Super Bowl Ads Survey 2020

Super Bowl Ads Survey 2020

For the first time in five years, Super Bowls ads sold out early — at a whopping $5.6 million per 30-second ad.

With Super Bowl ads costing so much money, do you actually watch them? Do they influence you in any way? Or is it more about brand awareness than selling a product?

These are the things TopCashback wants to know. And who better to ask all these questions to than you?

We love to hear from our members about their entertainment habits. Take a brief survey and enter for a chance to win $50! One lucky winner will be selected at random on January 20th.

Please be sure to submit your email address at the end of the survey to be selected at random. Participants are required to answer every question to be eligible for the giveaway.

Responses are voluntary and will remain confidential. All answers will be compiled together and analyzed as a group.

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babidutchJan 20 20 - 08:44My all time favorite Super Bowl commercial was the boy who built the time machine that ran on Doritos. He got the adult man to sit in the machine(box) rattled him. The elderly man whom owned the lawn came running out screaming "Get off my lawn" and the man says " It really worked, boy you look old".
That commercial still runs. It's a classic.
Rcooko Jan 19 20 - 21:35I think some of the Super Bowl ads are great !!
smargolies123Jan 19 20 - 18:40Top cash back is great
leemouaJan 19 20 - 11:57Love super bowl commercials!
dprelesnikJan 19 20 - 10:32Best part of the super bowl is getting together with friends
Member1223552610630Jan 18 20 - 21:59Love super bowl commercials!! Best part of watching
Member1022159074344Jan 18 20 - 20:37Good product
Member124299249152Jan 17 20 - 18:17Great product
MIMIBELLJan 17 20 - 13:17I hope I remembered my email address if not I hope they find me! Happy Game Day America!!!!
ArtiomGavencoJan 16 20 - 18:06Все хотят, а выиграю Я.
flyingkazsJan 16 20 - 16:05Nope. Already bought the beer and snacks before the big game and it’S ads even started
Member1122986128156Jan 16 20 - 13:07I think that this impeachment of our President is a disgrace! The dems are acting like a bunch of angry teenagers who are going to bully one they dislike! How about the way the world perceives us? We are a young country and these teenage behaviors towards outsiders exemplify that
fcoll6702Jan 16 20 - 13:00Good iuubihuiiuh
Ja LelJan 16 20 - 11:26Great. Thanks
bjoevansJan 16 20 - 10:59Yes, thank you for the opportunity!
bahamidJan 15 20 - 06:39Thanks for this survey
77kwill72Jan 15 20 - 06:14No Comment at this time.
LIUNIANHUIJan 15 20 - 05:36I am glad to join the survey
Member1016088580045Jan 15 20 - 01:30I like to win $50
SherSanchJan 14 20 - 16:27Have to say the puppy and horse was the best...
rqiangJan 14 20 - 09:54Yes, I like to win $50
hoosiergolferJan 14 20 - 08:14Doritos and Budweiser commercials the best !!!! Pepsi has good ones too, and started drinking Pepsi Max after seeing the commercials on sports broadcasts.
my3nhsonsJan 14 20 - 08:04Looking forward to them
jenniferlillJan 14 20 - 08:04I only watch for the commercials! :)
Sues1Jan 13 20 - 00:05Love the commercials
JDMRydeJan 12 20 - 23:43Win Win Win
Member413674094826Jan 12 20 - 21:37Thanks for a chance love the Super Bowl and the funny ads
Jessie790711Jan 12 20 - 21:26Sure sure
UpmintJan 12 20 - 01:46Yes and no
AnnaNichols83Jan 12 20 - 00:28Budweiser Clydesdales
ChrisannaBJan 11 20 - 19:47I love watching the commercials during the Superbowl
ivancunninghamJan 11 20 - 18:42Love the old Budweiser commercials
CgarwoodJan 11 20 - 18:10We don't watch the game either. We will flip it back and forth from another show in order to see certain commercials and the halftime show. But lately the halftime shows hav3 been just as bad as the game
Jessicaseymour69Jan 11 20 - 15:23Great deals
LifsavershpnJan 11 20 - 15:15Super Bowl bring people together that's the up side!

SunnyBeeJan 11 20 - 08:39Very good :)
merla2020Jan 10 20 - 17:15The survey is good, I am not interested in sports very much.
Fish829Jan 10 20 - 10:16Excellent!!!
ercreddyJan 10 20 - 04:54I am good with your service.
leizhuoJan 09 20 - 21:16I like the post
Member519877201133Jan 09 20 - 09:10Not impressed
KowgirlJan 09 20 - 01:12I like the ads but the players and the game are not relevant to me. I think they are over paid whiny crybabies that have no clue how the have nots live. They are not supportive to the country that I love and don't appreciate what they have been given.
minimesmomJan 08 20 - 23:28Our family stopped watching the Super Bowl when players started taking the knee in protest of things that had nothing to do with football. They need to keep their personal opinions to themselves and off of the field. We now watch the ads on youtube because they are the only part of the game that is worth watching.
royoswaldJan 08 20 - 20:11I stopped watching the games, now I just catch the super bowl ads on youtube.
leisaw00Jan 08 20 - 15:33I like most of the funny ones but mainly watch for the game. The ads are a bonus.
ClarkbabiesJan 08 20 - 15:32The ad's are the best!
Member1122561743314Jan 08 20 - 11:10The game itself has become too long. Would like it to get back to 3 - 3.5 hours.
molly3Jan 08 20 - 04:47I love the ads
iPabloJan 08 20 - 04:08Don't watch em
Member821192773155Jan 08 20 - 03:04No comment
katensale7Jan 07 20 - 21:05I heard about it, but ever watched
bora shinJan 07 20 - 16:30새해복 많이 받으세요:D
sharonjeanguenatJan 07 20 - 16:04I used to watch the Super Bowl. But, when they let Kaepernick kneel during the anthem, & Did nothing to him, I joined the nfl boycott. I don't care what political opinions the players have. They should play, & Not go around all self righteous, but in real life are doing nothing to help the communities!
Member614120874015Jan 07 20 - 15:53Hope to see the Titans.
Member821410208943Jan 07 20 - 14:50None thanks
saiyedsheenaJan 07 20 - 05:02Thank you.
Member1122777349757Jan 06 20 - 15:47Steelers fan, but I will.Root for any team but inflategate Brady's team... Choke even Dallas lol
Member124128371237Jan 06 20 - 15:39Nice one
salovera12Jan 06 20 - 15:00Super bowl ads are the only part I watch of the Super Bowl
trinajaneJan 06 20 - 12:57I love this post and I will be looking for your ad On Super Bowl Sunday! I watch everything , I feel it is all a part of the whole experience!
Jessica KoehlerJan 06 20 - 10:46I love this site.
RosanneStroyerJan 06 20 - 08:30Happy New Year