun for a family of 5!
Member530750363925May 27 21 - 21:32 My kids took my mother, who has early stage alzheimers, to visit her grandparents farm, while she could still remember and tell us about her childhood.
Vpanda3May 27 21 - 21:26 A trip to Disney world with my family and my cousins.
khullandMay 27 21 - 18:35 A 3 week trip traveling from Los Angeles to San Francisco the year I left school - it was the first time i'd visited the us from the uk. At the time my friends and I had an inside joke about the song "Do you know the way to San Jose" - I was able to say I did actually know the way :)
Member71918793729May 27 21 - 18:34 We went to Lake Powell and the Grand Canyon.
sgt7May 27 21 - 15:45 Across the country
callarse1May 27 21 - 14:59 Driving to Florida with my entire family in a van. It was very nice as that was one of our biggest vacations when I was younger.
mereedMay 27 21 - 13:43 The best roadtrip we've ever had was when we drove from Utah to Michigan with our children (their adults now
mereedMay 27 21 - 13:36 The best roadtrip we've been on was when our children were little (their all adults now) we drove from Utah to Michigan so our kids could see their grandparents, they live in a house by a Lake. Taught the kids how to fish, took the pontoon boat out daily, swimming daily, also bonfires every night. It was a blast! Our kids still talk about it
TwitchMay 27 21 - 12:58 Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks
TahgMay 27 21 - 10:03 Somewhere in the n ca mountains w my parents n grandparents we rode horses and they shot rifles I learned how good my parents were at shooting on that trip n my first time horse riding I couldn't stop laughing n had to try to stay on the whole time.
hanseyMay 27 21 - 09:15 Road trip to savannah!
yippiesMay 27 21 - 08:15 That one time we drove through a few states and made a couple of stops. We passed through Maryland and went to North Carolina. We drove back and made some stops here and there as well. I had to go to class too when we were back home! Ahhhh, fun times!
astanderwickMay 27 21 - 03:59 Our road trip to florida to drop my oldest off to college.
We stopped off at georgia and a few other stops along the way. The best bonding vacation ever!
weistedMay 27 21 - 02:47 Grand Canyon!
mccomMay 26 21 - 23:26 The best family road trip that I have taken was when I was in elementary school, & We drove out west to California to go to Disneyland! :)
Member1128297679144May 26 21 - 22:32 Driving out to the Hamptons to get away from the city.
taotauMay 26 21 - 19:05 National parks through Nevada, Arizona, Utah
trishammichelsMay 26 21 - 13:27 We drove to Wisconsin Dells & Stayed at the Kalahari Resort.
Laurapjones1971May 26 21 - 12:46 Our best family trip was when I finally got all my grown kids in the suv and we headed to Sugar Mountain. We had the best time just spending time together and stopping along the way to see and take pictures of endless sites. We had fun at our destination, but I must say I cherished the journey even more.
minxa1May 26 21 - 12:37 Cruising up the pch. So beautiful
Laurapjones1971May 26 21 - 12:36 Our best family trip was when I finally got all my grown kids in the suv and we headed to Sugar Mountain. We had the best time just spending time together and stopping along the way to see and take pictures of endless sites. We had fun at our destination, but I must say I cherished the journey even more.
gipsygMay 26 21 - 12:30 Road trip traveling 20hrs, all the family together going to visit friends up North stoping every time we got to a new state!
mcandekMay 26 21 - 09:44 Florida and South Carolina in 1985!
gordda40May 26 21 - 08:42 Heading to ct to visit my son after a long winter. Flying and enjoying Memorial Day there!
Member530716214620May 26 21 - 06:29 The best family road trip was on our way to wisconsin dells. We just all came together despite how much we fight and argue and just laughed and sang songs the entire time.
TigtinkMay 26 21 - 04:03 To the grand canyon - had a camper on the back of the truck and camped there - awesome!
Member1212006409845May 25 21 - 22:46 A trip to glacier national park
annluckMay 25 21 - 18:38 A trip to Sunshine Coast in bc Canada and camped one night there
Member530702459646May 25 21 - 17:31 A trip to South Carolina to meet my granddad, whom I never knew existed. I thought my step grandpa was my grandfather but I found out I had a granddad i’D never met along with outings, aunts and uncles. That was the most incredible road trip i’Ve ever been on.
Toby518May 25 21 - 15:47 Going to vermont in the fall
danamorinMay 25 21 - 15:43 A trip from Pa. To Fla when I was 13 years old with my entire family. I'm 50 years old now and will never forget that trip. We stopped at so many attractions or tourist destinations, great memories.
danamorinMay 25 21 - 15:32 A trip from Pa. To Fla when I was 13 with my entire family. I'm 50 years old now and will never forget that trip. We stopped at so many attractions or tourist destinations, great memories.
evptaylorMay 25 21 - 13:48 Moving from Massachusetts to California right after getting married in 2019. We made a honeymoon out of it, staying at Yogi Berra's childhood home in St. Louis, hiking in the Colorado Rockies, visiting Arches np in Utah, and feasting on Basque cuisine in northern Nevada. Will never forget it!
Member318336889517May 25 21 - 13:03 A Christmas holiday trip in an rv to Tennessee and North Carolina with plenty of snow!
johnniw18May 25 21 - 11:21 Road trips to Los Angeles/Southern California Area. Jamming out to music, playing license plate game, just good vibes.
dreamtsoi24May 25 21 - 11:05 Our best family road trip was myrtle beach.
SalemCatMay 25 21 - 11:04 Disney World
tomandlynneshowMay 25 21 - 10:40 Half of the fun is the planning, researching , choosing a destination and , in general , anticipating all the fun we will all have !
BestShoppingMay 25 21 - 09:56 A road trip through the Southwest desert landscapes.
Bettina90May 25 21 - 06:29 In the 1970's our family would drive to Memphis, tn and go to Southland Mall and eat at Piccadilly restaurant for fried chicken. We would see different site of Memphis ie Graceland or the river front.
(Resend bc it did not show up when I sent this 10 minutes ago)
Bettina90May 25 21 - 06:21 Our road trips were going to Memphis, tn and going shopping at the Southland Mall and eating fried chicken at the Piccadilly restaurant and visiting and seeing the places of Memphis in the 1970's
cgottusoMay 25 21 - 04:45 When I was a child, my parents and brother took a trip to upstate ny visiting Old Forge, and Lake George.
Member1223934587447May 25 21 - 02:25 All family road trips are fun for my family....We ride our motorcycles to our destination. You just can not beat the feeling of the wind and the roar from the road.
nakamuramjMay 24 21 - 20:54 Driving with my sister and father across the country. We'd drive about 6 hours a day and explore amazing sights like the Grand Canyon and historic places in the South.
Member1223536848946May 24 21 - 20:22 The most memorable road trip my family took was from Michigan to Texas in a truck.
jspanitzMay 24 21 - 19:08 Did a one week California trip from san fran to yosemite to san diego with our 6 year old son. It was the most scenic trip ever. Would love to do it again with my daughter, who is now 18!
Member218174911701May 24 21 - 18:18 Husband and I took our four kids in the rv on a road trip. Our first stop was the Florida Caverns. We had so much fun hiking and riding our bikes. Then we stopped in Destin, Florida and enjoyed the beautiful beach, shopping and restaurants. Everyone enjoyed themselves. It was a relaxing and fun-filled trip full of love and family bonding.
Member1128740644715May 24 21 - 18:01 Probably the badlands and Black Hills in South Dakota. We always have a great time!
Member124393213934May 24 21 - 17:53 My favorite was a road trip with our youngest son from tx to wa. He was the baby of 5 and was 14. I got to know him better than I ever did the older kids because my time was always divided. We had him to ourselves for two of the best weeks of my life!
wt1983May 24 21 - 17:00 Chicago, il
SandraMM63May 24 21 - 16:43 My favorite road trip was with our kids when we drove from Portland, or to Disneyland. It was our first major road trip as a family since we had recently adopted our daughter.
theBeastMay 24 21 - 15:51 Las Vegas
Member112329480743May 24 21 - 14:28 Richmond, va
Member218167661042May 24 21 - 14:25 The best road trip was traveling with my sister for 2 weeks around the Pacific Northwest. We stayed in Seattle, Portland and Vancouver, bc and had a fabulous time.
Sread0929May 24 21 - 14:15 Our best road trip ended up being one we didn't really plan. We had originally planned to stay in Gulfport, ms but between a hotel that just didn't fit us and not really enjoying the area as planned we went to New Orleans for some beignets, music and exploring. After stopping for dinner we didn't want to stay at previous hotel so we decided to drive back towards Florida and find another hotel. We ended up finding one in Spanish Fort, al.
The next morning we decided to explore the area and fell in love with it that we stayed another night. We then vacationed there for the next 3 years. We feel it was God who brought us there and kept us coming back to prepare to move there because in September my husband got offered a new job that required us to move and that was the area they need us to be in. So now our home is what was our favorite road trip place😊
r_rich3May 24 21 - 13:57 Road trip with my parents and in laws down to get on a cruise ship. Precious memories i'm glad I have.
Member229937822651May 24 21 - 13:51 Our best family road trip was the driving along beautiful Northern California coast to redwood national park and crescent city, then going further north along southern Oregon coast and inland to visit crater lake national park. Stayed in crater lake lodge right by the rim of the lake and watched gorgeous sunrise at crater lake lodge at 5am. The scenery was beyond description.
dionneMay 24 21 - 13:01 I cant choose one over another, every road we've taken has been the best! Roadtrips are underrated by most people & Make for great adventures. My favorite roadtrips are those that are spontaneous with no set destination planned. Load up on all the snacks, stock a cooler with refreshments & Hit the road ! 🛣
Jesquivel62May 24 21 - 12:57 Best family road trip I have ever been on is when I was about 12 yrs old on our way to Washington state. We pulled over at a campsite in the mountains, it was beautiful big pine trees surrounded every corner filled with a fluffy white snow that covered the ground. We migrated to work every year and it was the first time we actually got to experience the snow. I can’T wait to take my girls on trips like that to create memories with my own kids.
Member530663684310May 24 21 - 12:41 Transfer to match betfall
OST23May 24 21 - 12:35 Definitely the summer when I drove my folks from California to the Grand Canyon. It was the first family trip that I fully paid for after getting my first job!
alexritzMay 24 21 - 12:26 I like taking road trips to Austin Texas and flights to the Washington dc area to visit my family.
inalakMay 24 21 - 12:25 Driving up the coast of California & Visiting redwoods & Tide pools!
SarahjhmMay 24 21 - 12:20 The best family trip I have ever had was to Puerto Rico! That was my brother in law's 60th birthday surprise trip! He didn't know me and my husband was joining the trip. We surprised him at the jfk! And his daughter and family showed up at the pr hotel that night! Such a great memory I have!
BaranczykjMay 24 21 - 11:47 The best family road trip I have went on would have to be a couple years ago taking our first big trip to the beach with all of our kids. Yes it may have been a little repetitive with the "are we there yets?" But I wouldn't trade it for anything!
Member430471324004May 24 21 - 11:46 My favorite road trip was with my best friend. We drove from New Jersey to Cocoa beach! 15 hours ended up being closer to 18 hours. We talked about everything under the sun and never even turned on the radio. We are closer now then ever before. I’D road trip with her any day.
hugoshelbyMay 24 21 - 11:45 Driving to Canada from nyc! It was awesome to cross the border and feel like we somehow ended up in France. We stayed in a rejuvenating woodsy haven of a resort in the mountains, outside of the city and encountered the most amazing people. There's nothing quite like the serenity of the forest.
tomkeenMay 24 21 - 11:44 Looking back, it was a fun trip to Mt. Rushmore, although it did not seem so at the time as a kid...
OnlyTheBestMay 24 21 - 11:43 In the 90s we drove from Louisiana to Colorado, with no plans except to meet my cousin in Denver on a certain day. The entire trip we planned as we drove, stopping anywhere we wanted. We had only one issue the entire time and that was with a hotel reservation when we finally returned to Denver after a week of traveling around the state.
DOBIE66May 24 21 - 11:28 The best roadtrip was visting family in Montana. Very beautiful
TCBMEMBER54May 24 21 - 11:27 When I was 10 years old my parents took me on a trip to see the sites of Franconia Notch, New Hampshire. Our party was joined by my older brother and his girlfriend. We saw the great stone profile of the "Old Man of the Mountain," we hiked the Flume, and took a gondola ride up Cannonball Mountain. A very memorable trip.
JenTMay 24 21 - 11:00 My best friend, now husband, and I rented a Yaris from a dealership for next to nothing. Drove 3600 miles, set foot in 7 states in 7 days and had countless laughs. Yellowstone, Stanley Hotel (The Shining), Buffalo Bill’S grave, Reno, or Caves, Wildlife Safari and more all without gps. That’S right! We bought an atlas and figured out where we were going by map. We absolutely had a blast! I knew after a week in a car with him and nothing but laughter and good times, that I wanted him to always be a part of my life. Turns out, he’S a pretty big part! ❤️
hy67May 24 21 - 10:21 Visiting relatives at jersey shore.
bibet80May 24 21 - 10:17 Driving to Bend and exploring Central Oregon's beauty!
hanaug45May 24 21 - 10:04 The first time we took all 4 kids on a road trip from Phoenix to Minneapolis for Christmas! We had a ton of fun playing games, stopping often, and eating all the snacks! On our drive home, we got snowed in on a highway on the ok/Tx border and had to spend the night on the highway in the van! It was quite an adventure, but we survived and have a great story to tell! :)
Member927797985619May 24 21 - 09:33 The best family road trip i've ever been on was traveling to Yellowstone National Park and Idaho
bha_sheoMay 24 21 - 09:12 Driving from Toronto to Orlando with my two kids! Best road trip that we had.
Member125649725715May 24 21 - 09:11 Being in a Military family, we spend days on the road whether it’S moving to a new post every several years or going to visit long distance family.
Our favorite memories is stopping to see some off the beaten path for some sights.
kimberlyn727May 24 21 - 08:52 1996 Walt Disney with my family as a kid we had a blast
verislMay 24 21 - 08:41 Driving down the East Coast to Walt Disney World with my family, and my Auntie, Uncle and cousins in their car. Great memories!
glitterelectraMay 24 21 - 08:20 Winnipeg, Canada was a fun family road trip. They have amazing shops and museums and it was fun to leave the USA for the first time!
Member1223903030121May 24 21 - 07:45 Grand Canyon. Nothing beats it.
kyra1982May 24 21 - 07:19 The best family road trip i've ever been on was when we took our 5 kiddos to Disneyland for the first time. It was a surprise and it was so magical for us all!